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Friday, August 29, 2003
11:58 PM

eh guys long time no write so u all got see mars? it's so lovely i love it!
soccer last nite was damn fun man...but without the mian soccer was never the same!
i miss u mian!


Thursday, August 28, 2003
12:37 AM

eh man tml not onli juz to play soccer but remmeber it'e the night!! the night that mars is ever so close to earth

Finding the Red Planet

The Roman God of War is easy to spot. It is the unmistakable beacon of the evening sky, in the southeast. It is high in the south around midnight and low in the southwest near dawn. [Maps]

Mars outshines all stars now.

It rises near sunset for skywatchers at mid-northern latitudes. If your horizon is obstructed, it might be a bit later later before you can find it. [Timetables]

What You'll See

The planet usually appears orange or slightly red, though sometimes -- depending conditions in Earth's atmosphere -- it can look yellowish.

Mars began August shining at magnitude -2.3. On this astronomers’ scale, larger numbers mean dimmer objects. Negative numbers are reserved for the brightest objects.

Except for Venus (which can be magnitude -4.0 and brighter) no other planet or star can be brighter than Mars is now. Now through Sept. 2, Mars glimmers at magnitude -2.9 -- as bright as it can be.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
3:10 PM

i dun mind la sounds like fun.thurs is good..din feel like going to sch on fri anyway..

anyway chelski has signed e once-most expensive player in europe for 16.8m pounds..tt's like quite cheap la..sigh really feeling quite pissed cos it's quite cheating.like they juz keep buying n buying..then e abra look so faggoty somemore..i think it's quite difficult to beat them now lor.
ok feedback on thurs pls..cya guys.


1:09 AM

eh man nasir was saying thurs nite soccer again...u guys on? den fri pon sch la mug until no day no night...but if u guys wanna mug it's ok la cos prelims really v near...so how??
yah mian i agree la newcastle oso cannot make it liao la wa lau see the defence play like that really can cry la...but the chelsea really damn power this season la man u beware man


Monday, August 25, 2003
10:22 AM

hello dudes i'm currently typing from my school computer.....haha...... in hcjc library after skipping maths lecture cos they having test then i never study for it might as well don't go..... haha.....

having seen liverpool's dismal performance so far....... i really think that they are losing steam...... cos they can't even seem to score open goals..... especially that harry kewell...... disappointing man...... haiz...... oh and how come no one talk about that soccer night at rj arh...... i think it was quite crappy larh..... cannot build up momentum for anything cos after one match then kenna kicked out then must wait very long...... haiz..... some more cannot see properly so cannot pass properly..... cannot control properly some more...... so very sian larh that night....... yups thats all i have to say for now going break already..... cya.....


Saturday, August 23, 2003
10:34 AM

wa lau die already la woodgate n bellamy injured la how like that how

Thursday, August 21, 2003
11:04 PM

oh and regarding watching the match together...... remember the pub around bukit timah.... can be like last time like that we play soccer first at my school or RJ then eat then go to the pub watch match......haha..... but then if wanna do that then friday don't play already..... like wat the jain said....... it will kill the birds...... ok...... oh yar my luck very good recently..... so wat ever i predict usually quite true.... and i predict newcastle will get a decent one nil...... loss....... haha...... okok...... don't get angry jain....... i also hope newcastle win...... cos i jealous of the R7..... cos R7 may grow up to be as good as Shearer..... so i very jealous.....hahaha


11:01 PM

hey guys..wear the botak jersey if u all are coming to rjc to play soccer tmrw k..!!

11:00 PM

Guys....... i think soccer in RJ tomorrow sounds fun...... cos i'll be studying in school anyway..... so maybe can go over and play a bit..... haha......

and about the study together writing the list of wat to do........ it is a sound plan which will not work in reality larh...... too idealistic already..... haha......

ok.... mug hard guys see u all soon......


Wednesday, August 20, 2003
11:07 PM

set la guys but fri soccer den sat no soccer la...too much soccer kills the bird la...esp the not so healthy ones...hem hem
nich still got light la the netball court light altho not v bright abt the same as shitland haha...aie this time newcasle gonna jack la bowyer will gif r7 good la
but the shaun idea sure end up no mugging wan loe we mug separately den meet up to play soccer sounds more better right


11:04 PM

i tink fri soccer gd idea n sat plan to study in rj oso gd than we can go watch man utd match together... as for my house, in terms of fun it will be a gd but in terms of studying it'll be a calamity... haha i dun see how we will ever study together. ok so hopefully some of u will turn up on fri n maybe sat so can finally play soccer again.. i'm itching to play n think most of you will share the same sentiments too...

cya guys


10:36 PM

huh but i thought by 8 it'll be quite dark n there wont be much lights left?
i think teoh's idea is good la in theory..but whether it'll work in practice anot remains to be seen..i support e idea of watching e new vs man u match together!
so how guys?are u guys willing to come over to rj this fri to play?shitland soccer maybe too far for me la...


9:46 PM

arlo arlo
its been a long time since i last blogged liaoz was kinda lost in the wilderness of muggin..... gettin real sian of muggin liaoz need a breather so soccer on fri is good la or mayb this fri can go over the du house for some shitland soccer and carry out the teoh's recommendation sounds good to mi haha newcastle is gonna be bedazzled bu that R7 la rape that woodgate hope that stupid bramble will play haha then can see how he kenna qie

-- choo 7 --

8:50 PM

hey guys we are playing soccer and netball court on friday in rjc from 8 onwards....the hockey players and many j twos are playing so if u all come down after ur mugging..it'll be great fun...! i dun mind jian's idea also....watch the game together guys..>!....very funny watching with jian lah cos his newcastle always kena thats it one....

5:21 PM

eh i got suggestion la..this sat afternoon like 5pm we soccer at rjc netball court think will have old boys come back den qieh them la...den evening we go e s11 there to eat n watch newcastle man u match woah!!!
how how?
maureen still in spore this sat? den she can join us dinner too...maybe after that can karaoke oso la haha...yah celest oso come la all invited
amidst all the mugging we muzn't neglect excercising oso yah...we need to burn off our body fats so then we'll look good at prom right...it all starts now!! so mug hard play hard! psych up!!! kill the body fats!!!


3:58 PM

Hahaha Huang Jian damn bastard la. Ay guys we shud have a du house soccer outing la. Itink its a good idea lo. Then like we go there around evening then have a list of stuff we wanna study then onli after everyone completes their own list then can play if not all mus wait for one. Of course the list mus be good la cannot be like do one maths question that kind. Good rite got incentive will sure study well.


1:42 AM

yah man i agree with the du la...one other god is SHEARER my fav playe n juz wanted to let u all see some of his past glories here's the link to dl the videos:
  • sHeArEr

  • yah watch n enjoy the goals...like u'll never see them again in ur whole life! cos his goals are simply irresistable...

    shearer is a GOD n maybe the r7 might turn out the same... who knows?


    Tuesday, August 19, 2003
    9:24 PM

    ok guys b4 all of you go wooahh about the cristiano ronaldo, i feel he's not the finished product yet and there are/were many players better than him.. 1 such player is roberto baggio my fav player n juz wanted to let u all see some of his past glories here's the link to dl the 30mb video: http://www.juvefc.com/Videos/classic/baggio_compilation.mpg
    baggio was a GOD n maybe the r7 might turn out the same... who knows?


    Sunday, August 17, 2003
    11:44 AM

    ok after watching cristiano's performance last night..i feel tt as a man utd supporter..i've to say something.even if i were a neutral fan..it would be difficult not to gush about his skills..albeit him being on for juz 20plus mins.
    he has been likened to the great cantona by giggsy..and pundits alike have likened him to the young giggs.i think he's simply pure class.haha i'm glad man utd bought him instead of rona..think he's more of a team player.for those who missed him in action..dun fret.next week,newcastle's gonna be the next team to tremble in FEAR of a certain 19 yr old..watch out maggiepies!!!

    "He's not going to be a superstar...he's gonna be a MEGASTAR!" -Paul Masefield, ESPNSTARsports presenter


    Saturday, August 16, 2003
    12:03 AM

    but dinner tml with MAUREEN!!!

    Friday, August 15, 2003
    11:38 PM

    aiyo mian ar..too busy chasing maureen liao ar even e huang jian's father's big company also dunno..jinyu is THE brand of e new millenium la..or issit next millenium..haha

    actually i hope chelsea flop lor..it'll be damn funny if they spend so freaking much then still flop.it's like even if they win pple will take it for granted cos they've spent so much..but if they lose ar then disaster liao..they now have so many players.ok hope man utd wins tmr..hope c. ronaldo scores on debut!


    8:43 PM

    What is this JINYU brand thingy... our sponsor for real?....... hmm.... but i like kelme still lor.... haha.... unless of course JINYU is for real!!!......

    by the way.... liverpool vs chelsea tomorrow... shall see how my limited number of signings fair against the spending spree of chelsea...... haha..... think there will be an upset tomorrow...... and liverpool will prove that chelsea is a flop......hahaha an expensive flop for that.......


    1:30 AM

    Thursday, August 14, 2003
    7:20 PM

    eh guys no dinner tml cos nich cannot make it he got ballet concert or sth...one for all all for one...
    so mug hard guys
    study hard...
    mian oso dun get distracted...
    nich oso juz now we all kidding wan la we all feel v bad but seriously dun mean it so dun take it to heart k...

    kiss kiss
    /jian and du in sch lib after slacking for 3 hrs...n still slacking...

    2:06 AM

    hey guys..it's like 2am..damn sick of studying even though i havent done anything actually.sigh so decided to blog a bit since no one added anything new for quite long.
    aiya mian we understand la..this kinda thing is normal one lor..so it's ok we will stop suanning if u tell us..really la.haha but time is of e essence now..confucius and einstein once said "time and tide wait for no man, maureen and plane wait for no mian".so if u really want to grab ur eternal happiness and bliss u gotta hurry.haha see u've got encouragement not only from us botaks but also from ur mom,dad,sis,teacher,dick and last but definitely most importantly e DOG of e house!!!!!!!!!!!!(jk la mian)so u gotta go for it.

    ok onto other stuff..finally man utd bought someone decent..but e price is a bit stiff i feel for someone so young..but if anyone watched e sporting lisbon vs man utd game they'll all agree tt he's a prodigious talent.two-footed somemore can do millions of tricks.haha c. ronaldo n van e man next season gonna terrorise all defences!watch out!
    ok going crazy.sigh if only you guys could come over for e prom also..then we can really have one table to ourselves..10 juz nice for everyone.but guess we'll juz have our own celebration after tt la.miss u guys.


    Monday, August 11, 2003
    9:32 PM

    hey guys,
    haha mian we're all supporting u so give it ya best shot!! 17days left ..the countdown..
    ok guys just wanted to let u all know that the vietnamese team played with the school team on sunday and GUess what the school team also lost and they said that the vietnamese team is lousy according to raihan and a few others..... but if they're lousy the school team still lost anyway so who are they to pass comments....haha pierre was still sounding so smug that his team without five key players can draw with the vietnam team then now with the five key players then lose..wahhh..good job....guess rjc soccer can;'t win for the next few years..sigh...feel sad for them also...but yah the vietnam team is good so if we get to play them again and beat them it''ll be a good achievement for us..
    IZAC 10

    9:16 PM

    harlo guys!!

    mian seems to be getting banged left right centre frm all of us so i might as well join in.. mian u got good chance leh confucious once opposites attract so u'all gd pair.
    think the match that day was agd lesson we lost to superior opposition n i wasnt pissed off as jain said. in a match i get angry sometimes but its all forgotten after the match n most of the time i'm pissed wif myself for screwing up like miss controlling a passs etc..
    fridays dinner sounds gd, i'm all for it..


    12:27 AM

    alloo allo guys!
    wah eh haf to say that the defenders really played hard the other day...dillon n nich n liang were superb la...u guys run ur hearts out n really the defence was real solid in the 2nd half despite the 2 goals we let in...n like mian say we all make mistakes la like my that handball that gave the dude a free one-on-one chance which Wayne the man saved our ass n du was real pissed...yah i really think that the vietnam team's really very pro n disciplined n they're quite nice oso la...we muz learn from our mistakes n at the same time learn from them n jesus n confucius once said: qing chu yu lan (in english means green win blue) so yah teoh will lead the trainings after As but meanwhile heads up guys! pierre says we've lost the battle but not the war...we've lost to quality opposition...it's a team i truly respect but i guess we deserve the victory as much as they do for we really played our lungs out each n everyone of us runnning like cows on the pitch for the full 90minutes...the tackles the crams the blood the pain the headbutts the shuffling the e-hondas etc...all for the faith in botakgang...for the friendships that will last eternally...

    for now...eveyone take off ur boots and take out ur notes...mug hard for a levels...we'll do well man!

    n for mian...all the best...maureen is really sweet and she's an angel...i used to an4 lian4 her oso...jia1 you2 dude!


    Sunday, August 10, 2003
    6:52 PM

    Allo. Feeling very xian studying very slowly. I tink that days match was really sucky la. For me at least. Opposition so powerful. But we shall train hard and play them again. After A level we have training three times a week twice a day and will all chiong our fitness so as to beat the vietnam buggers. Ok bye bye.


    3:55 PM

    yoz pple..... hmmm i must now comment on the choo.....

    choo your ego getting big arh...... cos we keep saying your that one touch volley very good then your head now so big arh.... hahaha..... can counsel pple already arh..... haha..... no larh but actually good effort larh...... must get back your confidence.... will do the team good.......

    nich.... i think u played quite ok wat..... maybe a few mistakes here and there..... but which one of us don't make mistakes?...... its part and parcel of the game larh don't feel so sad..... and i think kadir talking nonsense larh..... if anyone was a liability to us on that day..... it would most definitely have to be him larh..... haha...... if he so shen ask him come back and defend larh......haha......... yups..... so don't feel so sad..... if we play badly we play badly as a team.... no individuals........ haha......


    2:57 PM

    hey guys.. i just updated the pics with... NEW COMMENTS.... haha go see GO SEE>..... oh yah and nich dun feel so sad man kadir didnt mean what he say so next time you play just show him what u can do lah dun worry .....
    IZAC 10

  • updated comments.! for the new photos!!!!

  • 9:55 AM

    arlo arlo
    heya dudes this is my first entry after the match so im gonna put in my two cents worth regardin the match i think mian was right about we have no particular game plan so mayb we can work on that la but i would really hafta praise the defence for their solid performance really good la and neewae nich dun feel so bad la we know u tried ur best liaoz next time just stay more focus and dun anihow e honda when got ref la haha can see that u r fast improvin liao la kk im gettin my strikin confidence back liaoz after that one touch volley hahahz darn shld have slotted it home la but at least it felt good la and to kadir...... i have been in ur position b4 la so if u need counsellin come look for mi la hahaha kk cya guyz hope we can have our weekly dinner session every friday la then can at least meet up

    -- choo 7 --

    Saturday, August 09, 2003
    11:42 PM

    hey guys..first entry after e match..have to say it was e worst match i ever played for botakgang.kadir was right..maybe i really am a liability to e team..all e time e left flank was really exposed i felt..why?cos i was juz not doing wat i was supposed to do.not only tt i was always chasing ass n giving away penalties.sigh.
    i am really sorry guys.dunno wat to say juz tt i would really try to improve on my game and have more discipline while defending.not only have i let e team down i feel i've let myself down too..was really disappointed with e way i played, felt like i was e weakest link in e team.so i hope u guys will continue to have faith in me.n if mr. kadir reads this..i juz want to apologise to him for the record.
    one more thing thanx maureen for coming down tt day n for e photos..really nice!n to izac too for putting e photos up..n e old cock for doing such a wonderful job with e webby..go click on "team line-up" on e webpage!u'll be stunned.sigh really really look forward to seeing u guys again..but i guess it wont be anytime soon.till then..

    nich-11,feeling remorseful.needing a chance to prove his worth to wear e golden kit of botakgang.

    11:09 PM

    hey guys somemore news photos are up including jian an analing the vietnamese guys like siao...come on lah jian and behave urself on the field man...haha
    and mian is making his move on maureen...!! JIA YOU!!!!hahahah
    IZAC 10

    7:45 PM

    arlow arlow... ahem... i've got nothing to comment much on the match though but feel i shld say something... sorry guys bout ydae's perfomance... it wasnt particularly pleasing but rather suckish... so juz wanna say sorry to all of u...


    2:51 PM

    hey guys,
    i put up the photos from our match already...it' FREAKING FUNNY.....read all the comments below the photos..and look and all the photos..i bet u all will have a good laugh... thanks alot maureen for the photos...!!!
    IZAC 10

  • new photos from the Vietnamese match!!

  • 1:42 AM

    dudes.... the first entry after the match..... haha.... it was a defeat for the botaks today..... one of the toughest matches we have played..... personally for me this is the toughest match since Esmund..... cos we weren't very serious against the jeremy team, and then the weather was too hot the other time!!!

    0-2.... but i think we were beaten convincingly by a better side...... they were faster.... physically stronger..... and they had some good ball control skills......
    ok overall the botakgang was out runned.....out paced...... out manuevered..... but we were certainly not OUT CLASSED..... cos we did have many of our goal scoring opporturnities..... tho some were squandered by the oldest player on the pitch besides the black clad refree who was..... in my opinion... rooted to the same spot for the entire match....... ( he had....again in my opinion.... binocular vision vital to being a pilot lor...... he could spot a free kick 3 quarters of a field away.... and he has truly remarkable understanding of the rules of soccer..... any foul committed within that box that surrounds the goal results in a free kick from where ever he fancies....... )
    enough about them..... now..... we shall discuss why we failed......

    again today's team was tatically superior.... due to the unlimited number of substitutions.....
    BUT...... wat struck me the most is that our team has no game plan...... has no set route of attack....... we juz play wat we like...... and hopefully we score..... in a way this may not be bad.... but we are not that good enough to play free expression football......... wat we need is juz a simple route of attack..... and i suggest no more crosses from deep....... as firstly it wastes the energy of the left and right mid to chiong all the way there......... secondly....... even if the cross goes in...... we are not tall and strong enough to head it home........

    thus...... the simple route of attack should juz be a through ball from the 4 mid fielders to the 2 strikers through the centre...... cos tho it may seem like suicide.... the centre is the most easily exploited...... and the strikers juz stay compact in the middle of the field larh once any defender get ball get ready to choing....... haha....... and the long balls into the centre will surely cause some confusion amongst the opponent defenders...... and our strikers will score!!! haha....... so.....DO AWAY WITH CROSSES FROM DEEP........ the only crosses will come from diagonal balls....... GOOD GOod?

    ok thats all for tonight....... i think the zidane is dem shen...... watch the hong kong match u will juz get stunned!!!........haha.......

    oh Maureen..... glad to have seen u in person after hearing so much about u....... haha.....!!!!


    Thursday, August 07, 2003
    10:29 PM

    GUYS tmrw 4pm at eunos mrt k....! dun be late.....
    IZac 10

    2:01 PM

    AY nich the team news is fake one for me i cancel tuition la except for yours which is real...i noe you are INJURED AND TIRED...it must be tough...real tough...ahem ahem ahem ahem hem hem hem...hem...HEM

    eh mian relac relac la...at most can drop to 3 sub right...wa national day leh muz feel patriotic and play agnst the vietnam cats (cos celest say dog is unrefined) standup for singapore...mahjulah singapura

    du & jain n celest

    Wednesday, August 06, 2003
    10:13 PM

    eh come on lah those that can;t make it...choo and du....somemore choo tell me he is dem on to play...then now say got tuition...what rubbish and du tuition on sat or something lah mr chin is free he just called me.....anyway how often do we play matches.... come on man.....
    IZAC 10

    9:17 PM

    eh old cock e webpage team news section cannot scroll down..anyway how come so many pple cant play.sigh.it's our last match before 'A's...try to come down la du n choo if can, try to postpone tuition la..mel mel tore hamstring tt one cant blame la.try to play la.hope all can make it this fri.till then..


    12:36 PM

    arlo arlo
    haha hafta admit the mian is quite good at pre-empting but anyway i agree with the mian la time is truly running out already and its really muggy time liaoz so after this match we shall stop all friendlies its for our own good dudes after the A we can play as much as we can ar neewae how old r those vietnams?? kk betta psyched up and win our final match before we stop all matches la and i must also end it on a high by breaking my scorin duck really must jack liaoz so cya guyz this fri and in the meantime lets all get muggY!!

    -- choo 7 --

    Tuesday, August 05, 2003
    11:58 PM

    ALSO....... i can feel that IZAC is about to write an entry, about playing soccer every weekend as a form of exercise, a break from studies, after he reads my earlier entry about NO MORE MATCHES...... so....... i shall offer a pre-emptive rebuttal.......... studies is more impt at the moment..... and i hope no one will organise matches anymore...... and hopefully the botaks will share my views and keep the matches till after the impt events are over...... PRIORITISE.....

    in our friendlies... we may lose a match or even screw up an easy match and get a draw...... but RE-matches are possible.......

    WE only have ONE shot at our exams..... screw it up and there will be no re-exam........ think about it........

    as such.... i will..... definitely not play if there is another match after the vietnamese match......hopefully u all will think the same way i do and abstain from soccer for a while........


    11:47 PM

    Guys.... its been a long while since i checked the blog.... seems that we have a match against Vietnamese team..... i think they should be quite good lor beat Kadir team 4-2...... hahaha..... so we have to play our best and not be complacent for this match.... cos vietnamese are quite good..... remember the HUI TOK and the DUI.... haha..... they last time in ri quite powerful right....... so must watch out against our vietnamese opposition........

    ok guys now for the more serious part...... i feel that all these matches and stuff have to come to a halt...... IT IS TIME TO STUDY....... so after this Vietnam match there shouldn't be anymore friendlies until maybe after prelims or after As.......... cannot every week keep playing match......
    SO FOR THOSE OF U BOTAKS OUT THERE WHO ARE THINKING OF ORGANISING ANOTHER MATCH PLEASE........ I URGE U..... DO NOT.......... UNTIL AT LEAST AFTER THE PRELIMS.................... this msg also goes out to any soccer teachers........i am serious.....


    11:28 PM

    botakgang goes international!!!!! haha



    VENUE: Mount Vernon Road. Win Field Residence. ( there's shower facility there and free cold water... according to kadir... he seem so happy with the free cold water lor..haha..)


    TIME: 5.15 pm

    The match is confirmed and referee also called already so looking forward to a fun game...psych up!!!!

    Those who can;t make it tell me asap so i can get replacements... but hopefully u all can make it !!!

    Some info on the opponents: They drew 1-1 with RJC j ones.... but raihan and jasmeet didnt play and kadir and pierre were playing..haha... and they beat kadir's team 4-2, but according to kadir they are fast but not very skillful and he's quite sure that we can beat them.. so should be no problem lah...

    IZAC 10

    8:26 PM

    hmmm i've to agree with izac la..e liverpool really rotting lor houllier is killing them.n kewell still said he wanted to join an up and coming team..still suan man utd say their era of dominance gonna end..from e way things are going pool aint going very far either.ok at least got saving grace in e 2 youngsters e sinama-pongolle quite power.but no one can beat van the man.man utd forever.

    haha who e hell is veronica?veron ar?woah then can play for us man.ok one single person is not a fan CLUB.haha i'm sure we'll have any fan club la choo.wake up la.
    sunday set la..n i think e choo's suggestion bout fri being botak outing nite quite good..but thing is dun think many botaks can make it..like e du got tuition n e mian quite difficult to come out n stuff..so we'll see how la..good to see everyone every week.muggy time guys.bye.hope we can play on sun.


    3:52 PM

    haha choo and his nonsense... i'm sure we can have fan club... the girl will just be so bored watching e match.... haha anyway if choo can get more pple to join the fan club i'll be very impressed.OH read all the entries abt powerful teams and players... i watched the liverpool and gala match that day.. and i'm beginning to think if houllier is really killing all the stars of soccer..... kewell was really crap.... he had one cross that was similar to choo's rolling cross that day that didn't even move five metres... no offence ar choo.... but i'm starting to get disillusioned with the crappy boring liverpool lor .. really hope they wake up soon...and VAN the man is really the king lah.. that day against barca he come in for one half then also jack one goal...like lau lau said " put the VAn then automatic 1-0 up already.." that goal he scored against barca was pure strength speed and determination as well as calm finishing... sigh...stupid man u will be up there again....k thats all for now..anyway kadir says he arrange a match for us on sunday against some Vietnamese pple...so all set? got ref and everything lah...
    IZAC 10

    12:21 AM

    arlo arlo
    watched the man utd match and saw the dinho in action he is really good la shld have gone man utd la.... but nvm la at least man utd looks much better now without becks hahaah even the forlan can score really jack liao haha oh ya i have already started on plans on formin a botakgang fan club liaoz managed to roped in one of my fren liao she is veronica the one who always helps us get tix for party one hahaz so look forward to her support in our matches in the near future hope the A will be over soon so we can play again but rite now really hafta be muggy la heyz how bout we set fri as botak outing nite

    -- choo 7 --

    Monday, August 04, 2003
    7:38 PM

    watched the ajax vs inter game..have to say ajax are really building another jack team.n e van der vaart is a king.he's really damn damn powerful.
    he n e pienaar ..tt pienaar guy also damn power..to think they're only 20..so guys have to see van der vaart in action no matter wat.
    oh n man utd looks really good now..i think maybe dinho not coming might be a blessing in disguise..cos if he really come then maybe will have dressing room unrest..as it is now i think e man utd team spirit quite good so they jacking..plus e van van seems to be doing everything right..but it's this kinda times when u feel tt a big injury is coming for him to ruin it all..haha touch wood touch wood lightning wont strike twice.
    ok enuff bout soccer stuff..it seems quite impractical now in the light of the immediate dangers ahead of us.sigh only one word of advice."DISCIPLINE" hope u guys study hard..i'm trying too.cya guys soon.


    Sunday, August 03, 2003
    2:44 PM

    HEY........... the WEBSITE is super cool!!!! haha........ huang jian........ thanx for doing it..........haha..........

    oh on the part about the shearer is king...... if u move the cursor up and down real fast...... u can see the words appearing like in the matrix....... very cool.......haha..........

    i recently saw the ajax vs liverpool match...... i must say i'm quite dissapointed with liverpool.......... hopefully its juz some nonsense pre season lousy play...... when season start should be able to smack everyone liaoz.........haha..........okok ......... study hard everyone.......


    12:06 PM

    haha guys check it out our homepage!
    and e old cock is e ultimate not shy..cursor also muz put 'shearer is king' so these words juz follow ur arrow everywhere.
    anyway shearer is past it la.so he can suck it.


    2:12 AM

    guys the botak stats page is finally up
    click below or the link on the right to see it today!
  • botak stats!!!

  • jian

    Saturday, August 02, 2003
    9:12 PM

    eh i set up the page liao
    i'll edit again later when i come back...think i'll make a new wan


    8:36 PM

    Newly updated botak results and rosters. Sorry to mel for forgettin the goal and no suanin of choo liao. Actually he not too bad la build up play got involved so thats good. No game wah heng man wanted to study. k bye.


    8:35 PM

    Botak results to date:

    Key: (N)-neutral, (H)-home (Either RJ or St Wilfred), (A)-away

    1. Botak 5-1 China Team (A) Scorers:Mian (2), Keith, Choo, Huang Jian (pen)

    2. Botak 4-2 Chung Cheng Boys (N) Scorers:Leon* (2), Choo, Melvin Chen

    3. Botak 2-1 Esmond Team (N) Scorers:Keith, Teoh

    4. Botak 1-2 Jeremy Team (N) Scorers:Choo

    5. Botak 0-2 ESSLPM (Dunno how to spell) a.k.a. Mutt team (H)

    6. Botak 3-3 Davids Team a.k.a. Choir Boys (H) Scorers:Teoh (2), Du

    7. Botak 1-0 Better VJ Team (H) Scorers:Keith, Choo (-0.5)

    * Guest appearance

    Botak top scorers to date:

    1. Keith, Teoh, Choo ---------- (3)
    3. Mian, Leon* ------------------ (2)
    5. Du, Huang Jian -------------- (1)
    7. Rest of team ----------------- (0)

    Team Roster:
    1. Sheninho, Yu Chong, Wayne (in our dreams), David Lee (for emergency)
    2. Huang Jian
    4. Teoh
    5. Liang (guess which one Ben or Lou hai)
    7. Choo
    8. Melvin Chen
    9. Keith
    10. Isaac
    11. Nich
    13. Du
    14. Dillion Foo
    17. Han Boon
    18. Mian

    Hope the numbers are correct. To potential members hoping to join, please refer to roster for available numbers.

    Thank You


    8:07 PM

    choo juz confirmed that theres NO match tml...so everyone stay home n study hard!


    Friday, August 01, 2003
    7:16 PM

    ok.... the ali baba team is not bad i gather.... sunday sounds good..... so far..... but i think rj field not good.....

    yups..... wasted dinho never go premier league....even if he WAS going to man utd..... cos i think he very shen....... after i see his "flip-flap"....... and on nikefreestyle.com see he do triple leg over the ball trick....... too bad won't get to see him...... haiz........ yups...... but wat the heck anyway.....

    oh ali baba team we cannot look down on them..... cos they are quite good...... so must still bia....... if not will suffer our first actual defeat at the hands of people of our age.........

    and one more thing....... Samuel Lee...... aka hcjc soccer cap...... has initiated a friendly with us........ but it will be after the As...... hahahahahahaha....... this team is strong.... think may be as strong as mutt team...... cos got so many good players from different schools...... for example

    samuel, aaron...... from hcjc
    chester, eugene lim, norman...... from ajc ( by the way chester is the shen dude who keep scoring hat trick during nationals.....he is the man i'm scared of..... )
    goal keeper ...... wat ever his name is......... from sajc
    .........so they are quite powerful..... really........ so must keep this match as one of our BIG MATCHES........ play after As.........

    yups...... ok thats all for now.......


    1:52 AM

    yeah read bout e dinho on e soccernet.fuck la they say until like he really damn shen lor.sigh juz too bad la he wouldn't be suited to e premiership anyway..ya bring it on man choo arrange play at rj this sun.ali baba and his forty thieves can go suck it.we juz open sesame they all part like red sea already.
    by the way..tuition is a jack.dun mind dinner tmr night.meet up n talk cock.


    12:36 AM

    hey guys...ronaldinho is good so sorry for man u ... missed out on a king... sigh..it would have been perfect of he played in the premiership though..exciting players always welcome... unlike e hes... he's a killer.. eh guys dinner tog tonight set? and the nike 3 on 3 pple.. from acjc rite...they useless one lah cant even get into the acjc team and choo keeps telling us the other team is powerful but nothing can beat our will spirit to fight to the end ..so guys dun anyhow take out the boots while the match is still on k hahahaha....jk only ar shuan...i know the boots is too small lah....so bring on the ali baba team this sunday.!!!! everyone ok with it? pls reply!.


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