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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
7:06 PM

As the nich had put it..... the wait will be worth our while..... the nonsense davids is gonna get smashed..... u know i have never been as psyche up for any match as this..... its like the whole botakgang... left flank, right flank, centre... everyone wants a piece of them.... i can feel myself kicking their butts already....

u know... we must not neglect the rest of the gay ass choir boys.... sure there is "the ONE who wears goggles on land".. but there is also "the ONE with J-Lo's ass"..... the other centre mid who thinks he is playmaker shen..... and there is also " the ONE that thinks he is human ICQ" ..... the one and only dot dot....

now i have reasons to believe that they croon to the tune of champions league theme song before the start of their matches...... a form of pre match ritual...... unfortunately.... the only tune which they will croon after the match against the botaks will be " i'm juz a teenage dirtbag baby.... cos i'm juz a teenage dirtbag baby...."

the revenge is ours... make no mistake......


2:59 PM

wah... nich u quite king leh... managed to remember the pirates of carrebians talk... neway i'll offer a much more understandable phrase to stress on our match agst the davids team... JUST FUCK THEM...


11:41 AM

Ahoy me hearties and all land-lubbing one-eyed swabs..this buccaneering corsair of yours truly just looked over the monkey-ass of "The One who wears goggles on land"..he was so shit scared the bilge-sucking addlepate was actually stammering!i'll betcha all a doubloon each that no-good son of a lubber wet his pants.not that we could ever fault him for that, make him walk the plank and vist Davy Jones' locker..or hang him top-over-bottom and flog him..no no no we self-respecting corsairs would ne'er do that,savvy?even pirates play by the rule sometime,ye know.

so the situation lies herein..them scurvy poxies've declared no-show on weekdays..that leaves weekends to do battle.no worries lads..even if war is waged on rough seas,we're gonna make 'em kiss the grub just the same.then they can swab our decks for us while we count them booty.

so maties..prepare to weigh anchor and make full the sails..raise the Jolly Roger and make 'em cower!keep yeselfs in shipshape..this wait would be worth our while. i say we put the Black Spot of their brethren on 'em..raid 'em handsomely after..then feed 'em to the fish,si?and wipe them poxy grins off them grimey faces while we sail away into the setting sun, all joy and merry-making, singing the old shanty and tasting the rum of our labour, aye?

to arms me bruvers, to arms.revenge is ours.the blood debt shall be repaid.
the dead shall tell no tales.


10:09 AM

Allo guys i tink we shud psyche up for the davids team and f them good and proper cos they keep postponin and still owe us loads of money. the stupid gay ass dudes still wanna say week day not free they wanna mug till die is it hold so many training session then postpone. so come on bang them in the bums for our next match.


10:07 AM

Hallo one and all this is Melanie! Shaun teoh just accidentally on purpose deleted his own entry and so i have to type for him now cause he is too busy tearing out his hair. Cause he wrote some super long entry about how he has been secretly in love with Huang Jian An for the past five years. Ever since he saw Jian An buying fishball noodles in the RI canteen... and they both reached for the same chopstick in the chopstick holder... it was love at first sight...

2:46 AM

  • the photos from chung cheng!!!!!!!

  • hey guys i uploaded the photos but they look quite blur....and that day my cam was on the wrong mode shit man....next time must take properly liao...

    2:43 AM

    hey guys the photos are up!

    1:02 AM

    hey man...guess one of the most impt thing in soccer n often neglected is THROw-IN...so i found a huge chunk abt throwing in n share with u guys...v interesting so muz read

    Soccer throw-in technique and tactics is one of the more deglected skills of the game of football. With the correct technique, effecttive training drills, and some tactical awareness, a team cab make much better use of opportunities during a game.

    The throw-in technique starts by gripping the ball firmly, but comfortably. The ball is brought back over the head, and the back is arched. Using the full extent of the arms, and the power of the back and shoulders the ball is released in front of the head. The feet position is a matter of personal preference with some player standing square and other placing one foot in front of the other. The final ingredient is to add a short run to generate rhythm and momentum.

    Tactics at the throw-in in soccer depend on where on the pitch the throw is being taken from. In the attacking third of the pitch, the objective is to get the ball into the penalty area as soon as possible either by a direct throw, or by creating an opening for a cross. In the middle third, the tactic should be to make forward runs. In the defensive third, the team must play safe, and try to create space to clear the ball away from danger. Useful tactics for creating space are overlapping runs, sudden changes of direction and decoy runs. In an overlapping run, players run towards each other overlapping in the middle. A decoy run could take a marker away from the player, you would like to throw to.


    Monday, September 29, 2003
    8:31 PM

    i haf no comments on the match haha... but choo i think u better start scorin soon la or else ur future looks bleak... more imptly... choo when is the davids team going to play wif us? dun tell me they postpone and postpone la... muz realli fuck them lor... u better arrange soon...


    2:29 PM

    haha issac quick upload the fotos den i update the site...yah choo so are we playing anot?

    10:30 AM

    hey guys juz 2.5 hrs frm my maths s paper... tried to do prelim s paper of last year and thus i GAVE up cuz even though i had the solutions to the question i still didnt understand how to do it...

    AY choo when we playing the david's team.... hurry up arrange cuz we must avenge our horrendous draw agst them the last time. Abt what nich said earlier on, i dont tink u are totally at fault for our defensive laspes on sat. soccer is a team game cant point the finger at one individual... similarly, we cant balme choo for missing one on one chance...actualli we can!haha

    maybe the mid shud haf backtracked a little bit more on sat... however with our present fitness not many or maybe only benedict can afford to run up and down...
    so the bulk of the responsibily in holding the fort lies with our defence.. if we play like rj where our mid mark the other mid the we will prob achieve what rj achieved... lots of goaless matches.

    ok gtg now... hope to play soon.


    Sunday, September 28, 2003
    2:10 AM

    hey fellow botaks... heh just wan to say something after the match.... i think we played well today...although we will need to step up a gear or two against the likes of the mat team and maybe the ali baba team... oh just wan to thank the people that assisted the goals today... yah thanks du... the goal should be credited to you and not me lah.. u did the work i just had to put it in the net..... haha actually for those that didnt know du assist quite a few for me already lah.. for rjc and now for botaks... thanks again... hope more assist to come from you.... the square ball backwards after u run down the flanks is dem good...i told shaun and keith to do it many times but they havent done it yet...but i know they will soon....cos i will always be there to shoot and most of the time i'm open....the defenders all like to chiong towards the goal so if u square out sure can score one....
    sometimes in soccer the assist is more important than the goal so maybe a column in the website should have top assist also haha... but choo and his stupid argument abt his indirect assist is really ridiculous haha... But choo had a good assist today..great cross and not one of those rolling ten metres KILLERS...haha..
    Yah and ANdy scored a good goal today... first time shot..great things to come from Bellamy...although newcastle looks like they will join the likes of west ham and fellow Division 1 clowns next year...
    OH yah things i think we can improve on....
    1. Calmness on the ball- sometimes we tend to want to chuck the ball to someone else because we are afriad of losing the ball and getting scolded. BUt the right thing to do is control the ball if u are open and look out for options....
    2. Support to the guy with the ball- always give the guy with the ball two options so that we can form a triangle and then it will be hard for the opponent to get the ball.
    3. Build up the attack-pass the ball around in the defence and wait for people to be open then pass dun pump blindly cos we will just lose possesion. switch play in the midfield and always look back for the support.

    K thats all for now.....hope to see u all soon and maybe we will put in yet another sterling performance.......

    IZAC 10

    Saturday, September 27, 2003
    11:35 PM

    ok guys it was a really good win today..haha din realise isaac hasn't scored before this match..it was a good goal..hope there's more to come dude..
    regarding wat mian said bout our defence..sigh i really hoped tt this would be our second clean sheet..we've only got one so far..but due to their last minute effort we still let in a goal..e 'abiel' centre mid also hit tiang twice..and i was totally responsible for e major blunder in e second half after wayne missed e ball..i apologise guys..so i think e defence got let off e hook major.
    i think e rest of e defence played really well today..though liang was spending a lotta time holding his hips..but i think i made most of e mistakes and bloopers today..so e defence shouldn't take e blame.
    like i said before..i'd try my very very best to play well and improve..hope this bad streak doesn't last too long..but kudos to e rest of e team..we excelled in almost every department..scoring good goals tt were really pleasing on e eye..looking forward to our next match man..smash e davids team..i'll try my best.


    11:25 PM

    yoz dudes..... this is POST MATCH COMMENTS by your friendly neighbourhood soccer analyst

    Match : Chueng Cheng Boys vs Botakgang (A)
    Score : 1-3 botak victory

    it was a rather interesting match today.....

    chueng cheng team was quite an attacking one...... especially the cambodian....... "he is fast man" according to the liang who was out ran by him.... but i'll have to say that cambodian is a sly and cunning customer..... lets analyse the cheeky tatics he used....

    firstly.... he frickin took off his shirt to show that he is cambodian..( sun-burnt black body... signs of a cambodian ) this was an effective barrier to stop opponents from tackling him... wats more..... his body was full of black mud...... so defenders would think again before barging against him...... effective tatic.... i will give it 2 stars

    secondly, he keep falling......... think his legs quite lembei.... (wobbly).... where got anyone nudge nudge a bit then fall down so easily one..... but to make his stunt look credible.... he manages a loud "ARGH..." and then gives a bitter face when he stands up and says " i don't anyhow shout for fouls one ok" and " tackle pple like that no good larh...." indeed he reminds me of those "kare le fare" (extras) in movies and drama serials... where they are required to get killed on a massive scale and then fall to the ground shouting curses at the pple that killed them..... ( imagine saving private ryan ) occasionally... promising "kare le fares" will emerge.... and the director will upgrade their roles to the ones that carry their dismembered arm running across the screen ( again recall saving private ryan ) or head kenna blown off those kind...... back to the serious topic... i shall give him 2 stars and an oscar.... and maybe an audition to maureen's next video production.....haha

    lastly.... he was sneaky larh...... so sneaky until i find it very dumb.... he was standing near the edge of the field as tho he got substituted out... acting non-chalant to the happenings on the field..... again i stress the word...."ACTING".... then he suddenly sprung to life when the ball reached our half.... and chiong down the flank..... for his inventiveness and innovation with coming up with such a sneaky, underhand and shameless cover up which we saw thru even before it began.... i shall give him 2 stars

    now.... back to analysis of the match..... it was good larh our play..... tho our fitness is like shit..... really..... even the usually won't get cramp shaun teoh was limping off the field today.... a rather clear indication that we are dem dem unfit already...

    bellamy andy chong (chiong) scored on his debut for us.... it was a stunning goal which he thoroughly deserved.... then izac went on to shoot between the hands of the keeper.. making his goal debut for botak.... so 2 fresh new scorers for the botaks.... to add icing on the cake..... mian (me) scored a header (tempted to say a well aimed header which left the keeper no chance ) ..... to make the score 3-0.... total dominance.... ( also tempted to say: the mian is now joint top goal scorer with teoh, keith, choo...hahaha)

    to sum up the first half.... we were all like dem tired.... firstly i have to apologise for slakcing so much in the first half..... really not mentally prepared enough.... thats y kept walking..... wats more, the opponents kept the pressure on us and was the better team for first half..... if this trend continues arh we may have difficulty playing the davids team cos they have fricking unlimited subs......

    2nd half everyone played their game better, tho there was nearly a major screw up back in defence...... today.... botak defence was dem shaky...... we need to strengthen our defence to have any chance against stronger attacking opponents... so far we haven't kept many clean sheets..... and we were lucky to escape unscathed (only one goal) today..... i guess after slacking for the first half everyone played harder (including the mian who started to run at last)..... incidentally... records have shown that mian's strike rate as cm is quite high... played centre mid 4 times in all of the botak matches and has already scored 3... thats a 75 percent strike rate.... quite good....hahahaha ( actually its only 3 matches larh mian was injured when playing the esmond team ).....hahahaha

    ok.... to conclude.... botakgang seems to be heading in the right direction..... winning matches comfortably..... but they'll have to improve their defences if they want to challenge the big teams in singapore... and they must also have their resident striker start scoring.... if not...ahem ahem......hahaha......

    by the way.... today we juz signed our new coach.... han boon ( aka carlos boon quieroz )..... who will lead the charge by also playing as the striker, right mid, right back, and goalkeeper.... the utility man with 5 positions.... an asset to any team lacking a striker and right mid and right back and goalkeeper and coach.....

    thats all folks

    Friday, September 26, 2003
    11:55 AM

    harloe... this sat i not going... sch wants to gif j2's last chem prac so u all juz go enjoy la... maybe meet u all later or what lor... but as what du, mian, nich has said... wat kind of field is ubi??? sounds like some desolated shit land... nvm wish u all luck la though shld be confirm win want... bleah...


    1:37 AM

    argh wat kinda field is UBI?choo have we seen it before?no right?
    they seriously trying to cheat money lor..and who in the blue hell is e vjc choir team?isn't e choir team e spastic davids team?
    haha liang muz treat la..either tt or sponser away jersey..i think treating us to dinner would save more money for u la..then u play striker against e GAY ASS CHOIR BOYS la..set?
    looking forward to e match man..although i think most of us'd be in quite bad shape due to inactivity and mugging..
    ok cya guys on sat!!!

    P.S whoa e homepage really look quite cool
    oh have we notified to activate all botaks for sat?

    12:30 AM

    haha... although i have physics paper 3 tmr and i haven't touched my option topic...... i'm 2nd to respond to the choo and first to respond to the du....... indeed i think Ubi is a mine field..... even tho i have not seen it before....... i mean...... juz listen to the name...... UBI....... thats like miles away...... and worst of all its 25 bucks from each team...... who they trying to cheat?......... anyway are they any good this chung cheng team?........ cos i never play them before...... and they wan rematch...... meaning they damn psyche up wanna beat us...... and also they must have imported some damn powerful players into their team larh....... very scary!!!!.......haha........

    liang woah u have so much money now must treat us u know...... if maureen was here she would have given us a big treat..... right ???......hahaha...... ok that's all from me.......


    btw jain u are a bum u know can u try understanding a bit of literature.... haiz......

    Thursday, September 25, 2003
    11:14 PM

    haha although i haf f maths tmr, i'm the 1st to respond to choo... shit the ubi field is going to be a minefield and at 1115 it would be super hot like marina n with our present fitness level the match would soon be at a snail's pace...

    haha dun tink shud play on sun cuz i got s papers n havent gone for the whole year so must at least study abit if not get zero.... anyway liang shud treat the team since so rich suddenly n u'll get yur chance at striker...


    8:30 PM

    arloz arloz ok ok news hot from the oven the chong cheng bums are those we smack 4-2 last time they wan a rematch
    anyway those bums cannot get st wilfried and got some ubi field instead and they asked us to meet at bedok mrt there at 1115 this sat and each team pay 25 bucks and anyway do u guyz wan to play on sunday too? the vjc band team wan to qie us haha

    -- choo 7 --

    7:36 PM

    guys choo say this sat play chung cheng he say they booked st wilfrid liao...but he dint tell me the time so choo maybe u can post the time here stuff...
    whu is the chung cheng team?

    anyway guys see the homepage again now damn cool man


    1:59 PM

    mian wat toking u
    anyway i saw liang's sodomized face on LIFe thinnk it's this monday's n they say he n maureen won some 800bux or sth...since maureen not ard den liang coup all the money so maybe liang can sponsor our away kit? n den treat the team to a buffet or sth how abt that?
    den we can let him play striker permanently wow woohoo liang cool right


    1:49 PM

    o me, o life
    of the questions of these recurring
    of the endless trains of the faithless
    of the cities filled with the foolish

    What good admist these? o me o life?

    this is the question i would like to post to my fellow botaks..... i would like to ask u guys what good is it that each day we live amongst the foolish? the faithless?? like me.......

    well..... walt whitman answered his own question.....

    that you are here
    that life exists an identity
    that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse

    indeed.... you guys are wat we live for.... tho we are foolish and vulgar and stupid most of the time......haha... but who cares!!!!


    12:40 AM

    hey choo i check liao next thurs 3-5pm st wilfrid free for booking...
    anyone cannot make it?
    psych up man slaughter those choir boys...


    Wednesday, September 24, 2003
    9:35 PM

    finally... the rock has come back to st wilfred... next thurs, yes next thurs the rock finally gets his chance to lay the smackdown on some candyasses... and no jabroni monkey crap shit smelling son of a bitch comes closer to that then the davids... when the rock goes face to face wif that no good lookin piece of trash he'll make sure he stuffs those beady googles up where the sun dun shine... and when the dust is settled and all is clear the rock would haf checked tat sum' bitch into the smackdown hotel and send his carcass all over jarboni drive... if ya smell, what the rock is cooking...


    6:45 PM

    hello pple!!! next thursday sounds good.... can't wait to see that "adorable" dot dot again.... hahaha.... i will make sure his balls swell this time.... so he can say "dot dot" with a gayish flavour.... ( oh and this time arh nich.... i won't stop u from abusing him already...... e-honda him and scold him and everything..... its your left flank.....)

    juz read about more hypocrisy regarding religion in the newspapers..... in Kelantan or somewhere.... those stupid pple are banning advertisements having women in them...... " its against the teachings of Islam..." they say...... hahaha...... bunch of crap..... these religious pple should wake up man..... wake up and see wat they are doing...... ( btw they discourage make up for women cause it may lead to rape.... )

    now.......regarding my decline in moral standards..... i think i am not evil enough larh.....so i guess i've turned good again.....hahaha..... ( so dot dot may juz get to keep his balls at optimum size afterall......juz may )

    alright guys really really looking forward in seeing u all for a good laugh and a long awaited "Ah- Du" scream.....
    "blah.........................blah...................blah........................( tongue sticking out and hands up in the air )......."


    5:40 PM

    eh guys i told choo to ask te davids to book st wilfrid for next thurs any strong objections??
    if not set la...


    Tuesday, September 23, 2003
    12:50 PM

    u know wat...... i agree with the DU...... i don't wanna play the vietnamese so soon..... but i want to fucking smash the choir boys..... i cannot stand it already..... the are so fucking loser like with those ugly goggles....... they deserve a ronaldo fake from me...... and i will destroy the DAVIDS wannabe who think he is so damn cool larh wait till i make his dark eyes even darker.... black panda if u know wat i mean......

    oh smdx2....... there is no such thing as love and equality.....

    ---evil mian---

    11:15 AM

    haha... the mian is now evil~
    neway viets or davids also anithing la... can play good already... but wads this bout rj players and kadir? whatever happened to the love and equality? whatever happened to frenship and humanity? cannot intergrate them into our squad da although to discriminate is to generate hate and when u generate hate ure bound to get irate... but then think we shld leave out kadir and his recruits lor unless we all know the recruits then it mite be another different story altogether...


    12:05 AM

    hey guys long time no write...

    juz died for chem today although many of u would be sceptical.... think playing agst viet team this wk is a bad idea... we are too unfit after a mth of inactivity and suddenly playing such a tough team will be a killer man... they will rape us with fitness.. maybe shud start of with something easier...

    on the other hand, i rather lose to the viets then agst the davids team which is a must trash fixture!!!!!

    ok got maths tmr... cya


    Monday, September 22, 2003
    9:52 PM

    hey dudes
    so hows life man doubt it aint too good rite with all the prelims ard neewae my prelims will end tmw whoho!! not including the s papers la cuz sure die one haha neewae think can ask kadir to suck it la y ask rj players to come play for our team??
    heyz!! its our team and not his team rite so he can go suck it la hahahz when r we playing the viets? i suggest we shld play the davids team to get back some match fitness before we qie the viets la lookin forward to seeing u guyz again

    -- choo 7 --

    8:19 PM

    life is good....haha.... i never thought otherwise wat.....haha.....

    i suggest we go sentosa for another night out again...... this time we bring along fun stuff to do already......
    ok thats all folks i won't break down larh the teoh is exaggerating...... u all don't get misled by my entry ok ok...... yups really really looking to playing soccer with all of u..... gonna show u guys my real stepover ( aka ronaldo fake ) already...... i master liaoz.......

    also...... y can't we play the match against vietnamese without kadir??? he spoils the play..... and further more wants RJ pple play in our team...... if really want to beat the vietnamese this badly he got money right go hire some professional GHANA players to play for him larh....... i only want to play with the BOTAKS....( even if some of them can't score for heaven's sake........) haha...... okok..... and this time i will give full power and play seriously..... very seriously..... show them the power of the mian after recovering from a bout of so called depression........ FUCK THE VIETNAMESE...... the mian has turned to the dark side...... no more mr. nice guy.........


    6:50 PM

    mianster..life is good la dun think of silly thoughts.
    ok i think i shouldn't talk bout e prelims cos it's not a very nice thing to talk about..no one likes to talk bout e prelims(unless u've done pretty damn well for it or unless u're e du)..so i think i'll talk bout soccer cos it is e one thing tt we live for.
    e only thing tt keeps me going now is e match this wkend..cos it's been a really bad week..bad exams.so i hope tt it'll be an enjoyable match where e BOTAKS meet up after a long time of not seeing each other.whatever e result against e viet cong..i hope we have fun and play together and support n encourage each other as a team..a band of brothers.
    wow i'm becoming like e mian now..philosophical and sentimental.there's been some talk bout kadir becoming so desperate to beat e viet cong that he's asked some rj players to play in e match..hope it doesn't spoil anything.........fingers crossed.
    4 more papers for me in 3 more gruelling days..cant wait.see ya guys.


    P.S arsenal are bastards.all of them..even their manager.keown looks like a devil..dun believe go see today's new paper got his constipated face.even worse than freddy kreuger's face(nightmare on elm street becomes nightmare on highbury?)

    1:03 PM

    u all shld give mian some form of condolences... where is the love? where is the love? where is the love? neway the arsenal players are bastards lor namely keown, cole and parlour... ruud miss the penalty then they all surround him and suan him and push him... quite no manners dere... these 3 confirm come from same mother then 3 different fathers juz gang shit the same wife...


    Saturday, September 20, 2003
    7:04 PM

    ok...mian i'll gif u my right hand...
    pls dun be too emotional the brothers will be there for u n look forward to the soccer match next weekend vs vitnam dudes adu u can make it? s papers no need to study wan la...but den if u wan to study oso can den i'll take over u on the right flank! haha


    4:09 PM

    Allo guys its been a lonf timesince i wrote something here. Exactly 1 month my las t entry was in August 20. One more week of prelim for most of us hope everyone is doin fine. I die until cannot die liao la....... Anyway Mian is super emotional liao so we must all give him a hand and prevent him from breaking down. Ya and right after prelims we must have rematch with Vietnam dogs and Gay Ass Choir Boys. Isaac say Kadir wanna play again immediately after prelim cos his team lost to them again so come on guys lets play them again. Ok going for now see u guys soon.


    Friday, September 19, 2003
    12:20 AM

    haha..... y my entry cannot see in full one?....... so weird my computer is a bit screwed up....haha

    12:06 AM

    hey guys.... hows everyone's prelims..... haha.... juz a week or 2 more only..... everyone must hang in there and survive ok!!!

    actually..... i'm here because i'm rather irritated.... haha... maybe its exam stress.... perhaps it is a process which we call "growing up"....... i dunno..... i went to check the dictionary juz now on a word which i knew little of juz now.....( pai seh... my vocab is not very good ).... sanguine..... the funny thing is that i always thought that it meant the same thing as melancholy....... haha..... but i am enlightened..... sanguine, on dictionary.com, means a cheerful and optimistic outlook...... ( ok jain?... following?... haha)

    if that is the case..... then i may describe myself as having a sanguine personality..... for its been a long time since i was last depressed..... i mean.... i could never find reasons enough to fill me with sadness....... life is always full of interesting things..... SOCCER..... BOTAKs..... i cannot even come close to grasping the meaning of the word melancholy....... Interesting enough, when the Pope in the Vatican City found out that his Pastors from around the world have been involved in sexual activities with young church boys, his famous reply was.... " I am saddened....." In a twist of ironical fate....right now...i too am saddened...... ( no no..... don't get me wrong i wasn't molested by any pastors don't worry.......)

    why? there is no simple one line explaination..... lets juz say that age has caught up with me.....

    in my last 1 plus years at Hwa Chong Junior College... ( yes yes the school which still instils communist idealogy... ), i have learnt a great many things.... how to do binomial expansions..... how mitosis and meiosis works..... haha..... stuff like that......

    As much as i disliked coming to HCJC in the first 3 months of last year.....right now i begin to feel that it has been ( for me and shaun ).... the ideal choice.... As former RI boys..... i think u would all agree with me that RI environment.... though fun and neat and squeaky clean on the surface.... there exists a conniving side to some of the more superficial friendships...... but RI was not as bad..... i gather from most of the botaks at RJ that this situation is worst there..... well..... i am not in a position to comment... but again thats wat i gather.... THE only reassurance that i have is that at least the BOTAKS are staying true to themselves and to each other..... that is so important..... that we are TRUE to each other and not hypocrites........ well..... as we get older..... we begin to lose this innocence.... thus.... the reason why i say that HCJC is the correct choice was that for the last one plus years.... HCJC has slowed down shaun and my decay of innocence.... it has retained in us wat little innocence we had.... made us see wat innocence is really all about.....

    innocence...... that we may see the truth behind things.... see the real "MATTERS of Consequence"......

    the story of the little prince ( please go read it guys ) had it that one day he was on his journey to a small planet.... and he saw a businessman doing his accounts..... when the little prince asked wat he was doing... he simply said that he was doing "Matters of Consequence"...... he said he was counting the number of stars there are out there.... and said that he owned them.... he has been doing that for all his life.... without doing anything else.... because it was the matter of upmost importance....... Perhaps we are like that as we become older..... but i don't wanna lose the innocence of seeing an elephant within a boa constrictor..... or the sheep in the box.

    with whatever remaining innocence left in me..... i suddenly had another insight.....

    those pple in 4a u should remember Chen Pei Fu our chinese teacher..... remember he said that the younger generation of pple are a sad bunch.... because they have no religion...... ( he said in chinese the words ke3 bei1 ) i must.... with all respect to all religions and Mr Chen, differ.......

    religion has always been part of my life.... when i was younger.. i was in a methodist school... so i prayed every single day and went to boys brigade to praise the lord on saturdays... i also went to temples on sundays with my parents and grandparents to burn offerings to Buddha... i basically thought that all religions are good..... to be respected.... because they teach us to be good....... Perhaps as one grows older.. his ideals of faith changes... he loses sight of wat is the fundamental of that religion...... loses innocence..... and strays from the original path which he had devoted to adhere to....

    wat makes me sad is that these pple regard themselves religious pple.... strong in faith.... and my main concern is that Hypocrisy springs from every corner of their lives.... Hypocrisy which they cannot see....... Hypocrisy which they are Unwilling to see....... Talking to such pple about such things vex me greatly..... and the last i tried i could only afford spurts of mindless laughter to fill in the silence after they had finished about their theology. they might have thought i was a little dumb or slow in the mind or something.... and they may even have the impression that i wasn't thinking hard enough about wat they said.........

    But i laughed........ because i could have easily dispelled every single theory they had to offer...... for they were brimming with hypocrisy so evident that even a child could discern....... Still..... i couldn't bear to dispel what they believe so strongly.... couldn't bear to argue with them for they are my friends..... SO..... i laughed.......

    what saddened me even more was that i was accused of not thinking enough.... and was rash in my decision..... ( what differentiates pple from animals is the ability to think.....) that was vaguely wat i was told...... but i am no orator...and i couldn't respond to them at that moment........ that is why i took my time to type this entry on exactly wat i wanted to express.... for i believe i am more gifted at writing than at speaking wats on my mind.....
    ( hopefully by some twist of fate that the intended readers of this entry will stumble upon the botakgang blog.... )

    that is why i think authors of children books are the least hypocritical pple around... they take their time to write what they want..... and they appeal to children...... which is indication that they have, in a way, imbued their innoncence into the books...... i like Roald Dahl......

    to sum everything up..... i'm not here to gather sympathy from all my fellow botaks..... i am sad... but will get over it.....

    I am here, spending 2 hours of my precious studying time.... because i feel it is a "MATTER of CONSEQUENCE" that i share my insights with u guys....... in time... i hope i am able to make my peace with GOD ...... and make peace with myself.......... and when my time comes... i hope i will have no regrets when facing him.....


    Thursday, September 18, 2003
    1:48 AM

  • BOTAK homepage - the LATEST n HOTTEST!!!

  • botak hmpage has a new look...check it out today man!

    Wednesday, September 17, 2003
    10:07 PM

    yo man! guys long time no see...esp issac whu has turned into a real hardcore mugger...never even see him after his papers muz be gone home to mother mug liao...
    kadir say wan to play the vietnam team again after prelims but i told him he will be fulltime manager tis time haha...newae prelims clay la but dun worry la guys it's onli prelims...but still muz do well la so study hard guys...after prelims chhhhiiiiiioooooooooooonng soccer!


    Monday, September 15, 2003
    5:51 PM

    arlo arlo
    its been quite a while since i last type an entry here just got home after my math paper 1 and econ paper 3 its a killer i tell u well not quite la actualli maths was quiet ok but scared wait paper is raping paper then cry neewae looking forward to some soccer action after the prelims heard from mel mel todae that he is okie liaoz and we r gonna ask the davids to go book field so that straight after prelim can go smack them already hang in there guyz we have already come so far wads a few days more of pain and sweat rite

    -- choo 7 --

    3:52 PM

    hey guys..
    juz finished my bio paper..had maths paper in e morning..
    sigh things aren't looking very good..many pple said e maths paper was easy but i found it quite tough.haha but it always happens la..juz hope tt it wont happen for 'A's..well one consolation was tt pple said e bio paper was difficult..i thought so too.
    ok juz wish u guys luck for all ur papers..though dunno if anyone of u would have time to come visit e blog..but i still wanna wish all of u good luck..cya in 2 weeks brothers.


    Friday, September 12, 2003
    10:25 PM

    wah... nc16 juz gotten more xplicit... the mian's gonna complain lor... tsk tsk...

    12:40 AM

  • NC-16 X-version

  • man see this freaking funny

    -the creator

    Wednesday, September 10, 2003
    2:50 AM

    Go this site to relieve some stress..... oh yar see the clip about "THE PEEPER"........


    Tuesday, September 09, 2003
    1:00 AM

    some of u might haf seen this...it's quite fuunny man
    but it's NC-16 kids dun try

  • http://www.csn23.com/download/Desktop_Fun/Flash_Fun/Siu_Sang.swf
  • 12:57 AM

    mian u forgot abt the long dist canadian front...

    Sunday, September 07, 2003
    2:44 PM

    suddenly feel like writing something here.....haha..... and that is with regards to the issue of the botaks campaigning on multiple fronts......
    wat do i mean?..... let me explain.....

    first and foremost.... we have to deal with the most crucial event thus far in our 18 years of life....( with exception to the old cock.... make it 20 plus years of our life.....) and that is the A levels.... to view it in a way.... i think that preparing for A levels.... going to school and stuff is juz like campaigning in a soccer league... the consistent teams will of course emerge high up in the table...... of course the botaks are not really known for their consistency.... ( except for their consistency at slacking....... after wat issac said about 2 years of slacking that day.....) but some of us are gunning for a place in the champions league.... ( actually only adu is in the running for it...) So all the best to everyone for their campaign in this front.... and hopefully a last minute burst may propel us to the top half of the league table and not get relegated.....( like newcastle )

    secondly.... it is with regards to relationships...... i have come to realise that back in the good old days of RI...... our dinner time talk was always about soccer.... wat kinds of super goal one has downloaded from super Ulu sites........ there was seldom personal heart to heart talks about relationships....( ok not that i knew of larh..... ) the most vivid experiences of heart to heart talks that i could remember were 2 instances..... one at the Big mac donald's with a bunch of us surrounding Jain and forcing information and bed time stories from him...... and the other was at the chalet where we were consoling nich..... of course as usual i viewed these things as a waste of time back then..... so i didn't really go forth to say anything comforting to the Nich.... ( sorry arh dude.....) but somehow all these has changed...... now.... it seems that many of the botaks are also campaiging in another front..... which is the front regarding relationships...... ( eg. jio-ing girls... making them happy...) stuff like that......

    it is a heavy task to undertake....... in my opinion...... especially at times as crucial as these..... but according to Nich.... one shouldn't take such things as a chore...( celest... if u are reading this.... u got yourself a good bf.......) but i don't see how it may not affect studies...... perhaps it is a delicate balance which must be struck..... i really do not know...... ( due to the lack of experience )......... so all i can say to those campaigning in this front is....... good luck in finding the right balance........

    there are still other fronts which i have not explored.... but i don't feel like typing anymore......haha......... so i shall stop here and go eat something.... then maybe go study....... ( by the way soccer was quite fun yesterday....) yups ok see ya.......


    Friday, September 05, 2003
    9:41 PM

    haha wah lau 13 is underage leh issac how can u do such things! little boy oso dun spare wat's this man...let me handle la i'll groom him up
    newae guys happy mugging one more week to go only...n the mian sneaky ar...maureen secretly eating noodles at canada ar...


    1:13 PM

    wahhh whats all these talk about MAF....? mian u going MAF DIVING??? hahahaha...... hey just wanna ask u all something.... my dad's frenz son is 13 and is supposedly very good at soccer.... even fandi said he's good and should be playing against people older than him..he under some training scheme or something liddat lah...pierre watched him play in RI and said he's dem good dribble past everyone...but u know pierre always exagerrate haha.... k so my dad ask if he can join us for some of our games...i really wanna see how good he is.. if u all dun mind i ask him along for some of our games k... he wun mind playing sub or anything lah..then we can groom him to be the freddy ADU... of the botaks.... tell me what u all think k..haha
    IZAC 10

    Wednesday, September 03, 2003
    7:02 PM

    yah lets all go MAF!!!
    but got prelims la mian so need to mug la...dun maf too much mian

    Monday, September 01, 2003
    11:59 PM

    oh yar by the way arh jain...... thanx for your sacarsm.......

    11:58 PM

    dudes..... its been a while since u all last wrote siah..... like very very very very very long ago lor.....

    anyway..... on the 13th Sep.... Hwa Chong is having its annual big event..... Mid Autumn Festival.......MAF...... as Ali G would like to put it...... so u guys wanna head on down to HCJC to experience the sights and tastes ( and smell......) of MAF ?........ yes MAF....... juz reply soon ok got one and a half weeks to decide...... until then...... cya........



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