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Monday, July 25, 2005
5:38 AM

me and my swiss baby part 3

ribollita soup(italian variation of the more well-known minestrone) and ratatouille(vegetable stew) with hot bread for early dinner..ham and cheese omelette with tomato salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and yoghurt for supper and apple crumble for dessert!

views from the apartment + out'n'about town

4:36 AM

me and my swiss baby part 2

enchanting lake geneva

movenpick hotel!!alltheflavoursyoualwayswanted.

shopping for supplies..met ms. joan of arc on the way..she was gorgeous.

guess how much all these cost?u wont believe it..not in the good(ie cheap) way.

but it was all worth it in the gastronomical sense..here we had roast rabbit with peppers and potatoes and sauteed vegetables and pasta in thick cream sauce for dinner..not forgetting the champagne oh-the-champagne!!we finished the whole bottle that evening..i needed more but the next day was sun and everything's closed on sun here even the supermarkets

raclette for breakfast-a french dish of raclette cheese melted on toasted country bread..washed it all down with sparkling san pellegrino

breakfast of sweet italian ham and swiss emmenthal cheese with bread for the previous day..this time accompanied by swiss hot chocolate!!yum.

12:24 AM

me and my swiss baby

alrighty this is my third day here in the BEAUTIFUL switzerland..the weather's wonderful and everything here is so calm and peaceful..did i mention it's beautiful around here?but things are a little on the expensive side..dont worry though i'm gonna bring stuff back.here's an update.

the baby: hey all. i'm an invader here. sorry about that, but by default i'm in your gang right?! at least jian n nich agrees.. :) and i think u guys will too after you see wad i'm gonna make him buy back for u all. anyway, enjoy the pics and the days of nich-freedom.

the very long flight(s)..first to bangkok then to zurich then to geneva..

then train to the nice traunquail township of lausanne

fields of sunflowers along the way!!!infinitely beautiful.

amazing specimens of european architecture wonderfully preserved..straight out of a faiytale

Sunday, July 24, 2005
11:32 PM

Hi guys!

It's time for me to write something again. In order to keep this blog alive, we each have to play our part in updating something, sometimes. Even (our water girl) Sida!!! haha you are welcomed to write some rubbish here too! Just get the password from Du. Having said that, I'll start the revival of this blog by writing an entry.

I really like stories. Especially folk-lores, ancient myths. Things ranging from the Irish Leprechauns (bet you didn't know Leprechauns were from Ireland now did you...Guinness sucks) to the Japanese spirits (less sadako). Nordic myths of Odin one eyed, to the now familiar Greek heroes like Hercules and Herra. They never fail to fascinate me.

And having read quite a bit about these stuff, I realise that all stories share something in common. All Characters eventually fulfill their destinies, and whether we like it or not, their lives will have to be governed by how the story goes. Cain will ultimately kill Abel. Loki will always be chained to the stones, with the serpent dripping venom on his face, no matter how he tried to escape. Robin Goodfellow will always pour the love potion into the wrong pair of eyes, regardless of how things unfolded before.

So you see, characters' lives are always determined by the end of the story, their final destination being pre-set. Ok all these sound a little stupid, like "what the hell has a bunch of story characters got to do with our lives? This is stupid..."

Not if you see yourself as a character in a story.

Ok i'm not saying we should all picture ourselves as prince charming or snow white in a perfect setting. Life is never as such, never will be for most. All i'm trying to say is, are our lives pre-written? I believe so.

"Mak-tub". We will never understand the full extent of that word, unless you are a true blue Arab, but loosely translated, it means "so it is written".

To the cynics/realist out there, destiny itself is just a plain, lame term invented by common folks, for explaining why things unfold the way they do. That's because the common folks know no better, and can't explain things thru science and logic. Life is just a set of choices, with x probablity, governed by equations of epic proportions.

You know, the cynics may probably be right. However, I'll rather live in a world where Destiny exists. That way, people will try to work towards their destiny. It gives them hope, and dreams, that somewhere written amongst the stars, they are all destined for greater things. It is this dream which keeps us alive. This is probably why Neil Gaiman made Destiny the eldest of the 7 Endless. There can be no dream without destiny, and without dream, there can be no death, for there isn't even life to begin with.

Ok those are my thoughts. Hopefully this will spark off some entries in the blog.


Saturday, July 16, 2005
10:47 PM

yo yo...
just to say hi...

after looking at many many girls in orchard road area with huangjian today...
THE raymond comes to a conclusion: "all the good ones are taken...and those left behind have very good reasons not to be..."(for example, thunder thighs, pig face, t-rex arms etc etc...)

and the conclusion to the conclusion is that...we must all turn gay to save this world from being controlled by the women...
look at huangjian and me...how nice...


Friday, July 15, 2005
1:22 AM

hey guys...some diving?

12th to 14th Aug (fri night to sun night)
Dayang (island off m'sia)

open water course: 450
advanced course: 420
leisure: 330

all provide complimentary dive equipment, food, lodging, transport inclusive. Open water and advanced courses include the $50 price for a open/advanced manual by PADI (PADI is the organisation we will get the dive certification under) The open water divers also have to go for a theory session and a pool session the week before!

more info http://51scuba.com/newsletter/05jul_NDLWE.htm


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