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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
10:22 AM

eh yo yo..yucong here haha first time writing cos i just got the password from the old cock before i left for brunei..fucking brunei is madness la..occifers u haf my respect man..kanina i 3 days plus 1 day e&e already want to die le haha you all are good man. yeah anyway huang jian..match match i v long never play le..cannot take it my hands bloody itchy. and thanks for the pic man :P

Friday, August 26, 2005
4:29 PM

thnx lots guys for helping out at the cip...special thanks to mian kl du nich cong n teoh altho he never turn up

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
7:02 PM

party at dxo...taken by addie

Monday, August 22, 2005
11:43 PM

For the benefit of all rounded learning for whoever stumbles upon our blog, here is lesson number 1, on:

"Army Language known to all - except the gals, and the gays."

"F* spider" - aka go fly kite. Excessive time on hand. (eg. why is he taking so long? dunno larh he F* spider)

"kanna" - short form for kanina, which means 'you better start to do your work or be skewered' (eg. this cpl is kanna slow)

"chiong suarh" - rushing the mountain. kinda like a universal term for activities involving tons of sweat but is ultimately unpurposeful. (eg. those are my parade boots, but these are my chiong suarh boots!)

"one time x" - where x is a variable that can be counted. In a confusing environment like the one we live in, specificity is utterly important. Thus, this way of speaking adds much needed quantification. (eg. "she is one time pretty girl", "I will give you one time good one later")

"you think, i thought, who ensure?" - favourite phrase for pushing the blame unto others. Think of it as a rhetorical question, whereby either answers will be met with devastating consequences.

"sai ghang" - shit job. very straight forward. however, this is not to be confused with the word "sai keng", which means shit hole.

"ta" - I guess when you are out in battle, you need to have short forms for complicated sentences. So this was how it evolved. "take it like a man you lousy piece of shit" became simply "ta" (eg. that guy was so loyal, he "ta" the bullet for him)

"road marshaller" - similar in meaning to "road marshal". because you have signallers to do your signals, and armourer to do your arms, so you must have marshallers to marshal your troops. It's a pretty simple concept really...

OK...Thats all for today's lesson. Be sure to come back for the next episode of:
"Army Language you never would have guessed existed"

Road MarshalIC.

Sunday, August 21, 2005
10:49 PM

botakgang FC today released to the press that the following players have been transfer listed...

-du, teoh, dillion

club chairman has expressed his concerns over these players as they have been reported to be playing for external teams illegally while they were still under contract...du has confessed and might be given a second chance

also, he's highlighted that another player HB has shown tremendous disciplinary problems by pang sehing cip this morn plus 5matches before this incident

guys..we need more matches soon!

sunday times

Monday, August 15, 2005
1:24 PM

hey guys this is the route for the walkathon this sunday...all botakgang members are by default registered to help out in this event...so whu cannot make it let me noe la...anyway the walkathon starts at 8am at bishan CC n prob ends at rjc at 9am..den there's some carnival thing going on like games n all..so guys see u there

pls contact jain/nich/mian for any clarifications


Sunday, August 07, 2005
8:10 PM

guys a whole lot os events lined up for botakgang for the mth of aug!!!

A fund-raising walkathon for Special Olympics Singapore
Bishan Community Centre on 21st Aug, 7am to 12noon

Guest of honor: Ms Eunice Olson
Sports Patrons: Mr Ang Peng Siong & Mr Fandi Ahmad

A Citibank-YMCA Youth For Causes Project Organised by Citibank and the YMCA of Singapore
Supported by the Peoples Association Youth Movement

wat we're going to do is join the walkathon as participants and helpers...we will be walking with the Special Olympics kids, talk to them, play with them etc...the walkathon will start at Bishan CC and end at the new RJC campus total abt 3km or slightly more onli...and aft that play some simple games w them n all..this project is aimed at giving our Special Olympics kids a chance to participate in sports and games...n to raise funds for the Special Olympics Singapore

call jian an @ 90037327 or email lazypigg@gmail.com
or meiqi @ 96871022 or email zest_team@yahoo.com.sg

hope to see all u guys there!!!

3:27 AM

Like jain had said, we are really in need of a match soon. Haha will need to show you guys my new shooting technique. really lethal... so jain get sida to set us up!!

anyway i was thinking that there are 2 ways that a guy can get a gal. One, be real smart and smooth talking. Know what in the world you are talking about, in so doing, tickle her intellectual curiosity. Of course this takes more than just practice, you need talent,and lots of newsweek/times/economists reading to keep up with the world.

then there's the other method, which is to head into the clubs and hit the dance floor. In there, nobody cares if you know who Colin Powells or Condelezza Rice is. You just need to shake that booty, and keep your cool, avoiding puking all over yourself by drinking too much flaming Mao Tai. But there is a drawback. You must look pretty cute and cool.At least some Broad shoulders, towering figure, Golden ruffled but styled hair. If not, chances of success are pretty slim, unless you hit on some aunties who look real bored.

So i can't dish out humourous banter at will, and the aunties looking bored in the clubs probably won't give me a 2nd look.but i forgot to mention that ultimately, one still needs the guts to initiate a conversation with someone you fancy.

Looks like i can still make it afterall...


Saturday, August 06, 2005
9:46 PM

hey guys it's been a long while since last played socccer...cos of all the ndp n ahm shit..sida got a team to play us on 13th aug sat aftn..think her colleague team or sth which sida claimed that they're guite good..whoever can make it pls reply asap...

n nich is back..welcome home nich...n i was thinking the following wkend if hb's medicine team can play us...n aft tt du got 2 teams lining up...
these series of matches ahead of us are crucial cos we're calling down managers to see our standards n decide if they want to sponsor our team for nationa wide championshps...alr gotten a major sponsor - JINYU TRADING...so psych up guys!!! rem to reply asap



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