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Monday, June 30, 2003
2:05 AM

My droppin of physics explains my appearance here at such unholy hours of the night. Jus felt very lost so decided to type in the best blog in the world....and of course the only blog i have access to unless i make a blog of my own which would be a great waste of time. Anyway, the photos looked good everyone looked Yan Dao and the T-shirt oso very nice. Well actually for our blog har after all the intro and talkin bout soccer not really much to say liao. Anyway the censor on the message board very cool. Apparently in the whole list of profanities that i typed, those that are vulgar and obscene enuff to warrant a beep are...........(drums playin) at number ten.....f**k, next is d**k(not very vulgar wad), then d**n,b*****d, p***y, c**t, s**t, b***h, h**l and c**k( shud be allowed lo i mean it constitutes half of Huang Jian's name lo:old c**k). Ya so anythin to do with the reproductive organs of the male and female anatomy is strictly not allowed. Alamak jus read thru wat i types seems rather vulgar despite the asteriks, nvm la for ur info. Anyway guys jus wanna intro u to the latest game in town....... Battlefield. Go www.bonus.com can play. A bit childish but quite fun la so try it. Ok dun feel so lost liao. Blog is good man like medicine. Bye.

Sunday, June 29, 2003
9:15 PM

hey... tmr the start of common test and block test..... wishing everyone all the best...... haha....

oh the photo editing quite funny sia got vida picture...... haha.....

4:54 AM

this is a classic must see by all sure laugh till u roll 50 times on the ground hahaz
  • bang bang bang(courtesy of birdblog)

  • Saturday, June 28, 2003
    10:43 PM

    yoz~ guess we should all observe a min of silence to pay tribute and respect to Foe its realli quite a sad case la...... neewae thanz fer ur concern whoever u r think shld be shaun rite eh doubt i will fall dead la...... only cramp one match rite hahahha...... think 4-2-3-1 is awesome man urd and arsenal is also gonna use it fer next season neewae heard from my vs fren tat they din wan to play extra time tat dae cuz they damn scared of us and knew that they would lose if continue playing!!! block test is just round the corner hope all of us will pass with flying colours till the next time.... lookin forward to our next match love ya guyz~~~

    10:30 PM

    Allo. Guys after the tragedy of Marc-vivien Foe we mus all learn the important lesson in sport: never continue if not feelin well. Which means since Choo is constantly havin heat strokes and leg cramps we shall have to kick him outta the team and thus mian will be able to fully express himself in his Zidaneee cum Makelele role. It is not a personal attack la Choo but as a brudder we have to make sure u dun fall on the ground and die in the middle of one of our games. Ok seriously, i tink 4231 is a real swell formation because we can concentrate on attack and defense and sorta skip midfield. The 42 of 4231 play mainly defensive roles while the 31 play very attackin roles. So ya since we amateur team jus skip the passin around in midfield and bring it straight to attack but then again the dm mite feel restricted cos they wunt be able to be as attackin as they like so its really down to the 442 lo. All it needs is one dm who can attack occasionally. Ai ya actually anythin la. Actually rite, i jus tink if we mark out complacency can liao lo. The last match we tot we would walk all over them so in the end were not clinical enuff in our play and tried too much fancy stuff like passin around their penalty box, next time jus whack la they sure scared after that. Ok bye guys study well for 'A' level onli 4 months then can match every week.

    10:14 PM

    4231 is good.period.

    it really suits us well if u think about it.not tt it'd affect me or e defense very much but i still have to say it's a formation tailor-made for e players tt we have.n it'll give us more solidarity in e centre of e park also.
    yup haha credit to liang for first proposing this formation.
    oh n thanx mian for e intro part 2.it's hilarious!i promise tt i will produce sterling perfomances in e 2nd halves from now on.
    ok so we shld use 4231 on those idiots.smack them till they die n run crying for their mudders.haha rather cliched as everyone has said tt already but i still have to say it.sigh sorry guys for e goals we conceded i'll try to defend tighter n focus more on defending next time.(as listed down in e protocol-ur lan hahahaha)
    tmr's e last day of e hols.day after tt's e start of e common tests.ok dill's an exception.sad to say i'm gonna get smacked by e papers again.sure clay.might as well roll over n die now.things not looking too good..hope u guys're feeling e exact opposite of me.wateva it is i wish u guys all e best for ur papers..only comfort i'm getting now is looking forward to our next match after e tests.ok bye love y'all.n u too c.


    9:34 PM

    allo guys the latest photos up for grabs see it today!!!
  • the latest photos MUZ see!!!
  • 6:43 PM

    hrmmm... well the 4-2-3-1 is good da but i tink that most of the attacks will come from the dm coz most likely its the dm tat will do the passing to the 3 midfields upfront... so 1stly the dms muz be damn fit arh coz i tink they will usually orientate attack and defence... its not a bad idea to try out this tactic lah... but maybe if we all cant adapt well to it then i tink we shld stick back to 4-4-2 lor... anyway having another tactic isnt realli a bad idea lah but maybe we shld try it out agst free fraggers 1st lah and see how well we do wif it... in the meantime... study hard... haha i juz finished the 2 stupid papers today... wah more likely to die than not die haha... till next time....


    2:39 PM

    haha mian thanks for the botak gang intro 2...... dem funny...must have took quite long to write also..
    abt 4231 being defensive actually it's not in fact it is more attacking just look at REAL.... they play 4231..and does it look defensive to you? haha... so if we play 4231... the 2 DM will just distribute from deep while the three supporting the striker will have to link up very well with each other.... this tactic will work very well for counter attacks as well... as the 3 supporting attackers will be able to counter alot faster...the striker...STAY UP ALL THE TIME... dun bother to come back...just follow how the lazy ronaldo plays la..lazy but bang in the goals and the whole world loves u.... the 2 DM....must really chiong dem hard.. so the rotation policy between huang jian du mian and mel is great because when u are tired then rotate lor.... 4231 is looking good guys... and it's not that we are playing with one striker then it'll be less effective course anyone of the three supporting can slot in as a striker so it's one striker and 3 potential strikers isn't that great....haha.... 4231 rocks lah....response pls...

    4:11 AM

    ok.... the long awaited and highly anticipated.......


    Choo Junquan ( aka the choo, tuition king, sweet )

    known for his striking prowess in the early half of sec 2 ( according to teoh ) he has the most lethal of finishes, being able to clinically finish a buildup with either of his legs.... ( but what puzzles the gang is his ability to strike the ball better with his left leg despite being more comfortable with the right......) this of cos may deceive opponents.... a plus point to have as a striker........
    but recent turn of events would seem to indicate that the fabled left leg has ran out of steam..... that he may be suffering a goal drought...... the choo, tho not really a very consistent goal scorer, has scored memorable and very crucial goals..... his most famous being the inter-class header which was controversial.... as the crowd was left wondering if the ball brushed past his spiked hair or not...... it was in the dying minutes of the 3rd 4th placing match and was the equaliser..... very lucky i should say........ the CHOOs most memorable kick by far was of cos the last penalty kick which he eventually sealed to win us the match..... ( memorable because he was, at that time, yelling at the top of his voice "LET ME FINISH THIS........ LET ME FINISH THIS" repeatedly, and i really mean repeatedly....)
    also, we do not call him the tuition king for no apparent reason.... as it turns out, he is the most loyal supporter of the CARAVAN tuition centre in orchard.... and when he scores for us, he will.... in one way or another...... dedicate the goal to CARAVAN...... ( for example he screams "CARAVAN" and starts to point in the general direction of where orchard is........) ok i made that up but he is tuition king because he would rather miss a treat at Seoul Garden than to miss one hour of tuition......
    a brudder we cannot do without...... definitely an important addition to the botakgang..........

    Isaac Yee ( aka .... u know i can't think of any of his nick names...... tho he loves giving pple names.......)

    quite funny dude...... spent half a term in the same room with him in boarding school as we were rugby teammates..... i use to call him the "spear".... haha yar one nick name of his....... cos he score tries with that funny spearing position of his........ body straightened when he goes into a dive juz between the bulky opponent forwards......
    since i had the oppoturnity to live with him for half a term..... i sort of know him quite well larh....... and he has a few bad habits i shall openly tell the world......hahahahahahhahahahahahaha.................. as a veteran in boarding ( because i boarded in sec 2 with the du ) i knew wat to buy and bring.......oreos, twisties and the likes....... but the isaac brought none of those larh...... so ended up he took dunno how many packets of food from my cupboard man........ haha..... and then he kept bathing so slowly in the toilet that after training, i will take forever to get clean cos have to wait for him....... haha......

    Nicholas Lim ( aka Nich,the real Nu3 Ren2 Wang2, nic lim, ENTITY, nicholas oliveria lim kay tong........haha )

    he is one half of the entity..... i dunno when the symbiosis began, but since then it is unstoppable..... jian an and the nich are unseperable. Nich has been staying over at jian an's house very often. ( more frequently than my visits to the library i reckon )...... probably has alot of matters of the heart that he wants to share with huangjian........ and they seem to appear together almost all the time that the du has regarded them as one entity, thus the nick name.....
    Nich is the kinda guy who loves attention... and he usually gets it with his loud voice and loud attitude...... but that is not a shortcoming ( not always..hehe ) as he has used those loud voice and loud attitude to further his interest in drama and theatre productions.... he recently acted in a Shakespearean play reprising the role of Claudio..... and his acting was good.....
    on the field nich is a demon unleashed.... well at least in the first half..... giving unsuspecting attackers the E-honda treatment which has an amazing effect of nullifying even the most powerful of attacks....( remember raiihan's reactions.... ) Even the great raiihan couldn't withstand a few seconds of the demon's wrath..... but the nich does not have enough stamina... and so far in all our matches, his performance in the 2nd half is no where near that of his first.......

    ok i think thats all for the coverage of the botak gang...... the next issue would be on the botak extension...... ( if there is the time for the next issue )

    in the mean time...... cya..........

    3:32 AM

    ok i agree with the du that 442 maybe a better tactic for us...cos the 4231 is too defensive which is not our usual style...n since our players are always running everywhere it will be hard to keep the shape of the formation...and with 2 strikers choo wun feel so lonely up there...so i think if we are able to keep the discipline n our defenders do their jobs n dun keep thinking of helping in th e attacks or den 442 would be an easier formation to keep plus it balances in both attack n defence all these plus many more so our usual 442 la

    meanwhile the hulkster has ignored me for a long time on icq wondering wat he's doing online at this time...


    3:25 AM

    as requested by the liang...alex ferguson says...

    In essence, the flat back four is so named because of the lack of any one player responsible for providing depth, like a sweeper. Experienced players or coaches may refer to the system as simply a “back four,” or “traditional back four,” referring to the fact that the sweeper behind the defense concept actually came after the organization of a flat line of defenders. In other English speaking countries, like England, you may hear the two central players referred to as “centre-halves,” but most modern coaches will call these players central defenders. On the outside, are the outside defenders, sometimes called “wing backs.” And, the four refers to the use of four defenders! See diagram 1 for a quick look at a back four.

    For the purposes of this session, the back four will be comprised of two outside backs, and two center backs


    Where is the cover?
    This defense utilizes a sweeper behind the defense, the sweeper being responsible for covering the entire defense in case of mistakes. The sweeper is an important member of teams using this system, and is often a dynamic player capable of organizing and winning balls. In the back four we have shown you, there is no such player.

    2:08 AM

    guys the 4231 is in my opinion dem powerful...... and the attack will not lose its bite cos got 3 other pple backing the striker
    as for the dm can mel mian du and jain switch here and there one wat so nvm.... and as for the choice of strikers when keith play striker then choo play the 3 behind larh then make adjustments here and there..... think this will work lor but we cannot confirm who will play where this must be done before the match as the call up for each match is slightly different

    let me play dm larh at least can do a bit of cheeky chips.....haha
    oh jian an i was typing the blog larh thats y never reply.....

    1:54 AM

    actualli i dun mind playing dm cuz i've been playing tat quite often in rj, cuz my centre mid bro izac always run up n so i haf to cover him n oso cuz i'm too lazy to run up. n jianan yur 4-2-3-1 pic is wrong not the same as wat izac is saying...u better go consult alex ferguson again. but if i play dm wif meow meow den the mian cannot do his zidane anymore n haf to play defender...so i'm surprise mian would sacrifice all his visionary talent to go play at the back. also by playing 4-2-3-1 we will onli haf 1 striker n we haf 2 lethal strikers in our team who excel so well in the striker position it will be a waste to play them elsewhere..(i'm not being sacastic ) our strikers capabilities contrast with each other but i'm not sure whether they complement haha... keith is gd at holding up ball while choo is gd at shooting wif bth feet... so by playing onli 1 striker might make the attack lose its bite..
    ok cya

    12:25 AM

    the 4231 that will bring us to greater heights...to the sun and the moon and the stars...


    Friday, June 27, 2003
    11:32 PM

    hey guys mian dillion shaun and I just met for dinner... we all think that we should use a 4231 formation....the explation of it can be found in the straits times today.. mainly the 2 in front of the four will be the DM.... and the 3 supporting the 1 striker will have the role to roam around...so mian and melvin will be the two DM .. then the wingbacks and stopper and last man be the same pple... then du me and teoh support the lone striker... but this formation can only use one striker.. so either choo or keith lah.. or keith play in the three then du be DM which mian teoh dillion and i think u will play extremely well in.... so feedback on this guys...

    1:49 PM

    due to popolar demand...i've consultedd sir alex ferguson again n he tells me this...

    Team Formations: 4-4-2

    The 4-4-2 formation is the most popular formation in today’s game. It consists of four defenders, four midfielders, two forwards and a goalie. At first glance one might think that this formation would limit scoring due to the lack of forward power. This is not always true. In this formation, the midfielders and outside defenders are much more active in the offensive attack, thus resulting in goals.

    DEFENDERS of the 4-4-2 can play many different ways. They can play in the diamond formation, much like they would in the 4-3-3 formation. They can play flat across the back of the field in a line. They can play in an arc shape, eliminating the stopper position and forming a double sweeper. They can also play three flat across the field with the sweeper hanging behind in the middle ready to clean up any mistakes. Which way you want to set your players depends a little bit on personnel and comfort. As far as responsibilities go, they are very similar to the responsibilities the defenders have in the 4-3-3 formation. The only difference occurs when you play in the arc with the double sweeper or if you play the flat back four. In these cases the position of stopper is eliminated and you are left with two players that fulfill the role of sweeper. Generally you will use one of your sweepers as strictly a man marker. You pick the opposing teams best attacker and have your extra sweeper mark him all game long. Other than that, the defensive rolls are all the same.

    4:27 AM

    Allo, tot of writin a protocol joke but since like a bit stale liao so we shall spare the hulk further embarrassment. Anyway hulk..........my notes.......... In the karaoke tell u give me liao then u say later since wont forget. In the end still never give me. Wah lau. On the game har i tink i got go back defend lo when they attack by buildin up la but the thing is eight percent of their attacks were counter attacks lo so cannot expect me to run back for every counter mah. Despite everybody givin words of encouragement to the choo i shall mercilessly put all the blame of our humiliatin draw on him MUAHAHAHAHA. Ai ya actually not really his fault la sometimes TAP-INS are RATHER HARD hor. HAHAHA. Ok la seriosly i dun blame him la i oso noe sometimes bouncin or movin ball that are 5 YARDS IN FRONT OF GOAL very hard to strike cleanly so forgivable la. Ok ok enuff suanin liao if u wanna noe how i really feel jus take away" that are.....OF GOAL" from the last sentence.Anyway Choo had a decent game lo but then i had foresight to see his inate ability as centre back so ya la next game mus score if not....... Ok maybe not immediate next but next game against free frags like da dudes from yest. I actually hope they read this blog lo, kena outplay till b****s drop off still tink they are powerful. Play secong leg la i am sure wont smash them by double digit, stupid council Davids. Anyway i got tactic to stop counter lo. Jus foul the guy when he runnin past u la, i mean maybe jus bang his body. But that is if u can catch up la. Lastly, on tactics har i tink jus stick to 442 la, 352 will kill the team man cos its like when u play midfield u have tis thought that dun need defend since u are midfielder. So 442 best la if stillcannot then we play 541 lo always can do away with one striker since keith mother probably wont let him play soccer till the end of the next century. Ok very tired liao mus go sleep liao bye bye.

    12:23 AM

    haha mian is getting pissed we anyhow use his protocol word.pro·to·col ( P ) Pronunciation Key (prt-kôl, -kl, -kl)

    The forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state.
    A code of correct conduct: safety protocols; academic protocol.
    The first copy of a treaty or other such document before its ratification.
    A preliminary draft or record of a transaction.
    The plan for a course of medical treatment or for a scientific experiment.
    Computer Science. A standard procedure for regulating data transmission between computers.
    i went through all the meanings.... eh MIAN u DUN anyhow use protocol lah it's inappropriate man...haha.... k enuff abt protocol...
    aiyah actuall i think for us amatuer team rite just play 442 lah cos if u play 352 we all must train and adapt it's not easy... but 352 looks ok but in terms of whether it will work i'm not too sure lah... and to stop counters rite.... we just try to kick the ball out if we can lah so that all the rest can come back then they can't score already.. and if we play 352.. the two left and right back will have to take the strikers so du and teoh will have to come back and take the wingers.... will that happen??? haha i dun think so.......so 442 at least the left and right back take the wingers the stopper take the striker.. and the center mid or wing back take the other striker..liddat easier lah if not the teoh and du will like pierre said run up and down non stop (pierre will move his stupid magnets up and down until it scratches his board)...but teoh and du... will not do that lah so i think ... 442 is better... period...haha...take care and god bless....RESPECT..

    IZAC 10

    Thursday, June 26, 2003
    10:04 PM

    hey dudes think 3-5-2 is quite good wat.... cos if the defenders have the impression that they only have 3 pple..... then they will buck up even more and concentrate.... further more since most of the time when we play we camp in opposition half, so the normal 4-4-2 will change into a 3-5-2 naturally as the stopper moves up.... so actually there is no difference.

    wat we need to work is the how to stop counter attacks......
    all of the recents goals we let in are counter attacks..... and it is like we have 3 defenders against 2 attackers, yet they still score..... so shouldn't we start learning from our mistakes and stamp out counter attacks?....... having another defender would not solve the problem.....

    i suggest the defenders know when a man is his and when to cover...... then can stop counter attacks.........

    and stop using the word protocol wrongly man........ haha........


    9:56 PM

    shut up la choo~
    haha... wah can see the mianster is havin an inspirational effect on the team haha... suddenly so mani ideas on the formation... damn i shld be studyin now lor but nvm lah... haha... muz take a breather once in awhile... yup last nite karaok was good da so we shld have it occasionally lah whenever we sianz or wad lor haha... yah choo dun take it to heart bout wad we said lah but u shld attempt to put the ball in the net some time though haha... its time u rediscover ur scorin touch arh... hrmmm got nothing much to say left le... oh yah one more thing the davids is realli retarded lor... think next time we shld juz pull his goggles out lah or maybe we juz buy him a mop spray the mop black then put on his friggin head then at least he would be more davids like (RESPECT)... till then... study hard...


    9:08 PM

    hahah relaxing la....... i feel tactic is only a rough guide to how we shld play so we shld not be so bothered by it feel wads more important is be flexible and learn to adapt to wadever tactics we use and use it to our advantage as long as everyone stick to their roles and play properly and function as a team im very sure we will gonna be a force to be reckon with cant wait fer the next match!!! hope to cya guyz soon happy muggin in the meanwhile not much time left mayb we shld have a muggin session the next time man hahaz........... BOTAKGANG!!!!

    -- choo 7 --

    8:41 PM

    sorry guys but i have violent objections bout e 3-5-2.i might be e only one though..but still i feel i've to state my case.
    'this defensive strategy(3 man defense) is only for the most skilled of teams and very confident defenders.'this was taken from one of e entries tt looked quite pro cos it addressed players as 'athletes' haha.ok seriously,i have doubts over our lineup if we go to a 3-5-2..and looking at how our defense leaked 3 goals from 3 attacks in e previous game i doubt e sanity of taking out one more man from def n putting into midfield..although we played like tt ydae with liang acting as e 3rd striker.so before our defense can work together n have better communication which can only be achieved by playing more,e 3 man defense is kinda suicidal in my opinion.
    although e 3-5-2 would be more stable in midfield n maybe reap more goals e defense would be under pressure for e better part of opposition attacks unless midfield comes back to help everytime.n then e wingers would have to work extra hard since they're e only ones responsible for e whole flank as e fullbacks would be marking e strikers.if e wingers dun run up n down n up n down for e whole match then we would be either very exposed on our flanks or lacking impetus in attacking down e flanks.n since we should be making full use of our talents i feel our wingers(du n teoh)should be allowed more freedom to attack n not worry too much bout defending as there'd be cover behind them in a 4 man def.
    ok actually e main grouse here is bout defense but as choo said soccer's a team sport so i think maybe we should think bout it.till e next protocol..dun wanna write too much here since e old cock says,"too many words dun feel like reading so juz browse through"..keeping it err..short then.PROTOCOL!haha sorry mian but tt's quite a funky word huh.


    8:06 PM

    hey guys after a protocol with ALEX FERGUSON he gave me the following tips on the 3-5-2 formation that liang brought up...

    he says that the 3-5-2 formation is used by teams whose players know to work together. Just a bit more offensive than our usual 4-4-2. The defenders need to communicate well, and the midfield has to be included into defending, and liang dun anyhow run

    Here are some details about the positions:

    Sweeper (SW) In this formation, the sweeper needs absolute control over the defenders. The communication between the defenders has to be almost perfect, since they are more likely to be out numbered than the 4-4-2 defenders.
    Stopper (ST) Marks a forward, and also organizes the defense.
    Left/Right Defenders (LD/RD) Communication is the key to a stabile 3 men defense. Should be less active in offensive plays unless the midfielders can fill in.
    Left/Right Centermidfielders (LC/RC) Both center midfielders play a defensive part in this formation. They cover for the center midfielder who leads the offensive plays, and at least one of them functions as a defender when the ball is in their own half of the pitch.
    Left/right Midfielders (LM/RM) Need to call for the ball more than usual, since a team with a central midfielder tends to drive the ball up the middle rather than the outsides.
    Centermidfielder (CM) This player needs good ball handling and passing skills, since the CM has the control over the offensive plays, distribution of the ball in the opponent's half, and standard situations.
    Forwards (F1/F2) One of these should occasionally drop back to support the center midfielder.


    7:45 PM

    eh choo celestine is this dude from mi ex class s06c and he's damn godly in chem plus he's yandao n hot and much more...u never noe nich is turning gay

    2:25 PM

    k had enuff of practicin maths worked on trigo till my brain explodin ya la know u guyz r jokkin one la but then again lookin back at that match we drew with the VS team really makes mi damn pissed la so got quite abit emotional felt that things would have been much betta if we had really played properly yea i really treasure and cherish the moments we play together as a team its one of the most awesome feelin in the world when we play together guess mayb mel is rite kelme jersey is our jinx man just keep losing in it hahaz i shall try to get a rematch against those buggers and this time we make sure we smack them upside down inside out cryin fer their mudders hahhaah!! and this time must make them pay!!! neewae think i must go into stealth mode when sch reopen must avoid those dudes cuz they will ask mi fer money hahaahz sigh.... guess im goin to hit the books liaoz freakin sian............. we should get together more often man male bondin session hahahz and nich who is celestine???

    --choo 7--

    1:32 PM

    wahh yesterday chang ge then protocol really dem tiring sia... k choo i read ur entry and come on lah we all dun really mean it when we blame u or scold u lah i dunno abt everyone but for me we are just like joking ard then blame u what...anyway we arrange and play these games is to come together and have fun. hopefully we remember all these games for the rest of our lives..so dun let all those misses affect ur morale etc. it's just soccer man...anyway i think if we all play relax and trust each other we sure beat teams like the one today.... they're crap lah..and they think they're not bad because they draw 3-3 with us.. bloody chior and council boys....idiots..haha...(hope they dun read this) ... and that davids.... really the most spastic person i have seen playing soccer..what the hell wear goggles....got brain or not....so dark and so blur..his vision sure kena affected..so as shaun said " wah he should be quite shen ar...wear that crap also can play soccer.."hahahaha....anyway i think yesterday karaoke was dem fun lah we should go there to destress when the going gets tough b4 'A"s...ok..thats all... bye....

    IZAC 10

    1:01 PM

    hey guys!
    haha after the protocol by the hulkster mian all of us shud rather psyched up of the nxt match(dunno when it will be though)... i juz hope to play those vs dudes again n smack them proper till they go home n cry...esp tat indian guy who try to pose as davids with his stupid goggles...want to copy also shud copy better lah.
    after mian's inspiration talk maybe we shud follow his PROTOCOL strictly, although i doubt so cuz ppl like me n many of the botak gang are not known for being puntual...but we'll try. and we shud all be more disipline(u guys noe who i'm talking abt) n stick to formation n position. though ultimately playing soccer is abt having fun, i feel that playing properly will bring the joy out of the game.. n to those i haf shouted at during the match i dun mean it n i'm sorry...I'm feeling very remorseful now...realli. n choo dun feel so bad abt missing open goals its juz a game of soccer juz buck up n score the nxt time can liao...
    ok cya n STUDY HARD


    6:59 AM

    allo allo...heads high guys
    after a series of protocols led by the wise hulkster...we've come up w a series of commandments...or he'll get angry n u wudn't want to see him angry...
    protocol minutes issue1...
    1) report to match venue 30min before kickoff n haf protocol...aDu: protocol ur lan la!
    2) bringing more subs to be more tactically superior...Dill: bring 11 subs so we'll be 11 times more tactically superior
    3) defenders dun ever think of attack again! n dun tell me u wan to attack or u can attack all u want...
    4) stick to ur roles

    ur secretarys

    Wednesday, June 25, 2003
    11:54 PM

    sigh.... wad do i have to say it was indeed a sad moment just now felt like shit after time out was called i felt depressed sad bitter and anger why did we draw?? why did i miss that freakin sitter?? why did we manage to let them equalise? so many why aiyah suck la just feel damn shitty la really felt i let the team down second time already...... whats happenin to mi man??? would have slotted home such sitters in the past even without lookin.... guess its time fer mi to contemplate already feel damn shit la GUYZ IM TRULY TRULY SORRY MAN!!! well...... morale hittin rock bottom wad more can i sae anyway i feel soccer is a team game and whether we lose or win its a collective effort and if we win its becauz we played as a team and the everyone in the team deserved their fair share of glory but its when the team loses and the finger pointin and blaming starts to set in feel that if anyone there is to be blamed its the team itself blame it fer their complacency and wadsoever so we should encourage one another durin the match instead of cursin each other fer their mistakes no matter how god damn horrendous they are cuz we are as one the one BOTAK GANG!!! like to extend my apologies fer my horrendous miss just now again no worries the fox-in-the-box shall be reserructed again!!! lets hold our heads up high again and take this earth shatterin upset in stride and as they sae failure is the mudder of success and since we already lost 3 liaoz cant see why we shld lose another!!!! look forward to the rematch and this time we shall function as one stunnin the VS buggers with our famous and much feared fluid passsing and dazzling dribblings we shall not accept anything less than a victory!!! one fer all all fer one!! BOTAKGANG!!!

    --choo 7--

    8:37 PM

    guys.looks like i'm the first to post sth on our blog after e traumatic experience tt took place at st. wilfried juz now.god.still cant believe it man it was like 20 shots to 3..and it still ended up..well i shldn't actually say e score right..sigh i think we shldn't point fingers la ar it was juz one of those days.
    haha looking back at all e previous entries bout e match juz feel like crying.seriously la..we were like so confident n proclaiming how lousy they are..then turn out liddat.as mel put it,"this match will leave a permanent scar in our hearts."as mel puts it again,"we haven't won since we got our new kit."wow mel shld be nicknamed confucius.all e zhen1 zhi1 zhuo2 jian4.seriously e 2 matches b4 this cannot blame la..against top-notch oppo..but this..sigh.maybe e lime green would've been better.haha

    CHOO~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok la cannot blame u la..as choo put it,"if we stayed 3-1 up even if i had missed those sitters we'd still have won comfortably."or sth like tt..guys i think we shldn't blame him la seriously..i think we shld juz heed e teoh's magical moment of inspiration instead n put him at centreback..ok maybe tt's a bit calamitious can put him at leftback..or else all e chances tt we create all wasted haha.sorry choo but 4-1 would've killed them.3-2 gave them so much confidence.sigh.
    ok gotta go eat dinner now eh mianster rem to put ur issue 2 bout e botakgang ar..ok ok i say please..dun get angry at me n smash me with ur hulkish strength k..haha k cya guys study hard might be quite awhile till we all meet again.will miss u guys..sheesh.


    1:47 PM

    Allo guyz. After readin the entry by izac i feel so touched and the subsequent ones by nich and Ah Hu oso. Anyway, seriously la i was not really very sad maybe it was ten months of suppression that led to a big breakdown like mian the hulkster. I tell u man the mian is really the hulk lo take my food chem notes since the mutt match until now oso haven return lo then when i ask from him he keep tellin me i am makin him angry and that i wont like him when he is angry lo wah lau wat is tis. Freedom of notes possesion i tell u. Anyway huang jian told me he thoroughly enjoyed my last entry so much that he keep tellin me he luff me and give me hugs and kisses, dun believe u come take a look at my icq message history. Like wat the ali g say huang jian is tri-sexual lo. He is willin to try anythin sexual lo. Keep it real. Anyway i realise a flaw in the nich entry la. As touched as i am by his care and undyin concern for the brudders he say he cannot ask for more in life. Alamak. Anyway i love u all too la *BLUSH*. Oh shit jus looked at the time its 1:37 i tink i better go liao if not u dudes will be lackin a wing. Oh by the way i tink we shud put choo at centre back later on cos.............. i oso dunno jus feel like puttin him there. Ok bye bye till next time


    1:13 PM

    haha guys i think today three man defence is enough lah course they are quite lousy from what i heard.. dun worry lah nich.. u can do it one... give them the E-HONDA even raihan also cannot chieh u..haha..can can.. we pack the midfield 3-6-1 then they will really die upside down we'll pass until they cry lah... really.. anyway going to rain liao looks like it's going to be watersports on the field again so have fun guys see u all later.... i going to bring camera for some team photo to put on the site.. set?? haha.... the VS pple better try their best if not they sure die....


    11:54 AM

    shut up la choo.

    eh the formation tt the old cock said is not good la..defence 3 pple damn unstable one..if got 3 pple tt means e current fullbacks now have to play more central..well it's all good if e whole def can but i'm not known for my defensive capabilities guys..so i think we shld stick to e 4..can have more attacks down e flanks also we wont be exposed so much down our flanks too.
    and e fullbacks would have a bit more freedom for expression in a 4 than e 3.haha
    all e old cock wants is to play attack la eh got good idea la if today leading by more than 3 then let him play striker la..oh anyway e liang's formation is quite good.
    it's the real madrid form..flat back 4 with 2 holding midfielders in front of the def..3 attacking mids supporting a lone striker..suits us well since keith doesn't wanna play striker anymore..so we can have teoh keith n izac support the choo in attack..e choo cant play anywhere else la sorry haha zero workrate is liddat one.
    so 4-2-3-1 guys.good.try it out today.sure jack.woah i'm in sch now supposed to be studying man wat am i doing.cya guys later


    8:55 AM

    wah cant believe im up so early in the morning guess im really psyched up fer the match later neewae nich i got 3 words fer ya shut up la hahahahz its not my fault they are crappy team rite not really say damn lousy also wad theysay they can smack us somemore anyway its time we get a victory in our new jersey rite told my frenz its loser pay so we betta smack them cuz i dun wan to pay!!! neewae hope teoh aint feelin so down cheer up dude release ur anger or frustration on the VS team todae man!! BOTAK GANG!!!! neewae liang i got 3 words fer ya too shut up la! haha


    3:01 AM

    haha..... i think this is a good tactic... cos defence wise 3 guys and 4 guys don't really make a difference.... might as well channel it to attack.... haha...... not bad tmr try.....

    1:50 AM

    haha guys how abt this formation man damn cool sia...with this formation liang can play the dc role while i move up to be the supporting midfield role while issac drops back to be the makalele...how like that good right


    Tuesday, June 24, 2003
    8:55 PM

    yay... finally figured out how to write something so i guess i'll put my few words in... eh-hem... 1stly muz thank isaac & teoh for teachin me how 2 post the msg or else... haha... so yup... thanks to u 2... then i shall move on to thankin huang jian for puttin up such a blog/site wadever lah... dispensin wif the formalities i juz realised there aint much left to say... wad shld be said has been alreadi said by u guys so i'm speechless... haha...neway teoh dun realli need to feel paiseh da... as wad the nich has put it "we'll always be dere for u"... wah this sounds abit gay... shld repharse lah... eh-hem... its "we'll always be dere for u da" well kinda think the da takes away a certain amount of gayliness... neway guess tats all i hafta say for now so...
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    7:30 PM

    haha thanx la isaac for the treat.though u still owe alec n weisheng money u still take out money n treat us..damn touched. sounds gay haha.
    anyway ya shaun quite depressing la tt nite u cry until like no mother no father liddat..but since u said u actually not tt sad then we'll juz leave it at tt la ar.
    but seriously speaking isaac has finally said wat e whole gang thinks..but this kind of thing cannot say which girl better one rite.so if u think she's really the one then we cannot do anything la..but whenever things dun look so good u know wat to do la ar.like u n du n isaac said-"Yah we'll always be behind u" to me..it's the same for u la.we're brothers.there's nothing more i'd want to ask for in life.there're juz some things tt have no need for words.
    ok onto other stuff.tmr we've got a crappy match lined up against crappy opposition organised by e ever-so-crappy choo.only saving grace is maybe choo can actually start scoring those sitters n make up for his monumentally catastrophic mistake.n tt we'd be wearing our KELME jerseys!i dunno bout u guys but i really love my jersey think it's really damn nice.haha so muz psyche up ar guys tmr no 10nil also muz 5.
    oh there's been a couple of hilarious entries lately this is turning out to be a good blog laugh until die everytime.so keep up the good work guys.love y'all.


    7:28 PM

    oh the last post was by me too.. in case u all dunno haha.. eH choo not i dun wan to baraja u all i sent u the msg rite..u DAO me lah...too much... complain to the huang jian somemore...better score hat trick against ur frenz to BU CHANG.... haha... heard they all are freaking lousy .. looks like chinese team going to record a long overdue victory..if they are really lousy we must not give chance k whack dem all the way.. target ten goals k..haha..we all score one..except liang..dun let him score...haha SORRY lah LO-HI haha...

    IZAC 10

    7:11 PM

    hey guys... hope u all enjoyed the treat that day... haha the karaoke is good rite... sing like siao .. i think all the pple there dem pissed with us.. eh mian why never come...mug and mug..or the doggie giving u a hard time again hahaha..and choo u went tuition again ar>>? jk lah.. eh teoh dem depressing seeing u so sad that day....really felt like crying when u did...i guess if u need anyone to talk to there;s always us rite.. we'll always be behind u....rite nich... me and du and teoh always behind u rite..maybe some things are not meant to be and i bet u'll find a girl that will really appreciate u alot...to me i guess u are one of the best boyfriends i can think of.. and the romance king lah.. hahaha.i just went for a cip camp that we practically didnt need to do anything except play..it was for high risk youths and the girl we were taking care of keep kicking other boys DICKS then ended up as a high risk youth hahaha dem clown.. but they all very nice.AND LIANG ABOUT PLAYING STRIKER ON WED >>> SHUT UP LAH>>> haha.

    11:47 AM

    shut up la liang.

    1:55 AM

    Introdution to the botak gang (my version)

    the starting five

    Shaun Teoh (aka teoh, diao, ba bop.... haha)

    the guy that started it all... the fashion craze long before beckham had that multi hundred dollar haircut... the botak original... think he probably reckoned that he could run faster for cross country by reducing some air resistance, so off went the thick and stubborn hair of his...
    easily the funniest person around... but thats once u get to know him.... if not its juz the DAOness that u will see... that was wat happened the first time i went into 3 A larh he like dem dao then the du say "hey this is shaun"..... a formal intro and he juz "arh... ya ya ya"...... u know the usual larh..... haha...... then kept sleeping in class before morning assembly with his Good old morning affections... like when u tell him its time to go assembly he will like " aiya don't disturb me"..... think he should be the hulk in the morning lor will juz kill anyone that disturbs him in the morning........

    Tor Weijian (aka du, ah du, skinny bugger, the elf.... likes to call himself legolas lor.......haha....)

    the ah du is my link to the botakgang initially.... cos he in cross country also then the others are in track and x-country, so juz all play soccer together and then juz know each other larh.... du is the person i know the longest in botak gang lor cos he same class with me from sec one all the way to sec 4 and went to boarding school with me some more......
    he is the natural fitness king larh without training his 2.4 also can sub 10 easily..... and he is the brightest amongst the botakgang larh.....( tho he always humbly admits otherwise...... but unconvincingly.....hehe) i think he will make a good business man cos he is always so alert to personal gains..... ( knowing this from personal experience as many a times i'm on the receiving end of a losing deal )
    when it comes to soccer i'm warining those pple who are new to the sport DO NOT ATTEMPT to play with the du or he will kill u without mercy....haha.... ( juz think cultured ) i grief for the lost souls, the past victims of the undeniable massacre.......

    Huang Jian An (aka Huang Jian, old cock, aunty killer, nu3 ren2 wang2, china man.......)

    my first experience of huang jian was of cos during the soccer days at the basketball court... the thrifty dude who always got his fair share of unreasonable scoldings from the most unforgiving of tongues.... dillion...... still remember him and his PAGER last time ( dem orbit ). of cos the huangjian of last time was, in my view, the forgiving one... having no retaliation despite insults after insults. ( think he developed an attitude now )
    huang jian was from china last time, and he retains some of that chinese flavour when he speaks. of cos this spells disaster for him.....
    the funniest incidents of him involves those in the big mac donalds at bishan.... having fascinating stories told to us by him... and to the fullest of my knowledge he is the most (in canto) "hum sep" person around man..... but super funny.... and we do share a few common ideals and principles..... tho he seemed to have lost many of them after going RJ..... oh by the way he is now the ENTITY with nich... symbiotically joined siamese twins...... ( think Dumb and Dumber )

    Dillion Foo (aka Fool, Koh Kok Keong......)

    if there ever was a competition for insulting pple.... he would be world champion and most valuable insulter, undisputed.... call him king, there will never be someone who can quite get on another person's nerves as compared to him....no holds barred... he will ditch out anything to make your day...... ( he even has the audacity to insult the du... now even the hulk will think twice about doing that....) sadly during our later days he slowly lost contact with us...... but of cos not totally......
    he has the funniest anthics when playing soccer.... making funny noises ( again to insult pple... especially sugu malam and his trusty sidekick bass-karan......dunno how to spell but the one who said he played for woodlands as a star stricker... somehow a star that needs seven touches to control a grounder pass..... no wonder he can't be tackled......!!!! ) other funny traits includes the one touch nutmeg which miraculously works wonders on Bass-kara and Sugu Malam. ( well... anything works on them.........hahahaha)
    will always be one of the pioneers of botak gang...........!!!!!

    Eugene Ong (aka you2 ji1 Mian4, mian, noodles)

    don't like writing about myself larh.... but this is the summary of the starting 5.... the rest will come in the next issue.... in the mean time i have to go study man.......... oh by the way wat nonsense u writing about the hulk and stuff arh teoh.... tho i do agree that the DU can rival the HUlk man..... haha.........
    ok until next time
    BOTAK GANG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1:47 AM

    hey can i play striker on wednesday......pls pls

    12:37 AM

    Wah lau i jus went to read that stupid huang jian blog har full of nonsense tryin to act cheem. On wednesday i make sure he got no more head man. ( for enlightenment on "got no more head" please refer to entry below)

    Teoh again

    12:06 AM

    Ok i am back. Mian, choo and the entity have put in their five cents worth in this blog so now it is my turn. As one of the core members of the botak gang i definitely have to post my views. First things first i wanna say thank u and sorry to dillion foo for a night of trouble and untimely comments. I currently feel great remorse and regret. Shud not have drunk so much, in the end jus tok nonsense and cause trouble. Really very sorry u noe ah hu if u read tis. Nvm go sms u later...... By the way shut up la choo anyhow arrange match, wanna study u noe u go play by urself la one versus eleven. Jus watched da hulk with entity and mian. We all reckon mian is very similar to the hulk due to years of suppressed memory and tolerence and have reason to believe tat only du can handle mian the hulkster. Shit la i shud be studyin now u noe but very xian so i shall tok more. To those who noe nothin bout botak gang history i shall give u a brief insight into our founding and establishment. The inspiration to this gang was actually Benjamin Ng, ex rj soccer team captain. Some time in 1999 he cut a relatively botak hairstyle, which i managed to copy very successfully. Then somewhere later in the year diliion foo copied it as well. That made 2 baldies. Ah ha that means i am the pioneer of the botak gang. Splendid. Anyway in 2000, mian decided to do away with those flowing locks and huang jian realised that he could not carry 2 heavy heads. Very coincidentally the 5 of us play soccer together frequently and thus isaac yee,the master of nick name giving called us botak gang. oh ya forgot the fifth one is the du. he always has very short hair so jus regard as botak.du was never really botak la so never remember not because i dun like him or anythin ok. sounds gay. anyway the botak gang went around terrorizing opposing defences with its lightnin quick interchange of passes and fluid dribbling. And soon the group grew. Choo, nich, isaac all join and we formed a brand of brudders. in fact nich and huang jian have formed da entity, as du so aptly puts it. Anyway entity is very catchy so sorry la dudes jus use hahahaha. And so this is more or less the history of the botak gang so far, short but glamorous. As we age i am sure a few of us will succumb to the ghost of rapid hair loss and would do well aquiring the services of a certain YUN NAM hair cair centre, justifyin the name BOTAK GANG. But even then i am sure we will still be close friends.......BOTAK GANG RULES!


    Monday, June 23, 2003
    11:31 PM

    Allo. Ok i have to put tis on hold mus go toilet......

    11:28 PM

    shut up la choo.

    9:47 AM

    this wednesday 3pm at st wilfried an epic battle shall be materialized botak extension vs VS guyz!! its time we get a convincing victory after 2 straight losses. tot the last game din truly reflect our style of play cuz we were one man down and im truly sorry fer missin that bloody sitter guess it wuld really have been a diff ball game if i scored really felt i let the team down sorry brudderS!! lets get ourselves psyched up and smack VS have faith in mi brudders i shall regain my scoring touch a hat trick is beckoning!!! BOTAKGANG!!!!


    Sunday, June 22, 2003
    11:53 PM

    shut up la choo.

    10:58 PM

    HEyZ the JQ inda house freakin hell izzac why never baraja me?? never get ur msg la dun care must treat mi back!!!! Fark~ anyway gonna score hat trick against the vs team heard they got dot dot..... hahhahz lets smack them!!!

    10:56 PM

    hey..... haha.... trying out the blog seems quite fun.....
    got nothing to write really so i'll leave u all with something.....

    Bed in the bush with stars to see
    Bread i dip in the river
    There's the life for a man like me
    There's the life for ever ----- the vagabond-------

    9:22 PM

    kelme is a good brand.
    it's microfibre dri-fit polyester eyelet airflow mesh ultra lightweight sublimated fabric featuring 'BreathComfort' and tapered neck line for comfort..the ultimate in fit, comfort and quality.Special blend of 65% Polyester-Alpha, 30% PureCotton, 5% SpuntexOmega.
    better than all the fancy nike rubbish. seriously.
    those who own nike, adidas, or any other brand of jerseys..despair!
    turn green with envy!turn red with anger!turn blue while u get suffocated by jealousy!turn yellow and flip upside down!
    muahaha kelme's in town..n botakgang's sponsored by it.
    so too manchester united, real madrid, and all other giant clubs. soon.
    kelme's more than a good brand.it's fit for kings.


    2:07 AM

    no matter wat u still have us

    2:07 AM

    yea fuck it man fuck it
    love sucks it drives u crazy it fucks u up

    thanks issac for da dinner n dill for the entertainment after that :)
    it was a good night with all the brothers...peng you yi sheng yi qi zou!!
    shaun we are with u always! we will always be behind u!!

    Saturday, June 21, 2003
    2:09 PM

    today isaac yee's birthday.so i think we gonna go have dinner together.
    haha best thing is he baraja all of us.since it's his bdae he should.
    wat are brothers for right.haha happy birthday isaac from all of us here at botakgang!

    Friday, June 20, 2003
    9:21 PM

    Testing testing 1 2 3.

    2:20 AM

    hello!!! woah botak gang goes online!!! hahaha


    JINYU Shelving - Your ONE stop shelving solution.

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