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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
4:18 PM

the last match which was cancelled due to heavy downpour certainly brought the team much disappointment as we were all raring to go n im sure ur legs are itchy as ever..

so this sunday's game 3 JUN is at Serangoon Sec at 2.30pm..rain or shine..be there! serangoon sec is somewhere in no man's land..nearest mrt is hougang mrt on NEL...andy pls note that hougang is near the end of nel too!!! drivers go all the way down UPP serangoon road n u'll hit the sch...it's really ulu!!!

issac pls update on opponent info!!!

kindly revert ur attendace to Captain Jian TODAY!

Thursday, May 25, 2006
3:21 PM

I chanced upon a wonderful site which brings us a glimpse into our impending Vietnam trip…here’s some extracts


Although US dollars are still widely accepted everywhere in Vietnam, it sometimes pays to pay in dong. Most museums will quote a price in dollars, but accept dong at 10.000 dong to the dollar. Given the exchange rate of 11.000 dong to the dollar this means a 10 % profit.

It's no longer necessary to show the receipt of your travellers' cheques if you're changing money. Cashing them is a hassle-free five-minute operation.

Like almost anywhere in Asia, tourists are overcharged in Viet-nam. Therefore always bargain for everything, it will make your stay in Vietnam a lot cheaper.


Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum closes at 10.30. Naturally there is no entrance fee, they only charge 4000 dong for guarding your bag. We personally are not sure whether the maintenance of uncle Ho is done by Russian experts or by experts of Madame Tussaud's.

Ambassadors' Pagoda was one of the temples in Vietnam we liked best. Very peaceful in the middle of city bustle, very friendly worshippers and a great assortment of temple 'souvenirs' for sale.

Hanoi's prisons are rapidly disappearing and being converted to high-rise officeblocks and hotels. The nicknamed Hanoi Hilton might actually become real!

The Lotus guesthouse has become too expensive at $ 12 for a small room without windows. We stayed in the Nam Phuong ll hotel at 26 Wha Chung. A nice double room with aircon and hot water costs $ 13. Next door from the Nam Phuong hotel there is a cultural centre with regular musical performances. We stumbled upon a very entertaining song contest and even had the honour to speak to the female singer who won the 'very most emotion' prize.

There is an excellent Com-Pho place on the north side of Hang Khai street between Na Chung and Le Thai To streets.


Don't do it yourself; take a trip. They cost as low as 20 dollar with some bargaining. We booked a two day / one night tour at the New Ton Dan guest-house, but it was organised by Queen Cafe. Good value at $ 23, clean room, good bus, two boattrips and cheap food provided.


Immigration at the airport is very efficient, provided you have brought an extra visa form and passport-size picture. Money can be changed in an open-air bank, 40 metres to the right just outside the exit of the arrival hall.

Sinh Cafe has an excellent one-day trip to the Mekong Delta. It costs $8 and even includes a packed lunch. Our guide had been working for the Americans around the end of the Vietnam War and had been unemployed for 20 years after a six-month tour in re-education camp. In one day he tried to make up for 20 years not speaking English, so we got 10 hours of lecturing on all aspects of Vietnamese life from the cradle tot the grave. Great guy!

The Sinh cafe open-end tour to Dalat-Nathrang-HoiAn-Hu・is not good value at $35 as they use over 30 year old fifth-hand Chinese city buses. It's even worse value the other way around, because they leave out Dalat, as the city busses cannot make the steep ascend from Nathrang tot Dalat. Fortunately we only took the Saigon-Dalat-Nathrang leg and minibuses for the rest of the journey. Use minibuses and buy your souvenir T-shirt yourself.

There is a Baskins and Robbins ice-cream parlour on Tran Hung Dao Boulevard!

According to the survival kit the revolutionary museum used to have very good guides. Well, that probably was the case when entry was free and the guides depended on tips for their income. Nowadays you pay 20.000 dong and the eager guides have become bored civil servants.

The war crimes museum is far from objective and at some times nauseating. There is an excellent small Pho restaurant opposite its main entrance and we suggest that you take your breakfast before visiting the museum.

There's a well stocked supermarket at the first floor of the department store at Nguyen Trung Truc street.

Crime is on the increase in the streets of Saigon and we not only say so because a pick-pocket stole our camera. We spoke to lots of tourists who had things stolen, and foreign residents told us that it is a real plague. How about a group of twenty elderly French tourists who were stripped clean of all their bags by a gang of 25 boys only seconds after they left their hotel to go on a daytrip? We weren't to optimistic about filing a report (for the insurance) with the police, but that went excellent in a little police station on Ho Tung Mau street. We were helped by a friendly female police officer who had learned all the relevant questions by heart (no much feedback though) and a policeman even walked us to a shop to get us a copy of the report. It's probably possible to buy your stolen camera back at the Huyn Thuc Jang market just south from Le Loi street where it was stolen.

The Vieng Dong hotel has non aircon rooms for $ 12.

(sources:http://www.travel-library.com/asia/vietnam/damen1996.html, map from microsoft)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
11:51 PM

Du set for return

Du will be looking forward to a timely comeback to face a JJC side seeking to revenge their agonising defeat by the Botaks. However Teoh is still stuck with the geishas and is set to miss the game.

The match will be held at Canberra Sec on 21 May Sunday KickOff at 3pm sharp.

All are to be there 230pm. mrt boys 215..but maybe need to wait until 250..it's ur duty to wait for Becks..kindly revert ur attendance to me NOW!


Monday, May 15, 2006
3:37 PM

Botak 3-1 JI team @ Yio Chu Kang Sec

Sim was Botak's hero as the Greens won the game convincingly against the tough JI team. There were scenes reminiscent of Canberra 2 months back as Mian-ager's side showed remarkable powers of dominance against the fearless JI side.

The services of Teoh and Du were sorely missed but Sim and Mian proved unexpectedly good cover for the duo.

Botaks took the lead early in the second half. Sim scored an amazing individual solo goal as he skipped past a defender down the flank and pulled the trigger from juz inside the box.

Moments later Mian was tripped in a horrendous tackle 20yards out. Isac's resulting freekick took a wicked deflection and the JI goalie could onli parry the ball into the net.

JI team pressed forward but were often cut out by the Botak's pacey defenders. Jian then neatly laid the ball off to Sim down the left flank and Sim cleverly slid the ball through the JI defence for Isac and Mian to run on to down the right.

He fired across the area towards the waiting Isac but the JI last man, while trying to intercept, got it all wrong and deflected the ball inside the near post to put the Botaks 3-0 up.

JI scored from the spot late in the second half but it was no more than a consolation.

cong, nich, liang, hb, ks, mian, mel, jian, sim, isac, andy, dill

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
2:46 PM


Nas and KS's absence from the team was as disappointing for manager Mian, but he got his reward with a victory against a consistent and hardworking ESPZ team.

Botaks began the match brightly with Teoh as lone forward and supported in the attack by Hatta. Tormentious Du was once again causing all kinds of problems for the ESPZ backline, although too often did not make the most of the excellent positions he got himself into by misdirecting a series of crosses...haha jkjk du

The first goal arrived midway into the first half. HB claimed that he was instrumental in creating the goal. Izac whips in a corner into the area and HB challenged the goalie who subsequently missed the ball and allowing it to fall to the mighty legs of Du at the far post to side foot it sweetly home.

Both sides contested furiously in midfield and Botaks survived a major scare when ESPZ forward was put through on goal with Cong to beat. But Cong was on superb form and rushed out to grab the ball from under his foot. The ESPZ forward then dived in dramatic style and had his penalty claims turned down.

Choo should really have put the Botaks into a comfortable 2-0 lead when Isac who was played in down the right squared the ball across the goal mouth but his low shot was well deflected over the bar for a corner.

Botaks did enough to see out the remaining of the match 1-0 and the final whistle brought the end to an exciting match.

Cong, Dill, HB, Sim, Liang, Nich, Jian, Du, Mel, Hatta, Izac, Mian, Teoh, Choo

Also, pls note that our next game is on 14May 3pm vs JI team with s league players so keep up the good run! venue to be confirmed..


Saturday, May 06, 2006
1:38 PM

hey guys i went down to recce the compassvale field...it's juz beside COMPASSVALE LRT STATION..


1. Take MRT via NEL to SENGKANG Station.

2. Proceed to the topmost level of Sengkang Station WITHOUT leaving the gantry

3. If you go up the escalator, proceed to your right. You will reach the platform advertising for JOHN LITTLE, POPULAR and KIDDY PALACE.

4. Take the LRT going to COMPASSVALE, East Loop. (The LED display should be YELLOW in colour.)

5. Once you leave the gantry at COMPASSVALE Station, turn left and go down.

6. click HERE for map on Streetdirectory.com


Tuesday, May 02, 2006
2:22 PM

Hi all...

as the stand in treasurer before Du gets officially appointed, i'd like to announce that the collection of $20 team funds will be next sunday 7 May 2006 by Du.

in order to prevent a NKF saga, all accounts will be transparent and any movement of funds will be updated en blog.

unless otherwise stated, all funds will be used for matches onli. and for ur info, the prices of fields can be found HERE
all school fields are $50 per 2hr slots as i have also confirmed with sports council on this, st wilfred is $37 and everton field is $110 which costs the same as bookin a stadium field.
refs for each match are at $50
HB has volunteered to be the QM and his first job is to get a thumbler n provide isotonic drinks

Also, pls be informed that our next game is on 7 May 2006 at canberra sec sch at 3pm..our opponents are Kenneth's (who played for us at jurong west sec)team which features in the espzen league

Lastly..to be fair to Du, lets vote for the most suitable candidate!!! we're expecting a very close fight among the 3 candidates as all of them possess the qualities to take up the post. Voting is compulsory, VOTE WISELY!

DU (meticulous, will never miss a cent!)
MEL (ex rugby capt, vjc leader)
CONG (rj council, sch leader)
Free polls from Pollhost.com


Monday, May 01, 2006
11:02 PM


Goals from Nich, Shaun, Hatta and a double from the centre back Nas inspired Botaks to a thumping win over a harworking NSPI side.

Botaks started with Shaun as lone striker and Hatta supporting very quickly juz behind, as attacking a formation as Mian-ager could muster.

Botaks began the game in emphatic style and thronged forward in incessant waves from the first whistle, but were often finding themselves confronted with a stubborn NSPI defence.

However the NSPI team found themselves on the receiving end juz before the break as Nich sends a dangerous ball in from the corner kick spot and Nas lashed on a powerful strike juz inside the 6-yard box.

The second half went underway as Botaks continued dominating the mid-field and sending in flamboyant attacks down the flanks. Du forced the PI goalie to needlessly give away an indirect freekick inside the penalty box. Hatta smacked home the Botaks' 2nd goal in the afternoon.

The man of the moment has to be Nich. First, he was solid in defence and assisted Nas's first goal and he followed up with a cracking freekick from 30 yards to give the home side a deserved 3-0 lead.

NSPIs pulled one back soon after, but the goal proved to be onli a consolation as Botaks never ever seemed to lose their ground. The flarish Shaun tormented the NSPI defence whole afternoon and scored from Jian's corner. Nas added to his tally after a scramble inside the box to finish the game 5-1.

Voicing his post match comments, Mian-ager was thrilled at the truely marvellous performance pulled togather by the Botaks.

'The defence was solid, Nas was a rock, HB was better than Rio, Nich Sim and Dill were great, the Midfield was fantastic, and Shaun's trickery was simply out of this world.'

Mian-ager hailed man of the match and free-kick hero Nich, saying: 'You saw the best of Nich, he took the game to a different level.'

But he also warned that the team shud continue to improve, 'dun let it get to ur head..and stop screaming at me huang jian"

Cong, Dill, HB, Nas, Nich, Sim, Du, Mel, Jian, Hatta, Mian, Teoh



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