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Sunday, October 26, 2003
12:10 AM

bleah.juz watched a woeful performance from man utd..kena smacked by fulham 3-1.fergie think he really king lor..underestimated fulham then rested scholesy and keano..i still maintain that man utd really cannot function without scholes..think he's the best midfielder in england.

anyway, sorry guys couldn't go play soccer today.hope u guys had fun..14 days more to the start of the 'A's..i'm really dead meat.hope no one's in the same predicament as me..sigh.
cya guys soon.


Thursday, October 23, 2003
12:20 AM

Guys match on Sat cancelled. The other team already damn pysche up so we davided them... Nvm after As maybe can play them. Liang you watch out! Like that my signing photo must also wait until As...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
12:00 AM

Monday, October 20, 2003
3:25 PM

wa fuck man dun wan to end on a losing note
this fri match vs some ac team guys on?


Saturday, October 18, 2003
12:40 AM

hey guys!! this is my first entry..quite excited about tmr's match..yup guys lets psyche up okay..i dun believe we cannot smash the small dudes renji and weifei upside down..haha..yah..play abit more aggressive lah tmr we got almost full team according to SHAWN YUE and i can wait to relish my runs down the flank..haha..but just hope my fitness still there...which is not there actually... hopefully choo has really regained his scoring touch..see u dudes tmr man!!


12:39 AM

no la im really sHAUNyUE!!! i'll bring mi gun down to the match tml..

anyway tml match vs j1s at rj 5pm anyone not received the message pls contact me asap...
meet at the canteen there abt 4.30 la guys
psych up la tml think i'll be damn rough all out la guys no conserve first half kill them


Friday, October 17, 2003
9:48 PM

arloz arloz
woah....... prom king wannabe?? think the mian can make it one la haha yea think that the shawn yue is none other than the old cock the goin to china part just gave him away good try la huang jian haha anyway tmw got match against the rj yr 1 is it?? k la let us end our season in style la last match liao then go chiong and pia for A levels liaoz cya guyz tmw

-- choo 7 --

4:05 PM

hahahaha.... how u all know i wanna be prom king?? haha.... my secret leh don't tell leh.....hahahaha

anyway wat ac team are u all talking about?? win gep team?? gep team good izzit?? haha... i think how about afternoon soccer don't play until at night larh very inconvenient to go home...... yups.... so i agree with the du that day time soccer is the best.....


3:51 PM

ya i agree..shitland is THE original night soccer..once u've experienced the shitland soccer sensation, any other night soccer just feels like shit. (no pun intended)
and shawn yue is confirm the old cock..cos only the old cock uses words like 'tml', 'abit' and keep using 'la'.haha i'm sure not really quite a world of difference there btw shawn yue and old cock...

ok so guys set ar tmr come rj earlier then all study..muz really study la cannot clown then when play soccer wont feel guilty..then when seniors come we can play high quality soccer..then after that go for dinner watch leeds v man u and any other matches after that..can go prom shopping also la since the mian so desp to become prom king.

set?pass the msg along guys.


1:17 AM

yo man maybe we can qieh the ac team which liang is inside i ask him tml...they beat the GEP team 3-1 on wed i think n the GEP team is not bad got wilson chieh jack andy etc
so i'll ask liang la
if not guys dun panic...can play evening soccer at rj vs the seniors or whuever wan to qqieh la...we can study abit before that tho...den abt the prom stuff wa mian super psych up la think he wan to be prom king la haha..dun mind going see see la but no money to buy anything now la


Thursday, October 16, 2003
11:52 PM

hey guys think soccer at rj is the best idea, study den play.. and play in daytime better cuz can see ball... ha nich relax lah night soccer is fun only if u have right expectations..
a grp of stressed out students playing all at one go is fun to some extent cuz most of time the fun comes from all the nonsense being said.. n there's alot more laughter and ppl can slack arnd for how long u want without being told to run.... its stress free soccer, even if u miss open goal(i did) u will prob we laugh at n not scolded at.. n sometimes u prob need to exp crap soccer b4 u can enjoy norm soccer...
but of cuz daytime soccer the best so cya

and who the hell is shaun yue?? must be the old cock lah...

3:40 PM

haha... who in the dick land is shawn yue? back to tat later... i agree wif the mian... shitland is the best for soccer esp at nite lor... then rj is abit far da... but then if majority wanna play at rj then no choice lor...


2:17 AM

aiyo who in the world is shawn yue.... interesting.....haha..........

anyway i think sat is good lor maybe can even go out to see prom stuff.... then study...... then play soccer....... the ultimate plan...... steady.....haha...... ok how about it ?

oh ya RJ night soccer can never beat Ah Du Shitland Night soccer cos that is the original night soccer man..... somemore its high quality chionging and still don't feel tired night soccer so damn fun!!! haha.....

regarding the trip.... i think lets go the near places larh i got no money.... or ask pierre to organise (with his connections) for us a real soccer trip for the botaks..... like go malaysia or thailand to play the teams there..... wow that would be frickin fun for us right??..... juz imagine..... we play soccer and then go shopping... training trip for real damn cool!!!..... haha yups thats my suggestion.....



Wednesday, October 15, 2003
11:39 PM

i agree with the teoh's plan..wait is shaun yue the teoh?
sat soccer quite fun cos it's in the DAY and we're playing with pple who actually play soccer PROPERLY.damn pissed la today e night soccer damn shitty..haha lucky main and shaun nv come.i'll nv play night soccer again man.

ok so teoh's plan set ar?


1:40 AM

haha as much as i'd love to go but i'll be going back to china this hols la so im out..
anyway choo tis sat davids wan to play anot? if not i got suggestion we can all go rj to study on sat...den after that when the seniors come back we can qieh them la like evening time when theres still light n then can eat dinner tog
how abt that man?

shaun yue

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
2:55 PM

HEY GUYS>>>...
you all wan to go holiday after A's or not...cos alec and i have been checking out the itineries for SPAIN and SOUTH AFRICA...then if we have 15 people then can form our own tour group already and set our own departure date.. if all of us go it'll be freaking fun man!!.... TRAINING TOUR..... can chieh the lions in africa or chieh real madrid in spain...i think chieh lions easier lah..hahaha....it'll cost abt 1500++ for either one of them...very cheap already..used to cos 2k++...... so get back to me ASAP k...must book already... dun wan to go also tell me.......

Sunday, October 12, 2003
11:56 PM

wah long time no see man...goodluck for pracs guys
choo maybe u can share with us some tips on the chem n phy pracs cos i heard that ur last pracs might be tips so share share with everyone la...like wat are the ions that come out in ur prac practise etc etc!


Thursday, October 09, 2003
11:39 PM

  • LasT DAY of scHOOLLLLLL!!>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey guys!....last day of schooLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!......i took some photos for remembrance......got OLD COCK AND MANY OTHERS!!!! check it out man!!!>.....

    3:44 PM

    hey guys....

    tpjc is a good team larh.... the last hcjc played them in nationals they won us 3-1.... hmm so that means hcjc soccer team is much better than ali baba team... which is a good sign.... haha

    anyway.... the sudden interest of strong teams wanting to get a piece of us is disturbing news.... and i have strong reasons to believe that CHOO.... u anyhow go around your school telling pple your soccer team very powerful izzit??.... haha.. score one goal liaoz then anyhow tell them!!!!.........haahahaha.......... but anyway i am also glad that at least our reputation is spreading.... maybe we can play in the estate leagues or something..... around jurong west got this LIM BOON KENG CUP..... open category.... maybe we should pit our skills against those older players in this kinda competitions someday.... cannot win cup larh but maybe win one to two matches and establish ourselves..... hahaha.....

    yups thats all....


    12:23 AM

    Hey guys shitland tmr or fri would be a bad idea cuz i got SAT on sat n i believe huang jian oso haf. I'm fine with playing shitland on sat but anything later than that is not idea cuz we have chem prac on tues... n i think we shud play maybe a final match or two before returning back to our studies again.


    Wednesday, October 08, 2003
    9:27 PM

    arlo arlo
    hey dudes talked to the davids today and he say actualli can play but hard to get field.... guess its some lame excuse again la neewae the ali baba team got smacked by the tpjc team that was supposed to play us that time 7-1 although the ali baba team got onli 10 men cuz that ah lui chicken out at the last min hahah anyway the vj soccer yr 2 team has expressed their interest to qie us so wad do u guyz think?? which team u guyz wanna play?? anyway think we should play 1 or 2 more matches then break for muggin liaoz and finally it feels good to score again la hafta thank the teoh for the superb cross and the keeper for failing to save it tot it was quite a central header.... haha well... a goal is a goal la and i shall thank the keeper once again think shitland is a jack la how bout tmw we stay over since no sch liaoz

    -- choo 7 --

    5:43 PM

  • FrenZ in RJC!!!>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey guys uploaded some pics to the pictures site......if u all are interested to see how some of the ri guys look like now go check it out......
    yah and for ah du and those in the pictures...foong gou..yip kai..etc.... click on the link to see the photos...!
    IZAC 10

    Tuesday, October 07, 2003
    10:38 PM

    shitland sounds good...


    5:05 PM

    Heard from isaac that davids team dun wanna play us in near future so how bout some shitland over the weekend?


    4:15 PM

    hey dudes..... here it is.....the long awaited match report....... brought to you by Mian...

    it was a superb match to say the least..... 7-4..... eleven goals in all.... definitely a goal fest for all neutral supporters...( not that there were many anyway...) the score line is so shocking that even Mr Kadir was forced to use vulgarities... "eh don't talk cock" were the exact words he said..... ( he must be cursing his luck/ lack of luck for missing out on an opporturnity to fulfil his long term goal.... his ultimate objective in life that is keeping him going.... the botaks send their condolences to our beloved Kadir.....and wishes him all the best in future matches against the team..... that the botaks beat 7-4....hahaha )

    firstly.... i must put the match down as a lucky break for us.... and complacency for them.... perhaps kadir has conditioned the viets to think that any team introduced by kadir must be free frag..... ( we cannot really blame the viets now can we.... not when u see the same person playing in 5 different teams trying really hard to score against them.... perhaps they were expecting the same....) but anyway... it was definitely not the best team they fielded that day.... so lets not get our heads so bloated and dizzy with this victory.... moreover..... luck was on our side.... as the keeper was off form that day to allow many of our goals.... lets see.....

    izac's first goal: who take who score larh.... haha.... the stupid wall was trying to defend the out line that day.... perhaps they didn't want the ball to fly too far if we mis-kicked it....

    shaun's goal: we were all turning away with disappointment.. especially shaun... who let out a disgusted cry "blah" and a constipated face... only the optimistic mian looked on.... and BEHOLD the virtues of optimism.... the keeper scooped the ball behind himself like he was scooping water from a well to splash on himself....

    mian's goal: can i not be humble here??.....haha...... a well taken free kick meant as a cross.... by some mystical means the ball floated into the net... incidentally... it was the only free kick mian took that day.... also incidentally... its the mian's 2nd direct free kick goal for the botaks..... also also incidentally.... it was juz passed the half way line...hahaha

    junquan's goal: finally... he scores a not so clear cut chance.... acting on instinct to head to ball instead of doing something else.... perhaps the Choo should act more on instincts next time during one on one... don't think so much juz wack... maybe its more effective that way... ( i have to comment that the choo doesn't score easy chances... i think he finds them too chicken feet... can only score more difficult goals.... ) the keeper got a hand to it tho...

    andy's goal: set up from the mid field by a zidane like pass.....( haha i must stop bragging )..... i believe the thru ball was meant for keith... but andy chiong all the way... out sprinting both the defenders (and keith) to get to the ball.... finishing with a cheeky poke..... andy bellamy chong is really becoming a team asset.... with a 2 match 2 goals strike rate.... irresistable form from him....

    dillion's goal: the magician... weaving his way thru after a nice cross from izac... using his famous soft but deadly touches... he manages to chip the keeper and send the ball rolling at an agonizing pace into the goal.... ( agonizing for the defender.... who manages only to sweep the ball into the net )

    izac's 2nd goal: to round the match off.... izac closed the scoring after benedict's rioting run and pass..... a shot from outside the penalty area..... somehow izac has the uncanny ability to make the keepers miss the ball above their heads and straight thru their hands.... was in actual fact a central shot but the keeper juz couldn't do anything about it...

    so u see dudes..... there was much luck involved in our highest goal scoring record to date.... so we shouldn't really be too proud of it..... ( well...maybe juz be a little proud of it larh..... not too proud....haha ) now to comment on our defence... we were good in snuffing out most of the attacks.... and the goals we let in were unfortunate... and i must... on the botak blog.... official commend YU CHONG for an outstanding performance during the second half!!!! he was brave in coming out to catch many of the balls.... which saved us quite a bit.....

    but again.... we have to work on our defence AS A WHOLE.... i know Jain and Liang and Nich and Ben and Alex Sim all worked their asses off for us that day..... but we are still far off from our clean sheet.... so midfield try to come back as much as possible.... i know its difficult... but we all have to try.... there weren't any major lapses in defence that day.... but i must say that the liang deserves a 2 match ban for un-sportsman like behaviour...... he was disrespectful to the ref..... uttering many sacarstic remarks...... that is not wat playing soccer is about....... and the botakgang will not condone such acts of lack of integrity...... also..... he deserves another 10 match ban.... for joking around when we were leading in the match.... and neglecting defending duties for personal glory.... this placed the team's interest in jeopardy, which is the main reason for proposing the 10 match ban....( unless of cos we get a marche treat....-grin- )

    All in all i guess we didn't really play that well to deserve the big score line..... i mean we all know it when we play well... and this was certainly not one of those times..... hopefully the davids match we will play better..... as our opponents are now the VJ players..... we cannot afford to do anything silly in that match.....

    for now... lets relish our 7 goal victory......


    Monday, October 06, 2003
    10:38 PM

  • THRASHING OF VIET KINGS>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey guys i uploaded the photos liao...go take a look man...!! adinich personal gallery hahhahahhaa.........mian....where's the post match???
    IZAC 10

    Sunday, October 05, 2003
    7:46 PM

    Went to Isaac house with Du and Diliion Foo. Watched soccer till bout four thirty. Supposed to go dinner with family but my brother's tuition got in the way so never go in the end. Anyway, at isaac's place we were all waiting in great anticipation for Mian's post-match reports, unfortunately he damn slack la. In fact it seems like i am the first one to say anythin lo. Actually yesterday the Vietkong's keeper gave us most of our goals one way or another la but a win is a win so haha. Also we managed a record high-scoring game lo. Jackpot for us. Anyway wanna play the stupid davids team liao but heard they calling foreign imports in Fabien Tan, Russell, Cheng Kiang (Cheng Kang), and Ali Baba. Heard that Fab and Kang are the two wingers of the Vj team tis year and are damn damn shen. Rumours also has it that Ali baba is the most skillful out of 3 strikers in Vj tis year jus that he lose out to one in pace and another iin finishing ability thats why cannot make first team. Russell is monkey face (no offence just that there is no other way of identifying him). So anyway the Davids is damn hum and bastard la. I mean i just cannot insult him enuff la. Not only does his goggles look bloody stupid his attitude can only belong to someone who gives him mom cunnilingus everyday la. Stupid Davids. Nvm call imports then call la even if we get thrashed we get thrashed as Botaks not like tham supposed to be Gay ass Choir team but go call so many shen's to reduce their butt f***ing tendencies. To the 4 imports joining the davids team, if u read tis, BEWARE OF THOSE SODOMISING CRAP SHITS COS U NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO STICK THIER DONGS UP UR CRACK (HEARD THE DAVIDS HAS INSTALLED A 15 INCHER, INTIALLY HE HAD NOTHING THERE). Stupid davids. Ok anyway lookin forward to the match to see some skills from those shens, and us of course, if there even is a match, later the stupud davids play us out again, bloody bastard davids....... ok bye guys till next ime.


    Friday, October 03, 2003
    9:53 PM

    hey guys nich lim is in a serious plight...anyone took his jersey by mistake? cos he say cannot find it...he say if cannot find den he'll play naked tml...n it'd be an eyesore!
    so guys pls check if u taken it...n inform him if u haf thnx


    4:01 PM

    yo ,i agree with mian that we should all try to play well, but i think we shouldnt be overly psyched up. Some people play better under pressure and some others play worse under it. So we know ourselves if we play better in relaxed conditions then just relax ..dun let the pressure get to ur head. And another thing is if we go down to an early goal must fight back and not just give up k.....And if we are overly eager to smash them we might play even worse....so just try to get an early goal then proceed from there. Yah and dun forget that every match we play is to have fun and not put ourselves under undue pressure....yah so go have fun and hopefully we get a good result........

    IZAC 10

    2:03 PM

    hey guys.....
    i think the davids team have no balls leh..... hum until like that wanna get import..... don't they have enough substitutes already??..... i really think that wearing goggles on land shrinks their balls lor.... have they no sense of pride?

    i cannot stand it liaoz.... tmr or sunday when we meet i am gonna be solemn.... i am not going to joke around already.... this match has becomed such an issue that i cannot imaging losing it.... if we really lose then i feel we can call ourselves LOSERS already..... there is really so much at stake this time round...... everyone please don't screw up..... we must not let in any goals for defence..... for attack..... at least 4 goals..... for mid field.... every 50-50 balls will be won..... that's our team mentality..... and i have said it clearly enough........ hopefully we will achieve it.....


    11:12 AM

    allo allo
    the 2nd goal vs the chung cheng is indeed an incredible goal...after so much debate n argueing over whose goal it is...we shall all have a vote...guys click on the link on ur right n cast ur vote today!


    Thursday, October 02, 2003
    2:26 PM

    arlo arlo
    met up with the davids today to confirm the match they say confirm can play us this weekend liao only left settling of the field which they will settle notice that the davids keep stammerin as the huang jian and nich sae hahh think they realli scared to get smack by us man neewae think they askin the monkey face and chengkang to help them play against us but nevertheless we should psyched up and smack them la cant whack fer the smackerooni alrready

    -- choo 7 --

    Wednesday, October 01, 2003
    9:49 PM

    ahoy maties!!!
    right listen up..meknows our crew really wants to rob and pillage, kill and murder their asses real badly..and if them poxies're wanna act like damn kings..we're gonna make 'em pay for making us look like fools, aye?hope the whole crew's with me on this one..wouldn't want any half hearts on sea when the battle begins.we're gonna leave 'em nothing but a burning, sinking wreck aye?by Avast, methinks the wrath of our fury is but this close to being unleashed on 'em poor dogs.

    well well, now i've got a proposition for the crew..since the wait till the battle is yet four full moons away, i say the whole crew goes down when the sun sets on the morrow to Shitland and have some fun of our own, savvy?what say ye all?me buckos, stab a note on this trunk by the morrow if ye're with me on this one.
    fare all ye well.


    8:19 PM

    guys.... u know we all want to play them so much right.... it makes them feel happier cos they can keep us where they want.... toy with us.... so we shouldn't sound as though we are so desperate to play them..... like we are some sort of losers like that..... bad losers for that....

    sincerely.......the more they want to postpone..... the more i want to kick their asses...... i really really will show them wat playing soccer means when they play us...... very serious........


    1:32 PM

    guys i call the davids e retard liao...he say this weekend match either sat or sunday...so keep it free man

    12:27 AM

    hb dun be impatient man..the time will come!
    tt stupid davids keep denying tt we booked the pitch for time e last time den keep dun wan to play chee...so will try to contact him tml to arrange for this sat or sunday
    as for this thurs vietnam team cannot make it so they ask for this sat or next sat
    but if we play davids this sat den viet nex sat la...so will try arrange
    as for the choo...if the davids dun wan to play right make him pay 50bux thnx...den we can use the mooney to arrange with other teams after As



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