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Thursday, December 25, 2003
11:48 PM

Hey those ppl that want the BMT packlist get it here

think its damn extra lah alot of things don't need...


11:14 AM

allo guys!!
merry xmas n all the babes for the coming new year!


Wednesday, December 24, 2003
2:54 AM

yoz yoz... its me again on the blog...

while looking at my calendar juz now, i have the sudden realisation that most of us are left with not many days of freedom.... now it is rather sad that we will part with the comfort of our nice soft bed for the rough, uneven grounds of pulau tekong... though the few romantics amongst us will view it as an opporturnity to sleep under the gentle foliage of the rustling leaves.... i used to think that way myself... "bed in the bush with stars to see, bread i dip in the river"..... as robert louis stevenson would put it........ until some outdoor actions with OAC convinced me that my little room is still the nicest place to sleep afterall......

so before many of us enter NS... let me at least write something about the Botakgang.... so when anyone stumbles across this blog.. they will at least get a better idea of wat we are about......

Name: Botakgang

refer to shaun's earlier ( in fact very early ) entry

Favourite Hangouts ( in other words where u might be able to spot a botak ):

chinatown ktv lounge singing/screaming wu bai, newton food centre sucking on hums( and acting rich ), st wilfred kicking ass, RI cleaning the walls after some scorpion action beside the basketball court, hiding in the bushes from teacher riding bicycle to skip cross country, picking up rubbish after being caught behind the bushes by teacher riding bicycle, skipping trainings and running away from teacher as though the teacher weren't there, shitland stepping on shit.

Favourite Phrases:
jack larh... clay larh... shen.... i'm sure... he how powerful.... he how something.....

Botak's Believe It Or Not:

who's the oldest??: eeeerrrrrrr...... (huangjian its u larh don't try to deny)
where u live??: eeeeerrrrrrrrr........ o... o.... o.....
loudest snorer: du its u larh..... haha.....( no larh actually everyone also snore when tired )
who sleeps like a pig?? : old cock... he sleeps when we go to anyone's house (except his own).....
the sneakies: jian and du... always sneaky steal other pple handphone to read sms... and go check other pple's comp for porn..... haha......
the entities: who else??
Injury man: nich... who always sustain serious injuries from things like balloon like blisters on his feet to stubb ankle from crossing the ball (before the match has started......... )
Drama man : its nich again with his rolling falls and thundering war cries while doing a sliding tackle at the keeper
the hobbit: shaun ( with regards to the hairy legs.... not the height.... hehehe )
Dog man : Me.........haha....

ok i'm quite tired now i shall go sleep..... maybe if i have the chance i'll write more.... think its not quite enough....haha....

Friday, December 19, 2003
8:28 PM

hey one of the botaks shaun has got into semi finals of Crave 2003
help vote for him here:

n dun juz vote once vote many times man...

Monday, December 15, 2003
3:18 AM

yoz pple..... its been a long while since i wrote something long here......haha.... since i have time to spare maybe i shall write one 2000 words essay here...... muahahahhaaha........

no larh shall spare u all.... but i've been gaining inspiration to write my latest poem.... so if i publish it here will it be very buay pai seh of me?? haha....... never mind larh wat pai seh things have i not done with my fellow botaks already..... juz write on blog ok but don't copy my lines and give to girls i'll be angry......... muahahahahaha........

~Paths Are Meant for Two~

Narrow is the path that lead,
From the front gate to the lane.
But along the road, or so it's said,
Grasses grow, green are they made.

The skies so blue, for all who knew,
The narrow little path that stood.
And any wanderer, along the road,
Could sing and hum in his deepest throat.

But would it not be of a waste,
If only a lonely soul could taste.
The sweet splendour of Nature's bloom,
When all these could be shared with two?

Sentiments could be shared aloud,
Feelings, floating admist the clouds.
These would make the skies more blue,
Grass more green and songs more true.

Now as you travel along the road,
That leads you from front gate to lane.
Know that even the narrowest path made,
Is always meant for two to take.


Friday, December 12, 2003
4:45 AM

2:47 AM

  • RJC PROM NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heys guys i uploaded abit only....the rest coming up soon lah!


    Sunday, December 07, 2003
    12:12 AM


    today there will be very little discussion on our match with the RJ j ones..... cos i feel wat we need to say has already been said...... but today i could see that everyone really gave their best and there was this subtle spirit burning within... dunno if u guys could feel it..... cos i could see that everyone chiong for all the 50/50 balls..... and there were really titanic clashes of boots with boots..... that is the way to play... hard and with determination..... though not really the inspirational kind of BURNING spirit... but if we continue to play like this i think we can win most of our tough matches....

    now i am too sleepy to type anything....... gonna watch my anime called INITIAL D then gonna sleep liaoz.......


    Saturday, December 06, 2003
    12:25 AM

    arlo arlo
    its been a long long time since i last wrote smth here
    so tmw will be our long awaited first match after the dreaded A levels think we shld employ the 4-2-3-1 tmw since the previous time we played them we got raped in the middle of the field so MIAN!!! come and play after your SAT la dun keep goin out lookin forward to tmw match and hope we wun get smashed and mayb sneaked in a victory so lets all get psyched up

    --choo 7--

    Friday, December 05, 2003
    11:23 PM

    this sat 5pm match against j1s
    come at 4.30 guys psyche up!!!

    1:13 PM

    wah lao mian dun liddat la how often can we get to play match..go out next wk la next wk no match cos old cock going china

    12:43 PM

    ahha it's our gradnite leh
    but i dun mind la play in morn la?
    den aftnn can prepare n stuff...
    dunoe abt the rest tho

    jiann an

    12:13 AM

    hey guys..... its been a long time since i last wrote an entry on the blog.... my last dates back to one day before A levels.... thats a very long time......haha..... feels good to be free again......

    anyway..... the soccer scene is up again.... there's the cat high team wanting to play us on monday 8th dec...... tell me how u guys feel about it..... and see if there's a field or not.....

    ok that's all for now......


    Wednesday, December 03, 2003
    3:39 AM

    yah how abt turf soccer on thurs aftnn for some training?
    all go back to ri la den call up more pple how?


    Tuesday, December 02, 2003
    4:42 PM

    haha the pierre damn scared lose lor..must wait until the matties come back from their homeland in ubin then play us.anyhow i think we're really not up to standard yet..havent played for so long.stamina killa!!
    ok hope we win..or at least have fun and enjoy ourselves cos i think the former's not feasible anymore..considering our inactivity for the past 2 months.cya train hard for the match on sat guys.


    3:13 AM

    hey guys.... pierre said that the match on this sat is confirmed....!so it's at 5 pm at RJC then raihan and adil they all will only be back from OBS on friday..dunno if they will be too tired or anything but even if they are tired they might still be able to beat us haha......so if we are playing the J1ones this sat then i guess DAVIDS will have to be moved to another day????...cos we can't have like two matches on the same day rite?.....

    12:40 AM

    yah must get davids team to play..
    so are we still playing j1 team this sat? confirm?


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