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Thursday, July 31, 2003
9:24 PM

arlo arlo
eh relaxin la.... know i say too much also no use gonna let my legs do the talkin liao!! sure jack this time i shall try to shield and hold up the ball now and not do my one touch flarish passin hahah neewae the aly team really sounds damn shen got the 3 matts from the nike 3 on 3 cage match they won the competition somemore so shld be shen la so that will be our nxt match la so just tell mi when u all feel like playin then i will arrange with them anyway man utd shld not sell the seba la he is good only goin thru a rough time like mi we will both turn on our form again one la kk till nxt time how bout dinner tmw night?

-- choo 7 --

2:35 PM

haha choo u've been saying e same thing for millions of times liao la..everyone getting deja vu already.so let's hope ur actions speak louder than words.i mean like it's not tt it's bad not being able to score..it's not easy being a striker..but e impt thing is tt when chances come striker muz be able to put it in e back of e net.n not fluff e chances tt e rest of e team has tried so hard to create for u.e mian made a good suggestion bout holding up n controlling e ball.
haha ya have to thank keith for scoring.n teoh for making tt roster too bad tt with more entries then it wont remain on e front page as it will be pushed to the archives.haha but dun think we need a website la not like we pro team then need to recruit pple to join..as e du said this team is based on frenship..so even though leon has e highest goal to shots ratio we'll still stick with u choo.cos u're a botak n he's not.
oh read bout e veron saga..looks like it's a no win situation for man utd.see if he moves to chelsea then he'll want to prove fergie wrong then he'll psych up.but if he stays right then he'll juz be a bum again.haha i thnk it quite applies to choo also.ok i think we shld play lor..dunno bout e rest of u guys la.
cya dudes..till we meet again.


Wednesday, July 30, 2003
10:29 PM

arlo arlo
sorry to let ya guyz down with my inability to score..... but will soon rediscover my touch la neewae thanz keith for scorin man won us our first win in our kelme attire do u guyz still wanna play or wanna wait after the prelims?? oh ya by the way... im not insensitive la huang jian realli sounded quite bummish tat dae wad.... at least i dun take 30 mins to bathe u know hahah gonna go do some muggin liaoz happy muggin to u guyz too

-- choo 7 --

10:09 PM

haha... choo juz keep getting banged... haha... but wad the du says is correct lah... hint: i'm refering to the part bout the sub striker haha... joking lah... neway shld thank the teoh for setting up the roster and results... so its like good job lah teoh... lastly been reading articles bout the death of the girl... well hafta say something truthful lah... i dun know her but then just wish that if another world does exist, then hope she's enjoying her 2nd life there... hmmm expressing my condolences aint my forte so i wont say much lest i kanna some bumerooni for being insensitive or wad... oh yah one more acknowledgement to make... keith if u do see this thank u for scoring the goal or else we would have been so freaking sianz...


9:51 PM

hey teoh i think u have left out 1 impt scorer, mel chen. he scored during chung cheng game and we won 4-2 instead of 3-2. analysing our results, leon has the highest goal to game ratio and choo has the lowest. so does this mean a change of strikers? NO! cuz i feel(and really really hope) the choo will start scoring soon to make up for his goal defecit. our soccer team is based strongly on friendship so choo even if u still dont score u will always be a permanent part of our team.... though we might consider getting a sub striker haha...
ok gtg
wj aka du

5:24 PM

hey reading through the summary of the scorers...eh CHOOOOO come on lah u've made a negative contribution to the team haha... jk lah... just score more so we'll all shut up...and i havent scored...but nvm.. i'll score soon lah...dun worry... goals galore coming..

4:12 AM

hey dudes....

i think teoh did a good job making the team summary.....

now... in view of our unprecedented crisis of not being able to score..... i suggest we should have a golden boot award..... to recognise the top scorer in botakgang at the end of every year......... this is to serve as incentive for insensitive bummy strikers to wack in the goals...... and hopefully...... our goals will juz keep on coming........ the prize everyone can decide larh........ ( also........ there is the highly acclaimed "dirty boot" award....... to recognise any botak who has a negative goal tally..... )

until next time.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
9:55 PM

Hi guys jus finished a Botakgang soocer update. Hope its comprehensive enough for viewers. Maybe we should have a web site jus for the fun of it. Any botaks now how to make web site? Ya anyway if there are any mistakes in the entry please feel free to alter but dun anyhow go mess up la i spend quite some time doin it la so ya bye.

Teoh again

9:47 PM

Botak results to date:

Key: (N)-neutral, (H)-home (Either RJ or St Wilfred), (A)-away

1. Botak 5-1 China Team (A) Scorers:Mian (2), Keith, Choo, Huang Jian (pen)

2. Botak 3-2 Chung Cheng Boys (N) Scorers:Leon* (2), Choo

3. Botak 2-1 Esmond Team (N) Scorers:Keith, Teoh

4. Botak 1-2 Jeremy Team (N) Scorers:Choo

5. Botak 0-2 ESSLPM (Dunno how to spell) a.k.a. Mutt team (H) Scorers:Choo (-1)

6. Botak 3-3 Davids Team a.k.a. Choir Boys (H) Scorers:Teoh (2), Du, Choo (-2!!!)

7. Botak 1-0 Better VJ Team (H) Scorers:Keith, Choo (-0.5)

* Guest appearance

Botak top scorers to date:

1. Keith, Teoh ------------------ (3)
3. Mian, Leon* ------------------ (2)
5. Du, Huang Jian -------------- (1)
7. Rest of team ----------------- (0)
15.Choo -------------------------- (-0.5)

Note: Choo received a -0.5 for his efforts because he missed a sitter but scored an offside goal.

Team Roster:
1. Sheninho, Yu Chong, Wayne (in our dreams), David Lee (for emergency)
2. Huang Jian
4. Teoh
5. Liang (guess which one Ben or Lou hai)
7. Choo
8. Melvin Chen
9. Keith
10. Isaac
11. Nich
13. Du
14. Dillion Foo
17. Han Boon
18. Mian

Hope the numbers are correct. To potential members hoping to join, please refer to roster for available numbers.

Thank You


3:40 PM

haha k k this sunday seT... bring all the ali and baba lah..we can take them one... i think if we all play well and do our job unlike some defender that didnt come to play that day because of church.. we be quite a good team lor..and with ben the new addition aka e overlapping king...not many team can chieh us lah unless they are club pple or a school team .. i mean we know each other for how long liao...should play better that a team that was just made up like the team that day... anyway if we play more often we are bound to improve and with being more familiar with our positions and positioning we can start scoring more goals instead of scrapping one nil wins...haha...

1:10 PM

arlo arlo
kk my first blog entry after the match hafta admit the match was awesome man think this is one of the best match we ever played think we r functionin betta and betta as a team liaoz haahh the monkey face said tat the nich was a killer looked like a bloody fool with the adinich hahahaahahahahahahaha...... and he also reminded mi to tell the nich to cut the nails the nxt time hahhhahahahha oh ya mayb we should include in our protocol that limits everyone to 15 mins worth of bathing time this is a measure undertaken to prevent ppl who i shall not mention names in case i get branded as insensitive bum again of taking his own bloody sweet time to bath while the rest of the dudes hafta wait for him in agony...... and then the worst thing is bath finish liao just faster chiong to meet gf without informing us anyting despite waitin fer him for so long..... shall not mention names here again lest kenna called insensitive bum hahah neewae think sunday is okie la but hafta play earlier got another strong team wanna qie us got aly from the vj team in tat team

-- choo 7 --

Monday, July 28, 2003
11:40 PM

yups... i totally agree with everyone... it was fun... hehe...

oh and the teoh thingy i agree also.......

but i disagree with jain....... no more sundays......


9:19 PM

yah great match guys! this sunday again la...


2:55 AM

Ai ya some things not convenient to say on the blog mah later kena insensitive bum like the choo but to put wat i was tryin to express earlier on explicitly, if the unfortunate incident was due to factors out of ur own control like cancer or an accident then u could like say cannot take life for granted cos never noe wat may happen. But in tis case the decision was in noone elses hands. I feel more sorry for those who now have to carry the burden and suffer sorrow for a rash decision.

Teoh again

1:10 AM

hey guys ... havent wrote anything in here for a long time...but today's game was fun...and as usual many funny incidents... it's always a special feeling playing with u guys... something that i'll remember for life.....oh yah and choo...u can do it lah...just bang the ball in the net and run to the rite places..then you'll be a king already.... and thanks keith for scoring ... if not the game would have ended in a draw and all of us will feel pek-cek... yup and i agree with teoh that there's always a solution to everything..and we always have each other to lean on..so if anyone of us have problems we'll be glad to help each other out..dun just keep everything to yourself... live life to the fullest..

12:10 AM

huh? wats this talk about whether it is appropriate or not...... u are missing the point dude........

but anyway.... now i am feeling dem sian cos tmr the start of school....... monday blues setting in..... don't wanna fall asleep cos if u fall asleep then sooner than u know it....it is monday already........ haha.......

i haven't commented much on our gameplay today right..... hmm...... i think we deserve to win larh today...... either the other team slacking..... or we play together more often or something........ or maybe it could be the tribal dance....... or the adi-nich..... i dunno....... but it seemed as though the match was quite easy..... not as tough as the DAVIDS match lor cos i think they never chiong us like those mad pple in the Davids team....... so had lots of time to walk around and stuff......haha......

(for those of u buffled by the term adi-nich..... it is .... i should say...... the most wonderful contraption devised by the innovative nich..... hence the name adi-nich.... its sole purpose is to hold the shin pads in place beneath the socks... by using adhesive tape and taping at 3 precise locations along the length of the leg..... but of cos great inventions usually flourish when others improve upon the existing idea...... and that was when the entity of nich.... the other half.... came out with an even smarter device.... the INSTANT white mania at the foot tip......... acheived simply by mummifying the front part of your existing boots with .... wat else....... adhesive tape....... ) !!!!

ok i think today besides the footballing performance..... i think everyone was quite focused larh...... from the way we settle the formation and the substitution.... i think BOTAKGANG is maturing....... becoming a better soccer team........ yups....... so hopefully we can become even better as time passes..... okok...... i'm gonna sleep now......... until next time.........


Sunday, July 27, 2003
10:53 PM

Hi guyz. Its great to have won at last. But actually it was not really a Kelme duck la cos i mean first match against mutt team then next against davids which we shud have won so tat means in our Kelme onli like one and a half games never win mah. Then the Jeremy team is too powerful la and oso not in Kelme. Ya anyway i tink todays performance was good la partly due to the opponents inability to cross the halfway line so tats good. We had many chances as well woodwork twice some relatively easy chances so ya it was a good performance. Anyway as i was reading mian's entry jus now and though tis may seem heartless i dun tink wat mian said can really be used in tis sitution. I agree we all have to cherish life and not take it for granted but if it was due to cancer or an accident then maybe it would be appropriate. A decision was made and i jus want to say there is always a way in life....


6:01 PM

ok this is the first entry after the match against the supposedly better vj team...... they were not bad larh but not as good as we thought they were.... i personally thought they were saving energy to rape us in the 2nd half.... cos i heard so many of them say...." eh conserve leh conserve"...... so i guess they really did conserve enough energy........ they were attacking with such ferocity during the first 5 minutes of 2nd half lor i really thought they "turned it on" and started chionging..... but to my dismay all that first half conserving could only result in that 5 minute burst..... haiz....

and now to kick start the choo blog banging session...... CHHHHOOOOOOO......... how could u miss so many..... at least bang in one larh..... or at least bang in one on target....... haha..... but i agree its not really your fault larh sometimes striking is harder than it looks..... but...... but......but....... i must point out the obvious mistake you are prone to make, and that is you like to do first touch kicking........ not that it is bad..... but first touch pass may not always be as effective as control then pass..... it depends on the situation.... as a striker i think u should hold the ball up....... and in order to hold the ball up u have to control it...... your control is quite good wat y don't u wanna use it and keep doing one touch instead........ ok hopefully u will heed my advice...... ( though i am not really good enough to advise anyone larh..... but yar juz my opinion....)

my final part involves the tragedy that juz occurred in rj...... i dunno larh but in a way i feel quite sad for her...... her family... her friends.... even though i don't really know her..... she is part of the Rafflesian family after all..... and seeing her friends feel so depress over this incident makes me feel that life is short.... too short..... even when someone is enjoying their finest moments in life.... things can go horribly wrong..... marc vivien foe, and now her....... though life still goes on for those fortunate enough to still be around...... never in one moment should we take life for granted....... never in one moment should any of us feel that we deserve to wake up in our beds tomorrow..... we do not deserve life.... we are given life... the opportunity..... so even now as each of us may think that, after graduation from our respective colleges, we will move on to ns and then to our jobs, and then become old and recount our many victories TOGETHER....... all these may not necessary be possible...... the world may be our oyster for now.... for as long as we are young.... but the point i'm driving at,......... is.......... that nothing lasts....... and as i quote from the "DEAD POETS SOCIETY"......... "we will (in the end) fertilise daffodils"......

so guys.....
" gather ye rose buds while ye may
O' time is still a flying
and this same flower that smiles today
tomorrow will be dying " ---robert herrick---

( no matter how many goals u miss )
( no matter how much taxi fare u still owe me... hehe )


5:31 PM

what a match today!!!!

haha i think all of us had a really great time today..n e rj pitch has improved tremendously..more green than brown liao.still uneven though.haha n everyone played so well today..choo DUN EVER blame urself for all those misses ok..haha

we've finally broken e kelme curse!hope this leads us on to greater victories..though i think this would be e last match before after 'A's..sigh.i think playing together on e field is probably e greatest fun we can have together..it's so fulfilling.haha i think subs are rather impt..good to have 2 or 3.so we can rotate around everyone stays more fresh than if got no subs.
oh i have suggestion.maybe before we go army and after a few more friendlies we should go join tournament..bukit batok this area always have tournament n always play on e yusof ishak sec sch field..it's really a paradise man tt field.who knows maybe we'll win sth..but i juz watched a match juz now at yiss e 2 teams playing really quite powerful..quite pro also got 3 coaches somemore.so i dunno we'd prob have to play more together to play like tt.
ok tt's all..had fun today.sigh but maybe we shld have observed a minute of silence.hope you guys had fun too..love y'all.


12:33 AM

hey suck it la screw it la everyting also blame mi its the freakin davids rite u all think helpin to arrange match so easy is it??? bloody hell then u all go arrange la..... neewae heard bout the tragedy...... cant realli believe it when i heard it she seems so cheerful and bubbly how could this happen?? lets all have a min of silence tmw b4 the match to pay her the last respect....

-- choo 7 --

Saturday, July 26, 2003
9:26 PM

i have nothing much but tis to say
u all dun scold choo lah
他 也 是 有 媽 媽 生 的...


12:46 PM

choo u're a fucking insensitive bum.
and can u please arrange properly next time first before we actually go n book the field..not cheap u know.i think we shld juz make the choo pay for e field lor.
ok la not ur fault la but u shld at least tell them we've booked e field n everything right..why they so brainless think field dun need money one ar..like they very da pai.i think they've got e impression tt we're SO desperate to play them so e davids think he really prima donna..well if he actually reads this..uncle indian with e spastic goggles u can go suck it.so dark already still wanna wear goggles..like as if not dark enuff liddat.next time we shld get e du to juz ram his bloody face.i'm sure after he kena ram his eyeballs wont pop out.ok sorry mian i know i shldn't start suanning pple again but i really damn pissed at their irresponsibility.
i think this a time for grieving.e reality of it all still hasn't sunk in yet.makes me realise tt life's such a magical thing to have but it's so easy to lose it..perhaps tt's why it's so magical.to live.
dun wanna say too much bout tt but juz wanna let u guys know how much i cherish our friendship.n no matter wat..even with all e bad grades and seemingly bleak future..never ever give up on life.
love y'all


1:14 AM

seriously fuck u la choo dunnoe anything den dun anyhow say can


Friday, July 25, 2003
11:31 PM

arlo arlo
ya la today super anti climax again la.... was lookin forward to some soccer action with the botakgang but then came the davids to shatter it all tell you all la indians are con man la tell mi can then last min say cannot nvm la i shall go steal his googles and see if he can still davids ard... but today mi and melvin were the worst hit one la kenna fake upside down chiong all the way to marina to realise no one is dere..... and huang jian u r a bum la tell mi u damn sad bout the councillor incident and dun feel like doin anything then in the end go out with alvina..... bummarooni la u anyway can look forward to this sunday match la most prob our last match till after prelim so lets end it on a high la so lets psyched up guyz!!!

-- choo 7--

10:24 PM

Hi guyz. Jus realise tis whole page does not have a single entry from me so yeah. Anyway today bloody anti climax again la Choo can u tell the stupid davids team to stop being hum and jus play. I mean they tink pple tok for fun isit and choo u can confirm with them properly not ai yo. Anyway block test i got OFF la so ya my Chem teacher had a tok with me and her tone was like CAN U DIG IT SUCKA!!!!! *spinerooni* Ya la so now chiongin a bit liao but then everybody oso chiongin with more intensity than me la so ya mus double mi efforts. Ya and today on the bus saw some damn bizarre incident there was tis woman scolding a malay girl teliing her to fuck off up in out left right and keep calling her bitch all because the mutt usin handphone i tink she racist la. I tink the woman from woodbridge lo in the end whole bus hum dun dare to use handphone. Ya so aniwae I tink dun bother organisin match liao la. Maybe like jus agree with the more powerful vj team tat play them after prelim la then we book st wilfred at a later date lo then play tat match can liao heck davids team la not like last time score not supposed to be 10-3. ok bye guys.


Wednesday, July 23, 2003
10:20 PM


all botaks standby...
match this fri 25th july 5pm-7pm at marina
replay the davids team
meet at 4pm marina bay mrt
be there!
match will be broadcast LIVE on Star Sports SCV channel 24...


Sunday, July 20, 2003
11:32 PM

choo u ask them to get venue can?
anyway nex fri 7-9 st wilfrid free slot again i'll check tml if it's more ex la if not set ar coming fri 7-9 woah damn cool im soooo excited man ooooh
whu cannot make it?


10:25 PM

arlo arlo
god damn barca and that toopid buck teethed bugger ronaldinho oh ya screw psg too bloody greedy keep askin for more money only freak u man. hope man utd can go on to sign joaquin or duff la. well lookin on the bright side, ronaldinho may just turn out to be another man utd south american flops epitomize by forlan...... good to hear that finally got slot at st wilfried but then my fren say bookin at night cost 100 bucks lehz..... cuz must pay for floodlights also.... so betta check it out first la neewae can we play this weekend?? cuz got one team waitin to qie us on weekends.

-- choo 7 --

6:07 PM

as u all can see...our blog lacks pictures...so i decided to put the picture of the greatest footballer of all time...ALAN SHEARER!!!
wah i love him man he's the real one!

6:03 PM

allo allo wah juz discovered sth...st wilfred 30/7 nex nex wed got 7-9pm slot!!!! so choo u ask them see wan to play not faster go arrange den i go book to get the night slot cool sia faster faster choo...
aiyah man utd dun need ronny la...they need the payer of the century...LEE BOWYER!!! but too bad he's gone newcastle liao...so man utd can rely on their jumpa lumpa la which i think as his name suggests...a jumpable pa that can use to illusion his opponents...shud be damn powerful! even liang's lo high oso cannot resist...


3:02 PM

yah... agree wif the du... we shld play on nxt nxt wed... anyway back to the more impt stuff... the dinho is mad lor... for wad he wants to go to barca... he can go suck it lor... play in uefa cup... i tink now the barca got problems... they got 5 foreigners haha... maybe they shld sell saviola to man u or something... anyway barca psg and dinho can all go suck it lah... at least on the bright side man u can buy a more yandao player lor... the onli thing the dinho can market is his teeth lah... maybe put on some crap dental ad on something... least man u gettin another brazilian... hope the kleberson realli as good as wad the coaches say bout so at the very least not tat bad... bleah... on another hand maybe now duff will f**k chelsea and move to old trafford... the russian chairman shld juz go bak to russia and develop his own nukes lah... keep screwin the transfer market... buy this buy tat... bleah...


1:34 PM

god.ronnie's joined fucking barca who,incidentally,isn't even playing in next season's champ's league.i bet they'll never ever get there again.now they have like super many foreign fucks la..saviola riquelme marquez now ronaldinho..sigh juz got to blame it on the fact tt man utd's a plc..read tt fergie's so pissed with the board cos they weren't interested in paying 3m pounds more for a player who will conquer europe for them.they apparently felt tt 18m sterling was more than enuff money for ron the rabbit.so fergie had to use barthez as a makeweight to exchange.

absolute rubbish if i muz say so myself.who'd want tt clown?so now since ronnie's opted for the gold of barca fc over the red of man utd,the 'gracias' over the 'thanks mate',the sun of barcelona over the rain of manchester,the brunettes of spain over the blondes of england,last season's flop over last season's champs,i wish him all e best forever in UEFA CUP oblivion.man utd forever.


2:03 AM

i tink we shud play on nxt nxt wed cuz we have good field instead of a walking timebomb(quote from pierre) like the marina fields. i never know how pierre came up with that phrase, logically how can a timebomb walk? n if u think of it it doesnt make sense cuz its like you playing soccer on field halfway and the timebomb walk to you and explode and you fall..huh? for those who watch the borat on ali g, think pierre got his inspiration from there. the borat's joke: "there is a chair, the chair walk, with the shoes lalalalala he walk on the street haha he's a walking." ok rather bo liao cya guyzs...

1:32 AM

eh ronaldinho going barca liao la how shaun how?
man u how?
how like that how?

Saturday, July 19, 2003
12:52 AM

hahaha eh im pure and innocent la where got perverse 14 dun anyhow say la...n it's not mi fault lor it's the issac la anyhow put pictures on ur page see la cause all the problems la issac...
eh wa maybe can onli play the nex nex wed leh guys...nex wed issac n du got pilot stuff...or maybe nex sat la marina fields again if not really nex nex wed liao la other days all end differently mah hard to collaborate with the vs teams to play la...so how nex sat or nex nex wed?

Friday, July 18, 2003
9:27 AM

arlo arlo
heyz guyz why sat cannot?? already arranged with my frenz already not the davids team la but a much betta team so just come down la not much time left to play soccer liao must get muggy already only left ard 8 weeks b4 the prelims......

12:48 AM

yah... sat cannot... i got some flag day stuff... so sat is out lor... make it up some other day lah... neway the mian and nich are mad lor... keep fightin wif each other when dere's definitely a better choice to throw ur verbalistic ammunition on... he's none other than the choo lah... so u 2 shld juz pour out ur saliva at him lor rather than go down on each other's throat... bleah...

p.s: for pple like huang jian who has a perverse mind, no sexual intention was meant by "go down on each other's throat"... i mean juz use ur common sense lah huang jian... how can u imagine mian and nich juz doin it on each other, literally... its like... wah lau lor... realli unimaginable... but then if u imagine it, maybe its quite funny lor haha... bleah...

and another... this for mian and nich... its not meant to suan the both of u lah... juz tat u 2 have become unwillingly and unintentionally but yet inevitably choosen... so dun get mistaken bout tis... its all the huang jian's fault lah... bleah...


Thursday, July 17, 2003
8:17 PM

haha..... watever larh nich...... frens right.....haha......as the huang jian would put it....... ( i love u all..... blush blush.....)... ok that's too gay......
oh yar saturday i think i can't make it cos i have chemistry make up lec..... think shaun might have it too if i'm not wrong..... and then sat at 4 we have our match against our seniors..... so i think sat is out..... sorry......

Oh..... one more thing........ DON'T BOOK MARINA...... that field sucks...... later we kick then twist our ankles....... and remember we cannot change after the match some more cos the bowling auntie juz won't allow it.......... yups.... wait for some better field to use larh....... its worth the wait....... until next time..............


12:53 AM

aiyah st wilfrid no weekend slots wan la dun believe u check la
  • pitch booking

  • so if wan to play sat den onli got marina fields man...
    eh btw i really got no $ to book man...so yio chu kang brothers take over n go yio chu kang tennis centre the mrt station there to book can? du dun lazy go book la

    12:06 AM

    hey next wed me and du cannot cause we have some pilot selection stuff.... so play this sat lah....pls...but i wan to play at st wilfred so check out the other times k... and liang wash ur ass properly next time lah .. never wash then blame the field..come on lah lo high.....the hulk and nich having a brawl on the blog haha.... i sense mian is going to threaten nich left back position when he brings the battle to the pitch too....haha....and nich dun suan fellow left backs like babayaro lah.....
    IZAC 10

    Wednesday, July 16, 2003
    11:07 PM

    wa guys relax relac dun fight man...we are all brothers muz learn to love each other...juz like how i love u guys *kisses n hugs*
    ok so how want to play this sat not? the marina fields lousy la i think but if really wan to play i can book la juz checked got 2 fields free somemore at 9-11am...if not den juz play nex wed 3-5pm at st wilfrid lor anyway the field's good right except that liang complains he gets ass abrasion after st wilf games think he never cleans properly thats why la dun blame the field la lo-high
    so nex wed on?

    9:04 PM

    ok la sorry mian...i really cant stand u hulking me anymore i'm really sorry for doing such an inhuman thing i'm really remorseful pls give me a chance to repent.pls dun unleash ur awesome hulk powers on me anymore i cant take it ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    babayaro is good.i repent.i dun have the right to scold him until like that only the hulkster can have tt authority cos he is the hulk and tt name sounds so MANLY.both 'hulk' and 'mian' are synonymous with manliness,testosterone,machismo and masculine potency.wow cannot take it la the girls juz falling at his feet lor.my name sounds too gay i also falling at his feet liao.mian is too dark n charming and i'm too white liao like gigolo.so aiya how stupid can i be to suan pple with darker skin than my white face.
    ok la not like i suan the babayaro mother father right..only the mother wat and then e hulk smashes me till i'm crying for my mother while i am typing this.imagine if i added the father..i think have to go and beg for forgiveness at the goddess of mercy.mian i promise you i wont suan CELESTINE BABAYARO ever again.forgive me!!!show me mercy!!!

    nich-11,who feels utmost regret and remorse for suanning babayaro till mian cant take it

    P.S anyway ar Sir Mian..have you seen the photos?do u know why i suanned baba?

    8:12 PM

    hey nich...... don't suan pple like that larh.......... i know u have "the attitude"....... all COOL and HANDSOME and FUNKY and WHITE and stuff..... but show that man some respect man...... i mean wat if someone's gonna say this kinda bad things about u man...... ( by the way .... not suaning u or wat.... but wat kinda name is NICH anyway.... sounds pretty gay..... ) yups.... so always look at ourselves before we comment on others....... and to qualify u to suan others....... i say the golden rule to follow is......... u must be as COOL, FUNKY, HANDSOME, and WHITE as the nich before u do it....... haha.....

    no offence
    ---mian, who can't believe nich suan babayaro so badly until he cannot take it---

    3:13 PM

    bleah... read bout the match last nite but juz too tired to say anything... hmmm... i tink the nich is correct... a good pitch is important lor or else we'll be blamin the pitch if we so so so unfortunately lose/draw... yeah... kinda sianz tat today no match but then its all those vj pple fault lor... they support this support that... mite as well go celebrate their deaths now lah... bleah...


    1:30 AM

    allo allo
    if u have yet to seen the rj gp teacher terror on student...here's how u can get it
    simply go kazaa n search for 'hpfterror' n dl the file


    Tuesday, July 15, 2003
    8:43 PM

    hi guys i think right playing in a good pitch is quite impt lor..think it'll be worth the wait..rather than playing on a crappy field and not enjoying the game.but then muz find oppo la later those fucking councillors say got wat computer science finals or sth like tt then clay.we can still muggy this week till the match nxt week.then we'll enjoy it more cos we had to wait for it .
    anyway..i tell u ar the babayaro is really mother ugly lor.it's not only normal ugly it's like superbly ugly.ok la i know it's not like anyone can help it if they're ugly..but more than that..he's BLACK.ok not like anyone can help it if they're black also..but it's quite difficult to be both ugly and black.i think he's one in a million.ugly plus black is the end.and not only would he have to thank his mom for giving him an ugly face and black skin..he'd also have to thank her for giving him such a girly name lor let me kena suan.tt name is for girls one lor i think e mother too shocked by his stupendously horrific face when he came out then disoriented dunno whether he boy or girl so juz give androgynous name.so C. Babayaro is officially the worst footballer on this planet.ronaldinho not counted cos he from mars.the name babayaro sounds like shit also.
    ok enuff bout uncle baba.i think our holiday destination shouldnt need too much money cos not all of us can afford.means spain's outta the question.nice beaches and spa resorts are good..preferably an island or something.clear pristine waters with fine sand all over..then can ma-sha-ji also..maybe thailand sounds good.quite relaxing then got activities to do also..kill two cocks with one nut.something to think about and look forward to for all of us huh.
    sigh wanna play la.c'ya guys man.muggy time is on.


    3:26 PM

    hey jain....just book any day lah...we'll all try to make it one.. just settle the opponents lah chOOOOOO...... they so troublesome....fuck man.....

    8:20 AM

    arlo arlo
    i dun mind any field la dun think the field is really that bad rite think sat 9-11 is good then i better go ask the davids liaoz but confirm got slots not?? think the stupid davids team is playin hard to get la they scared kenna smacked by us again hahahahz dun think i will wanna wait till nxt week to play must start to get muggy liao haha and weekdays very hard to get teams to play one

    -- choo 7 --

    1:02 AM

    aie no need study so hard la du
    yah la bloody hell the davids wan to support track n field on wed la den they all dun wan to play this wed...stupid councillors la lucky i haven't book the pitch yet man...maybe nex wed if u guys are on la...or arrange with them to play at rj this sat evening but the field sucks la...or this fri at tanglin field (near botanic gardens) 5-7pm??? or sat 9-11am marina south field?? if not den wait another week lei guys but cannot wait liao la coming liao la
    so how like that how??? pls feedback asap so that can book in time!!!
    so hurry post ur views today!

    Monday, July 14, 2003
    11:13 PM

  • new photos guys!!!!>>>!!!

  • oh and i think that going to a beach nearby like the thailand one is a great idea.....SET ....dem sad abt having no match though...

    9:40 PM

    harlo... no match on wed cuz the vj council boys going to support swimming finals, stupid davids j2 still so psych up abt council... so everyone pls take note n maureen too no match on wed. since there is still a financial crisis looming over us, maybe after our 'a's we shud go somewhere nearer. i tink the beaches in some parts of south east asia should be good like those in thailand, indonesia or malaysia. maybe we shud go bali, sure damn cheap now but lightning might strike twice if the ji muds decide to bomb the place again...u nv noe, they are muds..haha but i'm sure no matter where we go, our friendship n all the clowns in botak gang will make the trip very enjoyable even if its some lame cruise we're on... so cya guys n study hard.


    12:27 AM

    Allo. Very good day to all. Seems like its muggy time for all of us cos prelims start even b4 september holidays. Wow. Anyway, part of the botakgang had a wonderful nite out yest. Actually it was a wonderful nite and day out. These times har onli now can do, so mus savour. Anyway we havin one of our last few matches of the Pre 'A' leval period against some VJ dudes. Dunno whether choir boys or not anyway i lookin forward to it. Hope it actually happens and not like the last time anti-climax. Anyway i did not catch any of the honda thing or wat in the message board and oso all the celest stuff so tats a pity. Shud have been a good laff. Ok i suggest the gang have holiday end of the year. Huang jian and du support China but i rather afraid sia like the moment u get of the plane can smell their toilets liao. Du oso want europe while mian suggest cruise. But i suggest turtle island man. Yes the perfect get away. Its like holiday resort kind very i sland life but 10 times better then sentosa. got coral reef spa massage very clear blue water and very nice scenery. but then may be a bit to relaxin until got nothin to do la. or maybe we go like mauritius or somethin like tat. Actually har everywhere in the world like not safe lo singapore safest liao. Maybe we have like hotel package then stay good hotel then very fun liao.ok actually anywhere will do la company that matters not place. bye till next time


    Sunday, July 13, 2003
    11:13 PM

    in order to commemerate the e honda issue..i've found a very cool link from the bird blog on this
    muz see...
    Honda - the power of dreams
  • Honda ad

  • jain

    7:07 PM

    mian u outdated la..at last measure it was 14.5 inches la

    5:31 PM

    hi dudes...... its been a long while since i wrote anything here...... haha.....

    yesterday went out with the du and teoh and jain..... juz came home in the morning..... haha... had real fun lor watching terminator and eating "hum" at newton.... and yesterday was an especially memorable day for the huang jian..... b'cos for the first time in the modern history of this world, huang jian seemed able the discern the "intricate" plot behind terminaor 3..... and for the first time he seemed to understand the "ang moh" --ish english.....( cos i think he shares the same accent as ARNIE.......hehe) i mean Huang Jian is totally like arnie in a few ways lor..... they both say "get out" in the same monotonous fashion when they want to get their way in life..... and he wears this totally cool black frame specs juz like arnie does....... and not to mention he has to sleep at certian Programmed times..... the most frequent being 3 am in the morning...... with so many similarities between them.... there is little wonder why huang jian totally enjoyed the show!!! ( and understood it.... ) oh...... i forgot.... huang jian also has a twin barrel 14-inch shot gun to rival that of Arnie's....... pretty awesome right.... packs a real punch when fired man......( i have reasons to believe no cyborg could withstand one shot from his trusty shotgun )

    enough said about jain...... hopefully after reading this he would not terminate me......
    with all due respect.....

    Saturday, July 12, 2003
    12:14 AM

    arlo arlo
    hahah yea i agree du has always been the one man heyz dudes if we look at our horrendous results in a positive light rite it aint so bad wad..... serve as a wake up call and make us panic so tat we will work harder for our A levels time is running out liaoz only 9 weeks left to prelims betta start to pia man wah.... how come i suddenly got so many fans man hahahz think all the adulation shld go to the du la since he is the one lolz kk neewae hafta psyched up fer next week match man im sure we wun smack them this time round cya soon

    -- choo 7 --

    12:07 AM

    ya du is really the one..the only..the king.
    he's the only one who can enter the matrix and save the world against the machines..actually he's the terminator la.he's back!!!!
    haha oh ya u all muz go watch the arnie beefball terminator3 it's really damn funny lor whole show juz keep laughing.
    actually i think right..if we had studied consistently right..then we need no tuition lor.
    bye see y'all tmr!


    Friday, July 11, 2003
    11:35 PM

    true la fourteen...muz chiong!! ai pia!! but one man is still going strong la...n it' non other than the Du!!! he's the botaks' only hope of the future la...hope for a better age...Du is THE ONE la!! you are the hero...ah Du nex time go rich dun forget to sponsor the botaks our new jersey...but kelme all the way!!!
    'auspicium ah du aevi'


    10:35 PM

    its been awhile since i last said anything... wah seems like everyone died for common test... ah hahaha i would loved to say, "yeah suck it! i passed" but as fate would decree, i am of no exception haha... failed maths for now... think the rest also got the failing feeling... bleah... anyway juz study lah... all of us sure can make it one lor... its juz whether we'll be bothered to study... bleah...


    12:13 AM

    sigh damn pissed also la.
    failed chem n math..study so much for chem still fail.damn fuck la.
    ok teoh isaac n nich will form e tantalising teasing thrilling tuition trio.e trio with a total of 18+27+30 for math.tt's 75 outta a possible 300.i'm sure we wont psych up for tuition.
    sure jack la with e tuition.
    ok looking forward to e match heard maureen's coming for our match haha our first supporter.
    cya guys..love y'all.


    Thursday, July 10, 2003
    10:24 PM

    ah teoh im joining u in the 3 sub gang liao la going to drop f maths soon man
    fucking fail n fail la cheebai

    yah will book the pitch on sat la tml i wan to stay in sch to mug ar if i dun go tuition
    psych up for match la guys...defenders discipline!!! or else u can go play striker all u want man
    psych up!

    10:07 PM

    teoh tuition will commence on monday next week and it will take place maybe two to three times a week k.......so psych up for tuition..
    oh yah and next week match on wed....against the choir cocks...this time no excuses... david lee has given the promise to come...so i guess they'll be contained to zero goals...he save us and goal kicks or punt kicks will be through ball for us so just chiong up... and we play 4231 or 442??? the keith wants to play midfield lah..so 4231 is good lor i think....or i go play striker lah....haha....or du...wanna striker or not.....haha k k looking forward to the match... huang jian go book soon k

    1:08 AM

    I want tuition!!!!!!

    Chiongster Teoh!!!!!!

    Wednesday, July 09, 2003
    7:57 PM

    hey alloz guys
    choo nex wed confirm got team ar? i can book nex wed 3-5pm onli la...i try the stupid site liao tried all dates it's impossible to get 5-7 on any day and cannot book during weekends wan even the 7am slot...yah cheating sia but anyway guys prepare for nex week's game psych up man!! meanwhile choo can tell us more abt the opposition??
    ok 9 more weeks to prelims work hard play hard guys!

    8:45 AM

    arlo arlo
    wah... freakin hell.... got smacked fer my common test also la..... gonna get back maths later but think its a goner too....... teacher already sorta hinted to mi liaoz..... darn it...... hey no worries la bet if we really start to mug then surely get good grades one and heyz u guyz are bloody tuition kings also wad hahah told u all tuition was good hahaha anyway think the next match shld be ard next week la mayb we could all start to have muggin sessions together man then study till sian already then go qiong some soccer. k till next time cya guyz

    -- choo 7 --

    12:11 AM

    sigh teoh ah.i also like u la..my class got 26 pple 24 got either A or B for math..then i got 30%.same la.so dun be depressed lor i think it's juz lack of study.it's not like we dun have e brains right.
    ya actually e huang jian suggestion is good..really have to start chiong-ing already..like u said got good grades got money nothing is impossible right.
    so how bout it muggy together?oh n got e math tuition also u going anot?havent asked isaac bout it also...i think tuition will be good lor look at e tuition's miraculous results on huang jian.
    ok la nothing much to say la dun wanna say so many things here then defeat e purpose of this blog.we'll talk when we meet again la..juz e same sentence la-friends are forever lor.so ya next time no one want u all of us also still want u one lor.....err...quite gay again but ya tt's e meaning la.
    so muggy time guys i dun have any more exams for me to fail anymore..so cannot fail anymore!till we meet again..love y'all


    Tuesday, July 08, 2003
    11:58 PM

    heya ah teoh unnamed is mi classmate lei...
    aie shaun dun so depressed la no matter wat stil got me mah i give u lots huggies n kisses k...eh u wan come rj mug anot or go anywhere got table got chair den can liao den we mug until 11pm mug until no day no night all the way till prelims sure can wan la..ok guys all study hard la last stretch liao chiong!!

    11:14 PM

    Jus got the news that i got 18/100 fer maths and failed the rest of my 2 subs.......... Feel very lost now like life is headin no where. Jus read huang jian's blog and read an entry on an unnamed brudder. Got brains shud noe whu. Y make life seem like a soap opera. I myself feel very down now lo. I dunno, seems like so many problems in my life. Results, relationships, re-somethin. Ok basically, results and relationships for me la. But lookin at the big picture our problems aint that big la. I tink u jus grow lo. Now i noe not to trust pple so easily cos u mite put urself so much into a belief or a comment and end up findin urself fallin from mid air once the support of that promise has disappeared. I tot everythin was fine with a promise but in the end they are onli made to be broken lo. anyway, sometimes i tink jc no good la, mix guys and girls in the end very complicatin. last time ri very easy no worry. grass is always greener on the other side my b**** lo, ignorance is bliss la. actually har got heterosexual and homosexual then y dun have nosexual, the kind where u prefer neither and am very happy with like urself. ok stupid comment some relationships work out la. anyway guys i feel very xian today i dun wanna play match tomm lo. maybe tis be our last match la then go muggy liao. i need my 3 A la so next time at least got proper job. No love at least got frens and money not bad rite. tink bout it lo, if u muggy a lot rite then its like sure do well then go good university then get good job then got many many money then by that time go find love lo. then by that time rite all girls oso dun wanna be left on shelf liao then u oso dun wanna left on shelf liao so all chiong sure can find wife la. but of course all the good ones shud kena koup la but then har good ones got many la no scared all kena koup. Wah i feel my singlish todae a bit the powerful xia............ ai ya stupid entry tink i go sleep liao.

    Tired Teoh

    2:26 AM

    haha issac wat chi new year party haha ok la glad to hear that ur grandma is fine la...wah the du house really awesome man after u left we all go back to bathe la...with nich clocking his personal best at 22:38min!!! den after that is sleep n sleep liao...
    haha sorry la choo was zong se qing juz now so hec cared u im damn remorseful but pls arrange with those dudes n play asap legs itchy wan to play ar thnx thnx

    Monday, July 07, 2003
    5:19 PM

    hey guys... how was the overnight stay at the du's house? i just came back from kl.. my grandma is fine not very depressed... haha got so many pple visit her luckily the hospital ward for six pple only got her one person....so about thirty of us..all my relatives cramp in then like chinese new year party liddat....oh talking abt the shit land soccer it was dem fun lah..... should have more of it... and when's our match coming...FASTER!!!! chooo!!!!! after the scintillating performance by choo at the bball court the confidence that we all gave him by letting him score so many will hopefully translate into goals on the field...benedict is going to play for us finally..then we'll have a hardworking defender...hey nich did u receive a letter by the air force about being shortlisted to be pilot and go for some test? if u did then we can go together lah.....thats all guys...


    12:33 AM

    the choo how can u be so bad to those 2 police men..... its their job to help fight crime and catch top notch criminals like ourselves right.... i mean we steal the sleep from countless of innocent yio chu kang residents..... and of course kill their day ahead of them....... it is like 2 of the worse crimes that we can commit already lor..... definitely much worse than those raping incidents at mac ritchie and those pple setting fire to motorcycles in the middle of the night lor...... so it is of course the police's rightful duty to use all of their precious resources and energy to stop criminals like us lor......... i mean it is the right thing for them not to go to places like mac ritchie and prevent those petty crimes when u have graver sins like a bunch of kids playing soccer around yio chu kang basketball court.......... so i think we should really applaud their JOB WELL DONE...... don't u say.......

    keep it real......

    Sunday, July 06, 2003
    11:20 PM

    arlo arlo
    wah.... its been 2 days since a new entry has been made nvm i shall be the first then haha.... hafta admit the soccer at shitland was awesome not to mention it was funny too hahah...... it was a night where soccer meets comedy nich got the ball rollin when he was hit by the ball in the stomach a loud "uggghh" was heard not long after triggerin a loud burst of laughter from everyone hahahhahah!!! soon after we all discovered that liang simply cant put the ball past the goalpost and he too was bombarded by lots of abuses from us hahah the killer was at the du house later when he asked du wad was the name of his dog..... du spontaneously replied " LIANG " hahahah and the highlight of the night was at the petrol kiosk and the star of the night was none other than NICH!! thanz to the hunag jian we pulled off a trick on the nich fakin that his wallet was inside a plastic bag full of crap and soup from the cup noodles hahahaz anger soon overwhelmed the nich and he finally couldn't take it anymore and blasted huang jian hahaz anyway here's a note for the two no brain policeman just in case the two of you got nothing betta to do and start surfin the web in ur police car in the middle of the night here is someting for u to chew on heyz u think we dunno its not the neighbours who complained rite its just that u two buggers got nothing to do and happened to past by and was jealous u two cant join in the fun with the botakgang rite hahahahaz!! and if u two got any brains you wun be wad u r now la so go and suck it la!! cya guyz soon at the next soccer match

    -- choo 7 --

    Friday, July 04, 2003
    6:34 PM

    hey to all those that are coming tell me when u reaching n to all those that are not coming juz come oso...
    tats all, one of the shortest message posted.

    Thursday, July 03, 2003
    11:25 PM

    ello ello
    heyz wads the crap bout choppin off my 3rd leg man?? hahahz no worries la i will be focus fer our matches woah..... suddenly got so many matches to play and i can organize somemore also looks like it is really soccer galore time man!!! whoho!! gettin really psyched up man anyway..... my condolences to isaac ur grandma really sad case la hope she faster recovers heyz mian!!!! come to shitland tmw la will really be shitloads of fun if i can go?? why cant u?? hope the doggie aint impedeing u man hahhaz okie okie dun hulk mi i scared...... so mian betta come tmw la one day of no muggin wun hurt ya u guyz should go download south park really funnie hahhaz oh ya btw toeh ar battlefield is damn hard la dun really know how to play also just move around and smackin ppl then end up kenna raped by 2 tanks.... k cya guyz tmw really lookin forward to shitland!!

    -- choo 7 --

    6:51 PM

    its over......... Chem die write nonsense.......maths hundred marks paper use onli one and half pieces of paper.....bio onli study one hour b4 the thing and two essay onli do one.......looks like its repeat of sec 4 common test........ Anyway on the brite side a thins, thins cant get any worse fer me. Jus look at the photos all of us change lo, onli du look rather similar la and huang jian with same pervert face and me with dao face and isaac with nakata face and then choo with spastic face so actually onli mian drastic change la. become more mean.......and green......and HUUUUMMMM. Jus keep bein afraid of da dog. Ok jokin la its da parents i understand. anyway, i am damn PSYCHED UP FOR THE MATCHES MAN!!!!!BRING IT ON I WANNA PLAY AGAINST THE VJ TEAM BRING IT MAN!!!!!!!!!AND THE VS TEAM!!!!!!!!! AND THE CHITONG TEAM!!!!!!!!! actually i tink the chi tong v v good la he come back hc play soccer they still say he belly shen. so dunno la jus play and get chieh. mian reckon he betta than taufiq. maybe la since he one man show carry hc to 3rd. yayayayayayaya. ai ya very xian leh. come on la guys lets go battlefield and thrash everyone there man come on if we have like 5 pple sure smack them come on la very fun and lousy-550mhz computer-friendly la. actually rather bad jus now cos when i saw isaac entry then he say they amputate her leg seem comical like cartoon then i laff.like they jus take the saw and cut and everyone laff. ok very bad. i tink we shud amputate one of the choos legs la mus be his third leg gettin in the way play soccer then keep thinkin of his betty......ay wait is it betty or is it dolly like the sheep rite! ai ya its poofy la choo got fetish for inverted chest. wah type a lot liao as long as my first enrty. anyway mian goin to type some sorta new intro so get ready for a good laff cos he say very funny for sure. ya ok i go play battlefield liao bye@!

    6:44 PM

    harlo guys some updates: the goalposts are down cuz some indian worker must have taken the sticks to go hunting or something... n the mian must realli be mugging quite hard cuz he have yet to reply whether he's finally coming anot. come on lah mian dont be shy juz come lah... oh yah since there are already many ppl coming must make sure not too many ppl come cuz al lof u are squeezing into my pigsty room and the noise level made by the increased number of ppl might soar to new heights as huang jian say to the stars n the moon that the neighbours may complain police... yearning for ct to end..

    cya tmr

    6:02 PM

    hey guys.... sat i'll be going up to kl and coming back on mon...see my grandma lah they amputated her leg...sigh.. quite poor thing...must go see her.. i'll be back in the evening on mon..so i guess next mon game cannot lah...make it one of the weekdays next week from 7-9pm or something lah st wilfred at night also can book one.....and all the games u all about to arrange..lets play all of them lah... dem fun... faster i can't wait to play soccer already ...but i'll still be going to ah du house .... but have to go back in the wee hours on sat haha...so mian come on lah better come...

    5:47 PM

    oh ya one more thing.on tt man utd n PSG ar..i tell u tt graille guy is an absolute fucker lo.juz keep asking for so much money..i mean like e price was already decided then now he bring real madrid into e picture to ask for more money..it's plain extortion lo.man utd will be nuts if they actually go n pay 31m pounds for ronaldinho.looks like this season man utd's juz gonna lose becks n get monkeycrap in return...i'm sure anyone ever heard of djemba-djemba man.sounds like e game jenga.n e bellion..ok la quite fast but i'm sure he's e new DB of man utd la.shit man.check this out..from The Sun a uk paper.."David Beckham was given the number 23 shirt to help him and Real Madrid crack the megabucks American market. The figure is magical in US sport because it was worn by Becks' hero - ?8million-a-year basketball legend Michael Jordan."dumb.
    n from the Daily Express..another uk tabloid.."David Bellion has warned new Manchester United team-mate Ryan Giggs he has been eyeing the Welshman's place at Old Trafford."even worse.dumb and dumberer!!!
    ok tt's all bye again.


    5:40 PM

    fuck man.it's the end la.common tests really THE end leh.
    aiya wateva la dun really give a shit.expected it anyway.
    woah how come suddenly got so many matches to play..n so many pple wanna go to e du's house..looks like shitland soccer n botakgang team are both getting quite famous ar..in ascending order la tt is.
    woah eh if e chi tong really so damn power i think we shld build up some confidence and teamwork first leh..somemore they army dudes..but then actually right if u think bout it..going to e army will juz make ur soccer lousier right..cos they dun play over there..so maybe we shld start with a comfortable morale-boosting win over spastic VS dudes..then play e army boys then finally culminating in e match against e team with e VJ players..wow a hattrick of matches.a hattrick of misses on e cards there for choo in this hattrick of matches?i foresee..
    ok i'm now taking a break from muggy mode for chem tmr..shit la actually i dun really want e common tests to end cos then i wont get my results back..gonna 'full river red' already la sure one..today math paper calculated only can get 45%max.pathetic.
    alright guys really cant wait to see y'all man..shitland's gonna be damn fun man.n mian ar..u see e whole botakgang already open mouth INVITE u to go already..can u not be so dua pai anot..haha jk la dun come hulkster me..but u shld go la.e benefits of du's house is tremendous compared to taking risk in hdb estate..if i can make e trip then u also can right..ok la i disagree with e choo..will not be able to mug on sat one sure burn cos we gonna wake up damn late but there's still sun n mon right..how much do u really need to study for bio pract right.so mian.u know we'd be expecting u.
    ok it's time to get back to work wish me luck man.i gotta pass one sub at least right..if i fail all then might as well quit sch man.love y'all.


    3:22 PM

    ello ello
    FINALLY......... MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! WHOHO!!! oh ya told benedict bout the staying over at du's house and he is quite on about it haah so mian ar betta come la one day of fun is wad u need man you can mug all u wan on saturday wad anyway u guyz wanna meet up first after ur paper??? movie or something?? anyway screw PSG la tryin to cheat man utd too much ar...... and why they let becks 23?? goodness...... anyway good luck to those brudders who are still sufferin from the misery of common test its gonna be all over real soon hang in there man...... soccer at du's place awaits us eh got another much better vs team wanna qie us they issue challenge liao next sundae at st wilfried they got 2-3 vj soccer players but think we should play the chitong first la oopss.... betta smack the choir and davids boys first la hahah

    -- choo 7 --

    2:02 PM

    new pics guys from sec four.... see how funny we look....
  • i added new pics dem funny one go see!!!!!
  • 3:46 AM

    Hai..... its over man tomm got maths bio and i am still here. Study 5 pages of my probabilty notes...... anyway hc boys still have paper next tuesday we got bio prac la so monday cannot la. Anyway huang jian's commentary on him rapin papers was damn funny, jus imagine him screwin them in the middle of the hall, damn funny. Jus read Beckham joinin Real so sad. when i go hc like that jus sadder. Then take 23 somemore cos its Di Stefano's number like. They shud jus strip the macca and give him 8 lo. Anyway i tink the chee tong really shen lo sounds like if we play that team mus put 5 man defence cos he one person sure can chieh two to three pple easily plus all that army trainin har can die. Ya anyway rite i tink mian place is a nono la. du house is tradition man, can play loadsa police-complain-free soccer and plus so many pple stay near there man. Like dillion, du, isaac, me. Choo come YCK betta than go CCK. Its a killa. Melvin Chen oso rather near. The Entity can travel the world oso nvm so solly la mian its SHITLAND TIME. Ok time ta sleep. Bye.

    12:11 AM

    ay mian come on lah ct over still wanna stay at home n mug!!! if your house there no one complain when we played late at night i wont mind going but the hdb ppl always call police wan..remember dillion's house. ct over liao so your parents should allow you to stay over rite... oh yah n i'm not sure whether the makeshift goalpost is still there, tink the cleaners might dismantle it...
    n huang jian its obvious it wasnt me but u seem so HAPPY that she thinks the pics are funny...
    ok tmr got maths must go slp liao


    Wednesday, July 02, 2003
    10:09 PM

    hey y'all.
    eh tmr cannot la fri still got chem paper..so ya.fri nite soccer at du house die also muz play la everyone.e whole botakgang muz go..only valid reasons will be accepted like visiting grandma in KL.other than tt stupid reasons like tuition(choo.) n e dog of e house not allowing(hulk.) are not allowed.i mean come on la soccer at du house has always been damn fun.n no one will complain some more.if play at e mian house there sure got complain one.so all muz come it'll be a wonderful night after e tests.it's a good period cos it's juz after e tests n before we get our results so we'll be quite relaxed.
    oh ya let's play e spastic idiots(read:VJ councillors+choir boys+davids)on mon youth day.sure can book one cos weekday.yea choo go arrange la.hurry up la so slow.muz smackerooni them already.
    oh n it was alvina la not vida who wrote e note on jain's paper..
    sigh let's stop talking bout e common tests liao la.damn irritating.juz hope it'll be over soon...juz 2 more days..
    ok then good luck to all..muz muggy already go guys n get e As..ya math n bio is teoh's forte!!!haha aiya all of us so smart i'm sure we wont earn super big bucks next time man..juz a matter of whether we're willing to put in e effort now..so c'mon next time botakgang gonna set up MNCs n rule e world.
    love y'all.


    6:44 PM

    aie i never ask vida to see la...think i so wu liao ar it's somebody tell her to see wan but she refuse to tell me whu la but i think it's ADU!!! isit you??? better own up man...that time i see u sneakily keep staring at her...eh issac y u get raped by all ur papers? aiyah u noe i raped all mi papers leh...
    yah la mian juz go play soccer la common tests oso over by fri liao...n bring on the chicken team!!! oi u all last paper tml so shiok we end on fri leh alamak u all haf fun playin with fabien la enjoi urselves guys

    6:16 PM

    oh yah and choo ask those buggers faster play the rematch can or not....fast fast... tmrw also can....

    6:11 PM

    hey guys...i'm back..haha...fuck lah i never mug lor..just that i read to start reading the poems that day cos i have never read them in my life...if i dun read i cant write anything lor.. eh mian bring on your CHI TONG la chicken....they think they dem good...bring it on man... since we have even drew with the greats of davids whats this chicken man ? no problem lah.....haha....eh tmrw go street soccer chieh fabien!!!!!all go ....!!! eh ah du house on fri seTTTT,,,!!!>>K@K... but my grandma in hospital in kl i dunno if i can go cause i might need to go back kl but if i;m in spore... i sure go du house. and mian come on lah!!! everytime cannot go ah du house..... why the dog become so fierce now last time still can go one lor...haha jk hor...dun hulkster me pls....anyway i got raped by all my papers also...shit man....seem like botakgang all kena already.... same same lah
    IZAC 10

    5:34 PM

    by the way according to legends....... chi tong is the guy that singlehandedly help hcjc get national 3rd and 4th for 2 years running...... and all the chinese high guys that play with the legend on the street soccer court say he is the best player they have seen......... so it will be an honour for us to play them....... yar.... cya.........


    5:32 PM

    hello dudes....... first and foremost i wanna ask the huangjian y the vida so close to him....... how come still got inspirational note one.......and u asked her to see our blog?........ for wat man.........haha........

    as for friday night...... its a wonderful idea....... but i'm afraid i can't go....... as usual........ unless of course the venue is....... altered........ HAHAHA........ how about say CCK night out after k-box at lot one?...... how bout it...........hahaha......... this one got no shit, near petrol kiosk, and is the normal basketball goalpost not make shift ones...... so its very good place to play................... hahaaha........ how about it.......haha........

    ok.... everyone study hard..... oh and battlefield sucks........

    oh another thing i can arrange a super hard match against adults.... well pple that are 4 years our senior or something like that........ its the old HCJC team that got national 3rd in their year....... got the shen Chi Tong or something one....... sure will smack us one......... if u all want juz tell me larh i go arrange......


    3:58 PM

    Ah ha huang jian has finally revelaed the RJ brudders are really in muggy mode. After this i will attempt to muggy for my maths and bio for tomm. Shud be a piece a cake, both my forte. And huang jian thanks la jus ask vida to see tis kinda thing. hahahaha. ok bye till next time.


    3:02 PM

    life is boring... sha la la... life is just too boring blah blah blah... ahh... here i am to alleviate my current spasm of infinite boredness by typin in the mother of all blogs... wow... seems like after the teoh's analysis of the blog dyin everyone seems to have put in their few words... haha seems tat everyone is dyin for their cts... but nvm lah still wish u all luck haha... die also muz die prettily right... neway bout agst those councilors cum choir boys cum retarded indian wif goggles trying to be a davids lookalike cum lousy faces cum pieces of quite trashed up trash... i also agree tat we needa haf a rematch... bleah... nothing left 2 say... so till next time...

    P.S: kindly remember to attempt to complete ur cts papers... a word is better than some blanks... and... shut up la du... do not attempt to play wif the minds of the innocent... ur seemed slackedness will not cover ur desires to study... wahahahaha... RESPECT...


    2:02 PM

    ello ello just had econs paper just now..... its a killer man especially the mcq..... melvin and i were both lost in the wilderness of it man hahahz so set ar?? this fri chiong the du's house told melvin bout it liaoz and mian heck care ur bio prac la everyone is goin du's house so u should come along too cuz now got goalpost somemore!! oh yay!! 3 down and left one more paper to go gonna be damn free after tmw!! shiok!! u guyz wanna come vj tmw to play street soccer not?? can qie the fabien tan they all hahhaz

    -- choo 7 --

    1:24 PM

    wah teoh u noe wat yestday nite i mug until mi head pop out man today super tired sia!

    12:32 AM

    aie sorry la guys long time no write la but mi heart is with u guys always man so it's from the heart that matters *kiss kiss* eh du aiyah mi V is correct liao la y u all laugh juz now i call e **d* haha but quite funny la n eh nich i went to the orgy house after mi paper la aiyah cant wait right...but when i met e du n issac that time u went zong se qing again so it's YOUr fault that u din meet me la...i noe u miss me la but dun worry i'll see u again on thurs so cheer up k nich *hugs* actually i treated du n issac to nydc juz now but since u zong se qing so i decide not to treat u la maybe nex time la dun so sad k...haha aiyah guys e rj dudes really muggerish la especially ISSAC!!! he today mug in e lib w us in e morn wan lor cos we got afternn paper ar den when we go lunch that time he say cannot cannot need to mug...wah the power of love has seen Du turn issac into a confident hardcore mudder mugger!!! ok man common tests actualy quite easy so far la...at least for me la...din haf much to do when i see e paper la so easy time la man screwed la...eh hc n vj n yj n nj and ite brudders wish u all all e best for ur papers la..eh yah muz play that team again la n fri night soccer special really sounds cool oooh im so excited about it!!! really!!! haha ok fri is the night man!!! chiong b4 that la we karaoke first la or sat den sing song la oso can muz whack man common tests is taking mi life away...ok guys u all got watch wu zong xian yestnite the kang kang act jay chow damn funny laugh until roll out of the house man...ok anyway vida say she fainted when she saw e picture la haha but she said quite funny oso la
    ok i go watch wu zong xian man seeya all fri is the nite...bu jian bu san esp mianster muz come la dun stay at home this time liao la!

    love love

    Tuesday, July 01, 2003
    11:03 PM

    Its good to noe some of the RJ dudes have not mugged till their heads pop out. Anyway i am really very xian and dun wanna study so jus on com doin nothin anyway the nakamura free kick is a stunner wah liew belly belly nice. As i deeply regret my earlier inconsideration for postin so many vulgarities on our blog givin it an nc-16 ratin i decided to rid of all vulgarities by tagging nonsense on the message board. Alas as fate would have its way, in Du's last entry he gladly said that f maths was like f**k and thus we have been labelled under nc-16 again. I tink mid-night soccer at Shitland is a wonderful idea guys all mus go har so we can all have loadsa fun and smell like shit at the same time. Anyway, I wanted to write in the blog to voice my anger over PSG wantin 31 million pounds for Ronaldinho. Its like they purposely wanna make things hard for Man U la i mean he is good la but this kinda money now can buy him and totti lo. xiao. And guys dun listen to mian, Battlefield is good, trains ur determination, fortitude and tactical tinkin mus play har. ok bye.

    Teoh again

    10:16 PM

    yah yah yah as e old cock's blog would put it.
    yah yah yah i'm mugging damn hard ar.as hard as u can possibly mug.yah yah yah.
    ok wateva..looks like even e du has declared this common test to be a killer.so wat can i say.i'm getting a sense of deja vu seems like history is gonna repeat itself.
    enuff bout e papers.e whole botakgang seems to be getting raped left right centre.hey we've really got to play e match again man.n guys dun forget fri's at du's place chiong overnight soccer.all muz come ar.
    ya anyway today e huang jian really damn funny.in his usual old cock style he managed to turn e tables n make cannabis seem like e one who misspelt 'psych'..haha when he himself spelt it like physychyehce or sth like tt.
    haha ya n today vina wrote an inspiring note on his paper b4 she went for lunch..sth like 'Gone for lunch blah blah bliddity blah...WE MUST PASS...!'n when i saw it i was like hey tt's so sweet then he was like so psyched up n said 'ya fuck off' repeatedly with tt spastic hand action of his(u know..when he says fuck off n moves his arm up down up down like some robot)..hilarious i tell u.anyway i din see him after his paper..only saw du so i presume he muz have did quite well n stayed back to discuss e paper with his chinese comrades.wow e power of love..turning a lousy f maths into a confident..but still lousy..f maths student haha.
    ok i think tt's bout it about e match right choo up to ur discretion la ar anyday shld be alright..anyway e whole gang's so raring to go so anyday is ok.see y'all this fri when all this is over.in e meantime mug as hard as me n keep e botakgang spirit alive..wateva tt is.love y'all.


    9:23 PM

    hey the rj dudes are still around!!! haha many would tink i'm mugging like siao now(they cant censor hokkein profanities) but i'm not n i juz dun feel like studying for ct anymore. anyway f maths paper was like fuck. gd idea to come my house play cuz they still haf the makeshift goal post frm last wk's tournament so at least can see whether ball is over anot... oh yah got correction to make to our vocab: kennedy aka cannabis has told us tat its not spelled psyche but instead psych n huang jianan would spell it psychyce or someting... n we oso tested huang jian on some spelling, n he got some correct like diarrhoea but went it came to chrysanthemum it went like this: c h r y s a n (den pause for a moment n all of a SUDDEN at a very fast pace so letters link together) aiyah thermun... we also made our the spelling for huang jian old pronunciation of dover road.. i said it was like duver ruud but kennedy said it was duwer ruud as the v tends to become a w... i better move away from the V letter if not i write somemore crap n old cock pissed off...
    ok cya

    8:02 PM

    hey hey yea guess teoh is rite wad happened to all the rj brudders?? got smacked fer physics todae........... aiyah wadever la okie okie set arrange with those buggers but when are u dudes free?? how bout this fri?? or mon?? since its youth day heyz fri we all go du's house to stay over and chiong overnight soccer la hahahz only two more papers to go!! hang in there dudes its gonna be over soon oh ya teoh ah my frenz told mi that the right was damn scared of u tat time that he abandoned his position to play in the center hahah yea make sure we smack them proper this time round man

    -- choo 7 --

    7:08 PM

    As expected blog fever is dyin down and recent polls have shown that our blog popularity is takin a nose dive. Seems like all the RJ brudders are in super muggy mode they dun even haf time to read or write in blog. Jus had chem today and got killed. Nvm only 'A' levels matter to me now. Actually oso dunno wat to write. Ay choo arrange with the buggers again leh immediately after tests jus play la,loser pay and if we draw huang jian pay come on psyche up.


    11:34 AM

    Arrrrggghhh........ hate exams!!!! gonna have physics paper later but im still halfway thru my revision only....... sure gonna get smacked later.... mayb i should just go get an mc and pon the paper todae...... exams sucks!! cant wait fer A levels to end and then can party everyday....... k gotta go back to my revision liao only got 1 hour more to go......... good luck to all u guyz fer ur papers today!!!

    -- choo 7 --

    1:48 AM

    i am very sian larh.... don't feel like studying then don't feel like sleeping either...... so juz write a bit of blog.........
    tmr chem and gp together...... its a killer man....... but i'm stil awake at this time lor gonna wake up in 3 hours time........ guess i'm doomed for tmr's papers already larh......haha....... hope everyone is doing well so far..........

    oh u know the battlefield game....... i think its dem hard to play larh....... dunno how to play........ haha.......
    ok thats all i'm gonna sleep now......... byes.........


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