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Monday, July 31, 2006
12:49 PM

BOTAK 2-0 Team that claimed had never lost in 2006…yet

Glorious, glorious goals from Izac n Jian were enough to sink the team that claimed have never lost in 2006 yet.

Midway into the 2nd half, Izac manifested his poaching abilities from the six yard box after the opponent’s goalie misjudged a bouncing ball whipped in by Nich. Until then the Botaks had not found any real rhythm going forward.

In the final minutes, Jian’s deadly rolling Polly shattered the opponents’ hopes of a comeback. A wild celebration followed after the opponents had displayed some un-sportsmanship behavior.

It was a truly deserved victory with two magnificent goals n solid defence at the back by Nich, Liang, HB, Andy, Matt n CONG e man! But guys, next time dun be late la!

cong, nich, liang, matt, hb, andy, du, mian, mel, jian, hatta, dill, isac, choo

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
12:55 PM

Dear All

Match this sunday 30/7/06 at Riverside Secondary School.
We will be meeting at Woodland's MRT at 1415hrs. Those driving, please be at the field by 1430hrs. Fine will be meted out to those who are late (and still walk) and those who never bring jersey... and those who yell at their team mates on the field also... it will be double the fine for that...

Ok see u guys there


Saturday, July 22, 2006
4:32 PM

10 reasons on 'why the uni boy'

1) he's readily available

gal: baby lets go out this wkend!
army boy: sorry im confined

gal: are u free on sat?
uni boy: ermm no, i only charge 10bucks an hour..(n the story goes on)

2) he does not whine so much about his life

army boy to gal: baby im really shagged..i had soc test on mon n ippt on wed..n soc retest on fri..n after that i had life-firing..n next wk im having outfield training..n, n, n............

3) the leadership field camp VS the team-building camp

army boy to gal: I'm having leadership field camp next week..in tekong!!
gal: ohh..err..quite cool

uni boy to gal: Hey are you looking forward to our team building camp next week at sentosa?
gal: yea i cant wait to go too! woohoo...

4) he takes her out on mambo night

army boy: im on duty on thur so cant join u for mambo le..
so gal decides to go mambo with her OG n new frens..one of whom is called Ni*h

5) he's got HAIR, everywhere

the uni boy - shoulder length hair/ shoulder length sideburn/ afro/ pony-tailed/ yellow/ green/ messy/ keeps goatie
army boy to gal: my hair is so long! it's touching my ears..i better cut before my csm gives me extras..

6) he can see her everyday

army boy to gal: baby im off tmr n we can go out! im so excited!

uni boy to gal: we can study tog on mon? if not tue? or wed? thur? fri? sat? sun?

7) the cool factor

gal's bf n uni fren both drive..but here's the difference..
uni boy - fetches her to school in a cool red lamborg (draws attention everywhere)
army boy - drives the landrover at 40km/hr (draws the horns everywhere)

8) he can use the camera phone

on a particular day, gal's bf and uni fren both spent $600 on their latest phone. however on the next day,
army boy to gal: shitt la got caught using my fone den kena 3 confines..better switch back to my 8250

9) he can go for trip with her, anytime

army boy to gal: it sucks la we have to cancel our holiday cos im on high alert..it totally sucks

uni boy to gal: we will be heading to thailand for CIP n some fun..care to join us?

10) ha cant think of anymore liao...but yea we're all gonna start sch soon...cheers freshies..n to our bros going overseas...ur testimonial match is next sunday!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006
11:05 PM

Botak 3-0 ESMSC

Andy's sitter on the hour mark broke the hearts of ESMSC fans before Junwei capped a wonderful afternoon for Botaks by striking Botakgang's third.

Mian opened the scoring from the penalty spot after a controversial decision by Ref Zarir. Jian was fouled and the ball fell to the feet of junwei who had a clear shot on goal but the Ref pointed to the spot.

Botaks dominated possession in the early stages of the game and would have gone in front had Nic's curled cross-shot not fizzed inches wide of goalkeeper Sheng's far post.

A good match overall that saw the Botaks play with composure and confidence.


Thursday, July 13, 2006
5:49 PM

Dear avid readers,

so u think the world cup is over?

tis sunday..
16 Jul..
6days after the World Cup final..
the traditional rivalry between the Malays Team n the Botaks will be revived
expect to see the RED HOT battle of Du VS Nas

Dunern Secondary School
(near bukit gombak mrt)
Book ur tickek now!


Friday, July 07, 2006
11:03 PM

my apologies guys..as much as i'd love to play tis wkend, but due to the severe lack of players as mian shaun du nich choo are overseas we're unable to arrange for match..however dun let ur world cup fever mood die off yet cos nex sunday we will definitely have match VS CHOO'S FREN'S ESPZEN TEAM venue to be confirmed!!!

it's been a long lay off but nex sun we'll have all our overseas amigoes back..so be there for the match of the month n give those guys a taste of our floaters!



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