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Thursday, April 27, 2006
1:45 PM

hey lads..

sunday afternoon game 30APR 3pm canberra confirmed..vs nspi team
2.15 sembawang mrt drivers 230 be dere. bring both kits.

CB liang will be playing for the PI team as the team lacks players..so strikers pls dun forget ur shooting boots n bang in some goals! Also unavailable is Choo who needs to help out at his counsin's wedding dinner..

Team so far:
cong, hb, nich, sim, shaun, jian, du, mian, isac, mel, hatta, dill, nasir(tentative)..
the rest whu haven replied pls do so NOW!

Also in line is another JJC team for next sunday 7 MAY morning game 9am at canberra sec..pls REPLY IMMEDIATELY to revert on attendance!


Friday, April 21, 2006
4:49 PM


lineup for tis sunday..
cong, nich, ks, sim, dill, kenneth, shaun, jian, mian, mel, du, choo

the following players are unavailable:
lian - kl
issac - duty (trying to sneak out)
hb - gf

pls be reminded to be at Jurong West Sec at 2.30pm sharp on sunday

oso reminder for all..all Botaks are cordially invited to attend hb bday bash tmr 8pm at Aranda Country Club (beside downtown east)..attendance is compulsory!!! promise to have loads babes n booze


Thursday, April 20, 2006
10:00 PM

well seems like mian-ager is firing arrows on all cylinders.. In a democractic society, a treasuer must be elected, not appointed. And the overwheming majority voted for mian during the last training session to be the money man due to his HONEST look and being..e.g. zhen yi mian... so it obvious he's trying to tai chi this to me ha..n i'm doing the same back to him..

anyway, since mianager is pulling the reins of the team n org matches he should have the funds to pay for the organisers.. no pt in complicating the process by having another middle man la..

just a few points to ponder on: Botakgang is ultimately a recreational team.. we play soccer for the fun of it, and it is obvious that we should be more committed to the game than anything. The strength of the team lies in the close bonds of friendship we have built up over the yrs. as much as i'm prone to anger, we should accept watever constructive criticism for the good of our team though finger pointing should be kept to a minimum if possible.All individuals should consider team's interest over personal ones. for e.g. jianan deputising at dc n rightback after playing cm for long time was commendable.

n it is gd that we have matches regularly but pls for the good of mankind have it at less extreme ends of the island.. places like boonlay n pasir ris are killers!!! n since mianager mentioned that organiser can provide us opp for free if we book field ourselves that sounds like a pretty damn gd deal??

yup all ye armchair critics better get to yur feet and play a larger role in our team. yup i'll try to start the ball rolling n my 1st step would be the confer mianager aka the SPECIAL ONE of the responsibilty of treasurer and manager. U ARE THE SPECIAL ONE!


12:56 AM

Dear All,

The previous post is the broad schedule for arranging of matches as discussed on training day. Please stick to it. For those of you who were absent due to whatever reasons or simply due to a lack of commitment, let me fill you in.

Matches will now be arranged by organiser every week. $80 a game. Our own personally arranged game will now have to be confirmed one week earlier. (eg. Match on 30/4 confirmed by 22/4 latest, field booked, opponents and ref)

Any games to be arranged personally will have to go through me first, so that I can tell the organiser to skip a week. Also, the broad schedule is planned, so that everyone will get a chance to organise our own game. (which is much cheaper) The botak tasked to organise will have to book field, ref, and confirm with opponents before making official announcement to us.

As for those whose names are still in the TBC column, the longer you take to find yourself a team, the earlier you will be tasked to arrange a match, and your name will appear more frequently in the taskings. =)

A Money Man will be appointed this SUNDAY, and the likely candidate will be DU, due to his money minded calculativeness. By demand, we will set up a treasury, so that any excess money collected for a game will be rolled into the treasury. This is especially important so that we can silence any qualms about embezzlement of funds. The policy here is that of transparency, since the standard will be $80 a match, unless otherwise informed. The fund will be used to purchase new balls, or pay for matches if possible. We will not be collecting extra funds, so the treasury will be made up entirely of excess money collected.

By the way, i have not published the fact that i am very heartened by the turnout for the training last sunday. True... we met up with some difficulties organising the match, and i must admit that having no match/opponent is a little of a turnoff. But i must say that the commitment shown by the selected few was undeniably fantastic. These are the guys that decided to come together as a team, not because they want to just play a soccer match, but to share some laughter and fun time together as BOTAKGANG. Here are the few: LIANG, SIM, YUCHONG, NICH, SHAUN, DU, JIAN AN, MELVIN, ME.

So for this Sunday, I will wish to see the same commitment, arriving on time will be a main issue. Those coming in cars have no reason to be late AT ALL. Yups thats all for now.


12:39 AM

CORRECT AS OF 20th April 2006

PI Team (Liang)
Status: Pending
Date: 30th April

Armour Team (Sim) - - -
Edward Team (Melvin) - - -
Church Team (Teoh) - - -
Kelly Team (Du) - - -
Nameless (YuChong) - - -
JI Team (JianAn) - - -
SAFTI Team (Izac) - - -
He Xiong Team (Mian) - - -
TBC (Nich) - - -
TBC (Choo) - - -
TBC (Hatta) - - -
TBC (KS) - - -


Wednesday, April 19, 2006
1:55 AM

who wants to play in defense?

after reading nich's thot-provoking post..it juz overwhemed me with thot-provoking thots..n one of them is whu wants to play in defense?

i believe defence is the backstage department of the team..the defenders do the dirty job of chasing balls n backsides..they dun do anything constructive most of the time like moving the ball up n work towards creating a beautiful goal..they are destroyers who take pride in breaking down the opponents attacks..in a match that u win everyone talks abt how u've scored..but nobody remembers the defender for his magnificent defence display..n if the defender makes a mistake he gets blamed n fucked...so whu still wants to play in defence?

yet, many names spring to my mind when i ask myself that question..NICH, LIANG, SIM, HB, DILL, MIAN, NAS, MYSELF N do not forget our last line of defense CONG...whom all haf featured in the defense wholeheartedly albeit occasional whinings (liang)with this team of dedicated defenders wat more do we ask for? I'd like to say that it's a job well-done so far for our defense...the trememdous efforts n every little thing that each n everyone has contributed will never be forgotten in Botakgang

lets look forward to some really good matches with astute n solid defence performances...coupled with our deadly n swift attacking styles...Botakgang is sure the team to beat


Monday, April 17, 2006
3:34 PM

hey guys...

match confirmed this sunday 23 apr 3-5pm
venue is JURONG WEST SEC SCHOOL (walking distance from boon lay mrt - CLICK TO SEE MAP)

be at the field at 2.30pm for team talk n warm up..or mian-nager will be less than happy..late comers will be given official warnings..repeated offenders will be fined by paying for the match..perrenial late comers (liang n choo) will face the most agonising torture by being pi3 shi4 by the whole team if late again!!!

*pls remember to bring both kits


Friday, April 14, 2006
7:55 PM

Dear All

I am starting a movement to revamp the organisation of the BOTAKGANG.

As you all know, our team is rather disorganised in the area of arranging matches. Often, we can only settle the arrangements late into the week, so we cannot plan things on our own. There is 3 solutions to this problem:

1) I came to know this match organising guy who will charge us $80 a game, if he book field and ref and team for us. However, if we book field on our own, he can find us opponents for free. (He will only charge the opponents) This is rather good because we can determine where we wanna play, and leave it to him to settle the opponents.

2) Depend on our contacts, which ALL OF US MUST actively do. Now we are only depending on IZAC and JIAN AN,and i must say they are doing a marvelous job, and we are all very grateful. Starting from today, every single BOTAK must go and find at least 2 teams to play.

3) Join the ESPZEN league. The latest season is starting in AUGUST, match every SUNDAY, and there is a new division opening. Only 8 teams a division.

SO NOW for what i am going to do:

a) I will be gathering a list of soccer contacts from every single BOTAK. Each BOTAK is required to submit to me only 1 team that they can surely arrange match with. I will then post these teams on the blog, and we shall all work towards defeating every team on that list, one by one. (Like initial D like that) This will at least give us some direction to head towards.

b) These matches will be arranged by the respective BOTAK one to two weeks in advance, (NOT like what we are doing now, IE. arranging for the coming weekend). I will co-ordinate who should organise for the next match. So on weeks that we have no match, I will arrange with the organiser for opponents.

c) We shall sign up for ESPZEN League. Discussion on this SUNDAY with everyone. (It is Open for registration now.)

OF COURSE, all these will not work out if everyone is uncommitted. THEREFORE, I will want all BOTAKS to really commit themselves and BACK ME UP. IF not nothing will improve. ALL these changes WILL take place, and it will be symbolised by our NEW JERSEY.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006
1:20 AM

Attention All Botaks:

Han Boon's Birthday Bash (celebrating together with IZAC SEOW and DEHAN)

22nd April (Saturday Night)
Aranda Country Club
Executive Suite 2323
8pm onwards

It promises to be a night to rememeber, so turn up no matter what!!!

Mian (on behalf of HAN BOON)

Friday, April 07, 2006
1:15 PM

hey guys

after 3 long yrs fighting in the famous yellow strip..we're now in the process of acquiring our 2nd set of jersey..

choosing a jersey can be a very ardous n challenging n daunting task..so i'd like all of u fellow Botaks to give ur 100% focus n cooperation den click below n vote for ur favourite COLOR for our 2nd jersey..

we're looking at a complete set of jerseys incl - top, shorts and socks..so vote wisely..n note that VOTING IS COMPULSORY!

What color for the 2nd Botakgang FC jersey?
BABY BLUE (man city)
DARK BLUE (chelsea)
RED (man utd, pool)
WHITE (real madrid)
BACK N WHITE STRIPED (newcastle, juve)
OTHERS -pls specify preferred color on blog
Free polls from Pollhost.com

*Pls vote onli ONCE

Botakgang QM department


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Main Sponsor of Botakgang

BOTAKGANG. Through thick and thin. Sweat and tears. a band of Brothers.

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