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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
5:13 PM

hey guys...

actually the deadline for the espzen league has passed long ago...but the league still got space so by tmr i'll haf to register in order to play in the jan season...

so yah later i'll msg all of u to confirm again b4 i sign up

cheers to botaks!

12:27 PM

eh yo..guys the league thing probably requires quite a lot of commitment from the players that are going to be involved..it's going to be every sunday, so we cannot afford to haf players who are only free very very occasionally. Keith is probably out of the team already, because he won't be back to play the league, and by the time he comes back the league is over 2 seasons..haha. he can join the team again when he's back! if we're still in the league that is. yeah..so if you decide to support the joining of the league, please make sure that you're at least free on 75% or more of the sundays, so that we won't be short of players when matches come.

- congz -

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
2:17 PM

hi guys,

im all on for the league..but i say first ar, i might not be able to make it every sunday..

i think nich put in a good point, may have some problems arising from it..like lack of playing time, injuries/holidays/other commitments etc..and what abt pple like keith and liang? who can only make it when they're free/no church..

anyway why dun we take part in a few tournaments first? like inter constituency organised or something...i know u say where got but lets all just keep a look out ya? normallly its like maybe $150 to take part one..

k my two cents worth,

peace out

1:52 PM

ok i noe tt one major concern is the cost of joining the league...i'll be forming a team of abt 13 or max 14 players...when we join the league it's gonna be a tournament n no longer gonna be rolling sub n i dun wan pple to come down n dun play...so all will play every game...so each match we'll pay 150 tt means each player pays 10 over bux for eeach game...but to me money is not an issue la...it's the love for the game...n the love for the team yea

so i propose tt we'll form up a treasury headed by Mianster...so we'll all contribute towards the funds k...if the response to the espzen is good...we'll haf our annual AGM prob some time this wkend...will let u noe more details...all are to attend!

if u wanna find out more abt the league...pls log on to espzen.com NOW!

te supporters so far are:
me, mian, du, issac, shaun, nich, choo, yuchong...

the rest haf not replied to me yet so let me noe by today cos the registration takes time n prob we haf to submit by tis wk cos it starts in jan...so till then...enjoy the holidays!

jian an

Sunday, December 25, 2005
10:09 PM

ok i'm in full support of espzen league. though after reading through the site, looking at the teams and the reports it seems pretty daunting. seems like all the teams in the league, even in the lowest div, are very serious about it and they have got a management team or a manager at least. for us, we dont even have enough players for subs. but we do have positives to look at. for a start, i think the standard of our team is not too bad and we've played quite a bit with each other already so it's not like we're started from scratch. a few things we need though..cos if we are to join this league we've DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY got to have FULL COMMITMENT. $150 for every game is not very cheap, plus it's gonna be a first time for many of us in the team to be playing competitively. no more friendlies and for the first time there will be a consequence after a loss.

1. More players are needed for a full squad. We need subs. I dont know how many players can be registered but looking at our strength now as it is we prob only have 13 players max. i should think we can register more players than that.

2. A manager would be good to handle the substitutions and to a lesser extent, the tactics. I say to a lesser extent cos we're no pros but at least the simple movement and positioning of players. A possible conflict i can foresee is the subs bit. If the manager is to pick the first 11, plus if we're to recruit new players ( from where is another problem), then maybe a few of the original botaks might not be playing week in week out. Admittedly i'm concerned as it affects my playing chances, but i'm pointing it out as it's a genuine problem. However, i dont think this problem can be avoided if we're joining espzen. It will be an issue for us to ponder upon, the dilemma between playing with friends and playing every week without the hassle of organising.

3. Then comes the issue of those players who do not get a chance to play regularly. Would they be able to train like in pro clubs and therefore get a chance to prove themselves to the manager? If we get someone like pierre who regards first impressions very highly, then i'd think it wouldnt be very fair for players. Besides, would it affect the friendship among botakgang?

Issues to ponder upon, as joining a competitive league isnt as easy as just paying and playing. Contribute, botaks!


Thursday, December 22, 2005
2:39 PM

line up so far...

yuchong, nasir, liang, nich, alex, hb, du, mel, jian, mian, issac, chu...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
11:08 PM


after a wonderful trip in phuket...we're back to business...nasir whu once played for botakgang and has made tremendous contributions has now challenged us to facce his brother's team incl players like adrian pillay adib etc...some of these players we've played against in our sch days and they're definitely a tough fight for us...but fear not...botaks vs the once ri legend...this sat aftn...be ready!

happy holidays,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
11:44 AM

hey guys ive come up w a rough itinerary for the upcoming trip, which is tmr!!!

Phuket itinerary

Day 1 SPORE - PHUKET we’ll put up the night at jian’s place then ard 4.30am we’ll go airport…nich n sal will stay over at sal place…meet at changi airport to board your flight to Phuket. Welcome upon arrival and transfer to your hotel. Rest of the day at leisure.
-patong/karon beach in the aftn
-we’ll go pub/club in evening…indulge in the patong beach nightlife –nightspots, bars and girls!
Overnight : at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa
Meals : Breakfast

Day 2 PHUKET American breakfast at the hotel. Join the Jian’s CityTour ,including a sightseeing of Phuket town with Portuguese style buildings and colorful market, visit Phuket hill, Wat Chalong, Rawai Beach and Cape Promthep.
-bbq at night? Beer n seafood!!!
Overnight : at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa
Meals : Breakfast

Day 3 PHUKET Breakfast at hotel. Take the speedboat down to fifi islds juz half an hr away…n we’ll spend most the day there…rem ur shades!!! Night we’ll head back for the patong nightlife –starclub/banana/safari/dragon/tiger etc along bangla road party till morning!
Overnight : at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa
Meals : Breakfast/Lunch

Day 4 PHUKET Breakfast at hotel. Free at leisure in morning. Water sports n beaching in aftn…wakeboarding, canoeing, bunji, etc but not snorkeling! bbq at night again? N party till next morn…
Overnight : at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa
Meals : Breakfast

Day 5 PHUKET - SPORE transfer to the airport for your flight back to Spore.

looking forward to the trip! dun forget to change money yea...

Saturday, December 10, 2005
5:25 PM

here's the latest weather forecast for phuket...

Dec 15
Phuket, Thailand Weather Thunderstorms in the morning; mostly cloudy and very humid High: 31° C RealFeel®: 36° C
Phuket, Thailand Weather Thursday Night: Mostly cloudy and humid with thunderstorms possible Low: 25° C RealFeel: 27° C
Friday, Dec 16
Phuket, Thailand Weather A shower possible in the morning; otherwise, mostly cloudy and humid High: 32° C RealFeel: 35° C
Phuket, Thailand Weather Friday Night: Mostly cloudy and humid Low: 25° C RealFeel: 28° C
Saturday, Dec 17
Phuket, Thailand Weather Cloudy and humid with a chance for showers High: 31° C RealFeel: 36° C
Phuket, Thailand Weather Saturday Night: Clouds and humid with rain possible Low: 25° C RealFeel: 28° C
Sunday, Dec 18
Phuket, Thailand Weather Cloudy and very humid with a chance for thunderstorms High: 32° C RealFeel: 37° C
Phuket, Thailand Weather Sunday Night: Cloudy and humid with a chance of rain Low: 25° C RealFeel: 30° C

as u can see...it's bad timing...lots of rain...rain n rain

Monday, December 05, 2005
9:55 AM

hi everyone,
I concur with all of du's pts..i do agree with the fact they our team plays pretty scrappily and we often do not string enough passes tog..it sort of a lack of team play.That is also why we always struggle against gd teams like that team that beat us in ubi.i'm sure that we can improve and i certainly encourage open discussion of weak pts for improvement on our blog.i think we should play a match every weekend and all of us are encouraged to find teams that are willing to play against us.
Moving on to du's pts..i think the most important pt is the lack of support..always remember the triangle..when one person gets the ball at least two others must be there to support..this will give the player two options and thus he would not feel lost searching for pple to pass to. Another suggestion is for us to switch the play more often..i dun think i need to explain why. Just look at all the gd teams we have played against..most of the time they switch the ball all the time..and lastly if the oppo's defence is slow try to play the early thru ball cos it will cause their defenders to panic resulting in more confusion for them.
Open to more discussion...please write in ur suggestions.

4:38 AM

hey dudes looking forward to more matches after we scraped to a 2-1 win over the jjc team. Though it was a victory i think that most agree it was a disjointed performance.
so maybe all can share their views on the areas that can be improved!!

so here are suggestions:
1. Nobody calls for ball on the pitch,a real quiet match. N sometimes those that call for ball are standing still waiting for ball to land on their feet. Classic E.g. At the last few mins oof the match where by teoh moves the ball down byline, we were all waiting in the 6 yard box beside 2 defs so obviously ball wouldnt come to us. for this case 1 stiker i feel should go far post / centre, the other striker near post/centre n 1 mid either winger or cm at edge of the box,. this would provide better options. i think we feel lost on the pitch mainly due to lack of options and runs made. in fact, the cms should call n get hold of ball more to distribute it better.

2.in fact, the above example could apply to crosses as well n basically we tend to be out of position at times where 2 players can be seen closing down the same man. So each player should coordinate their movements n try not to run too far out of position unless to cover. I see the point of the midfielders chionging all the way to the other penalty box to support the attack but definitely not to close down opposing defs?

3. we must go back to basics!! many of us have either forgot or lost the basic skill of control and pass in at least 3 max 4 touches. When the ball comes to a player under pressure quite often the 1st step is to control the ball, den pass it away or even pass it away on 1st touch. this is esp impt for defs n cm. one should not hold on to the ball due to hesitation n eventually lose it.

I feel the 3 fundamental problems are intertwined, so everyone should put in effort to ensure our team mechanism runs more smoothly. N they are realistic enough to be solved, not expecting anyone to have the skill of Zidane suddenly. Its mainly our awareness n field experience which is lacking.

disclaimer: I'm not Jose Mourinho, not some tactics king but just pointing out some issues. I had a lousy game too so this applies to me as well as everyone else. no offence man!!!


Sunday, December 04, 2005
4:01 AM

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