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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
12:23 AM

Dudes I just changed the blog to the new blog crap so if u need to sign into the google account the email is shaneteoh@hotmail.com and the password is shaunteoh7.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
8:17 PM

Ok guys match this Sunday confirmed at 9 am. Yishun Ring Road, Blk 367. It's quite ex, $80 per team, not sure why maybe they have better quality mud. So please try to make, it will lighten the financial burden for those who are going and we really do need your services! Anyway these are the guys we have so far:


Han Boon

Yu Chong and Isaac will be playing inter-hall and Huang Jian has tuition. Anyway can somebody help me contact Zarir. Or can you guys personally reply over the blog if you can make it.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007
10:38 PM

Choo Hospitalised!

Botak forward Choo is reportedly hospitalized after a suspected bout of acute appendicitis. Club officials informed reporters that "El Fatty" was in the midst of his 3rd happy meal when he bent over to pick up a dropped French fry. The picking up of the fry was apparently too strenuous an activity for the shapely forward thus triggering the inflammation of his appendix.

In what should have been a simple procedure, surgeons faced numerous complications during the appendix removal starting with the layers of adipose tissues concealing it. Further problems arose when it was discovered that Choo's appendix, which was big enough to produce a serving of kway chup for 5, had inflamed to the size of a soccer ball, resulting in hours of tugging before its eventual excision. It is believed that one of the surgeons suffered from appendicitis trying to remove Choo's appendix.

Not one to waste time, Choo still managed to finish the half-eaten happy meal while lying anesthetized on the operating table and even thigh juggled the soccer-sized appendix to rapturous applause from the operating staff before being sewn up.

When questioned on his thoughts regarding Choo's injury, Mian-rinho reduced the press to tears with a heart warming story about a man and 3 crazy women (refer to story below), leading to speculation that he might be in love with his prized forward, who has been actively participating in gay rights demonstrations.

Team Doctor HB was also quick to act in the aftermath of Choo's operation:" Initially my medical team drew up a list of things not to do after a heavy meal for Choo. But we soon realised that it was much simpler to produce a list of things he can do after a meal which are basically breathe and remain immobile."

Choo, who is currently on a one man mission to deplete Singapore General Hospital of its food supplies, looked in good shape when Botaknews paid him a visit:" Well that is one important lesson learnt. From now on I shall only pick up dropped food with my toes."

He went on to give our reporters a live demonstration of close toe control with his sirloin steak.

With all the recent misfortune, Choo can however find solace in the fact that his entire team along with many Botak fans are still behind him and are wishing him a speedy recovery.

Fellow striker Teoh was immensely sympathetic:" I promise not to poke fun at Choo anymore if he recovers from this unfortunate incident. This must be a very trying time for Choo and the one lying in hospital right now could very easily have been you or me............luckily it isn"t me!"

Teoh proceeded to give the reporter a high-five.

Ardent fan Rit-a-mei, to whom Choo is affectionally known as the "$8.50 man", summed up everyone's sentiments:" Pleazzze get wellzzz soonzzz and pay for my cab farezzz. Choo rockszzz! "

Has Choo really sold his appndix to the Kway Chup man? Has he made a fortune out of it? Has Mian-rinho rejoined "Sentiments of A Boy"? Can Rita-a-mei go home on her own? Is Keith turning Ang Moh? Is Mian-rinho going to be a scientist instead? Does Abu's kampong actually have coconut trees? Does Robo-Liang wear underwar for matches? What will happen to Abu's extra feet? Is Choo actually Park?All this and more on the next edition of BOTAKNEWS PRIMETIME.

Disclaimer: All above mentioned characters were entirely fictional and total remorsefulness to anyone affected by the above story.

Sunday, February 04, 2007
11:52 PM

hey everyone!

I see that our blog is full of botaknews... which is a whole lot of fun definitely... but everything requires a balance, some nonsense here and there, some serious stuff here and there... ever since this new blog came along, i think i have not posted any meaningful entries as yet. And since i feel like typing something now, i shall capitalise on that feeling and type away! haha... Oh by the way on behalf of the botakgang let me wish dillion a happy birthday, and thanks for inviting us to your house!

People write / blog for many reasons. Some to relief stress, some to show off their pictures to the world, some for money, and some just for the sake of entertainment. (I love the entertainment part, courtesy of our creative members of the botak blog) For me, I like to write about stories. I love stories, from ancient folklore to sci fi action. Anything that constitues to a story is worth anyone's time. So let me tell you a story which i have read...

it starts with the classic opening. a man loved a woman, and they were going to be married. But on their wedding day, misfortune struck. the woman was being chased by a madman, and after running for a while in the woods, she got bitten by a poisonous snake. it goes without saying that she died, of course. I mean it was a poisonous snake, and at that time they had no anti venom what-so-ever to cure such things. The man, being heartbroken, remained withdrawn inside his own invisible wall of self pity and grief......

Now as the story goes, he met a vagabond one day, who told him that maybe things can be salvaged, yes... salvaged, but at a price, a condition. The man jumped on the opportunity, and the vagabond opened a portal to the house of a pretty and young lady. She told him that his wife was now in HADES, (in line with greek mythology), but no mortal man could enter hades and come out alive, unless he struck a bargin with her, bargin being: she will not take him when his time comes, and the bargin lasts for eternity. The man went ahead and struck the deal, and off he went to the gates of Hades, to look for Hades himself.

Having met the king of the realm of the dead himself, and having caused so much trouble, Hades promised to let the wife go, but only if the man could walk all the way out of hades, whole 100 leagues, without ever having to look back. She will then rejoin the man once they are back on earth. So at first, he walked, with only the sound of his own footsteps, and the beating of his heart to accompany him. Slowly, it began to dawn on him that perhaps he was the butt of Hade's joke, and it was just a plan to stop him from creating any more trouble. With that thought, and with just half a league to go, he turned around angrily, only to find his wife just a shadow behind him, and the shadow, with outstretched arms and longing glances, faded into the darkness. He had lost her forever.......

for those of you who are still following the story, now the man actually withdrew into his mindless solitude, playing with his harp for days in the woods. Then one day, a warning came to him that a bunch of wild women were approaching his location, and it is unwise to continue to stay in the woods, for these wild women were dangerous (imagine judith michelle and rita). But he disregarded the warning, and stayed. When the wild women came, rather unfortunately i would say, he was treated as food, and was torn apart by them. actually that is rather comical, but i shan't spoil the story here..... haha...

So like i was saying, he was torn to pieces, his head being flung into the ocean, floating. But remember his bargin with the girl? She shall not claim him when his time came, and so, the man could not die. his head was alive, and he cried day and night, salty tears mingling with the salt from the sea. Some say the cries of the name of his wife can still be heard. Legend has it that his head was placed in a sacred temple, watched over by generations of secret custodians....

now that the story has ended, why on earth did i write this here for? I will answer that with another question...

What will you do for love???

Mian (not emo don't worry)

Friday, February 02, 2007
10:21 PM

HB mesmerizing the WAGS...
Spore 2-1 Thailand...Die-hard Singapore fans
Gong reveals her secrets
Spore v Msia - Spot nich...he's lost in the sea of red!!! n where is teoh during the penalties???

Thursday, February 01, 2007
9:12 AM

Night out at the National Stadium

Second leg of the Semi Finals against Malaysia was victorious.

Photo from Rita's cam.


JINYU Shelving - Your ONE stop shelving solution.

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