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Saturday, January 31, 2004
4:36 PM

hey guys back from ns we shud play soccer soon man maybe on sun or something!!! dunno whether anyone still reads blog anot????


Thursday, January 29, 2004
12:17 PM

Hey guys dunno if u all will get to read this but I’ll type something on the blog to keep it alive while all of u guys are in the army…oh NICH just went in to commandos for some drowning..haha jk jk…he’ll be fine lah with all the safety precautions tt they are taking now…anyway ARSENAL just signed REYES and he’s a shen…and man utd signed saha?????hmmmmmmmmm…..sorry lah man utd….my as well sign heskey..haha..anyway I haven’t played soccer for sOOOO long except for maybe a kick around with the guys from my form class in RI now…being a teacher is quite fun u get to see the other side of school life..it’s great lah..going to finish teaching in RI and go to HOLY INNONCENCE secondary already…hope it’ll be as fun as it was here…oh RI guys now getting dem gay…asking what underwear I wear and what kind..colour also…I’m like what the hell lah..mind ur own business lah…haha..crazy lah the sec 2 boys…oh…and u all remember xiao shen????last time that sec one that used to play soccer with us…he improve a lot now…very good liao I just played with him tt day…eh shaun and dillion u all still very free now rite…why not come RI to play soccer???….anyway I realize how soccer has been so important for our friendship….it was SOCCER tt brought us tog..kept us as frenz…kept us going no matter what…we always had the same topics on our minds….although huang jian always got THAT topic on his mind..hahhahaha…. anyway hope fully we will get to play soccer together some time soon….

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
3:35 AM

juz read the entries from mian and adu n flashbacks of the ri and botak days come streaming in...there're the times we shared since those god damn good days of ri when i first sit next to SHAUN TEOH in class in my giant specs...n DILLON in class who keep suaning the teachers n CHOO n POULET n me la...den i joined cross country to noe ADU the most cynical ever, n MELMEL who never fails to vomit in every training, n HB who gladly told me that there's no waterbreak on my first trng...den it was soccer n more soccer that i came to know the rest of the botaks -- MIAN the nice guy, ISSAC the mud, NICH who was so damn noisy, KEITH who never passed the ball, WAYNE whom i dint noe v well last time, n BEN from mi class soccer team...n later in rj came to noe YUCHONG whu turned up more than wayne, ANDY the bellamy fast but misses, n the AC dudes...
we've played n laughed n sweat n bled n fought together -- on the astro turf of ri, the main field n the field behind the junior block, the fields at bishan park, st wilfrid, rjc, marina, n shitland, the streetsoccer courts at my house n nich's house n mian house haha...
it was the common interest in soccer that brought us together...but today as we leave the pitch n crawl into that army shitland, we have each come out with a piece of that friendship which will remain in us FOREVER...n 50yrs down the road, we'll still be BOTAKGANG playing at st wilfrid or even cracking the locks at rj...n not forgetting our ardent supporters -- celeste, alvina, sida n choo's friend, n many many more, even with our kids to form BOTAKJUNIOR!

It's kinda emotional to imagine that we'll soon be going separate paths in our life...yet it's this emotion that i noe that im truely in love with the botaks...it's kinda mushy but being the oldest i dare say the BOTAKS are here to stay...FOREVER N BEYOND!

goodluck n all the best!

12:35 AM

2 days to enlistment, a feeling of growing up gets to me. haha time flies n botaks are all going to ns already. Looking back at the days we used to play soccer in RI every fri night to the present ns n working days, we have aged n our lives would change rather drastically(after hearing all the shit stuck in toilet bowl stories). we are now young adults but the child in us remains evident from the way we talk cock tog, suan the choo for being offside n still not running back onside n even the tampering of the tagboard to pass off as another person. I hope as our lives changes, we still retain this child in us n may our friendship remain strong for years to come. Botakgang Forever!!

Good luck to all those going ns this wk!!!

12:09 AM

Dear botaks

it is with a sense of sadness that i now write wat should be one of the last blog entry in a long time to come... from me in any case......

tender are the comforting words we tell each other when they are down
though angry are the yellings ( of ah du ) we get for not clearing the ball
but at the end of the day a shake of the hand and a nod of the head
clears all doubts of faltering friendship

sweet are the sounds of laughter we share together......remember the voices in "cha xian" singing "di tanjong katong".....
and fucking funny are the retro dance moves exhibited by shaun that night
but don't only remember the good times together....
bad times we spent together are wat we must also treasure

so guys.... it will be a long while before we can even hear each other or kick some butts or laugh about huang jian's 14 inch..... but i bet you... or should i say " i assure you"..... those memories are here to stay.... and there will be more fun times to come..... no questions about it.....

So until we meet again under one banner which is that of the BOTAKS.... remember every face..... remember every voice.... remember even every FART.....


Friday, January 09, 2004
1:09 AM

guys sunday match playing vs liang's AC team kickoff at 2pm at RJC meet at canteen at 1.45pm dun be late cos mian cannot play later than this!
n liang n sim playing for AC team so we all muz come down n give them a good whacking haha
ok will msg u guys to remind u again

Thursday, January 08, 2004
2:34 AM

guys homepage updated with lots juicy news!!!
go see it today!!

Thursday, January 01, 2004
11:42 AM

alright now.first things first.i dont like soaps.cant stand them.especially korean ones.look, if i had a choice i'd most definitely go for 'Days of Our Lives'.cant understand shit korean and if i've got to keep reading the subtitles(at the BOTTOM of the screen, no less) instead of ogling at the fantastico kimchi chi-chis i might as well be watching old grannies on the telly.or in this case, watching dead people come back alive again and again on the show that never ends (reminds me of a song..here goes "this is the show that doesn't end..cos it goes on and on my friend.some people started watching it not knowing what it was..and they continued watching it FOREVER just because..this is the.....) i digress.

i totally agree with mian.u know, it was just so special and, if i may, magical. sometimes, people just dont cherish the things they have until they lose it completely. and the worst thing about this phenomenon is that the same people never realise it until they've actually experienced it AFTER the whole thing is over. get what i'm trying to say? other times, complacency sets in and then people start getting comfortable with their surrondings. get too comfortable and u dont know what'll happen next. u never see it coming. till this day i still dont know how it hit me. not how, not why, not even when the train has already disintegrated me.i still dont see the glaring headlights hurtling towards me from the other side of the tunnel.the deafening silence after.and then the muted screams. jian an would know.

so. just forget it u say. move on. get a life. take two steps forward if u take one step back everytime u think about that crushing moment. she's not worth it. it makes me angry just thinking about it. then DONT! i hear u trying to talk sense into me. i'm drowning in all this reason and logic.leave it all behind u. and forget. yes mian. u're right. i CHOOSE not to forget. if that makes things easier for all of us. instead of blaming it on sth inanimate like 'the big bad MEMORY', there might as well be someone to point the accusing finger at. all 5 fingers now. no, dont be shy. u can do this..yes that's right. all at me. and yes i do want to feel like i'm the main character in one of them soaps. not only the season finale mind you, but from the beginning right to the end. it's my life right? wouldn't it be a tragedy if i were to live it like it was some other person's show and i'm just one of the many supporting cast? dont we all feel that way? it's like that right now. i'm living for someone else. and i just cant shake it off. no matter how i fling myself from here to there and back again over and over until everyone just stops talking and trying to administer advice and comforting words, i just cant do it. all of you who're reading this right now, you'd better save this entire entry somewhere because i'm gonna be rich AND famous and when i do you could wring a couple k's from me just from this entry. i'll title this 'Ode to Loneliness' with the annex coming right up.

dare you say you're perfect? not me. i dont act like i'm strong and i can take it cos i cant. i'm flawed and i know it. i think i kinda made her current squeeze look better than he actually is. i'm serious. go through one bad boyfriend and then the next average joe just seems like he's the most caring and thoughtful person in the world. opportunistic bastard. listen to jay chou's 'an jing' a million times like i have and u'll understand the true meaning of what seems to be a very shallow song with shallow lyrics. or u could take an easier route. here's boyz II men's 'on bended knee'.

Darlin' I can't explain
Where did we lose our way
Girl it's drivin' me insane
And I know I just need one more chance
To prove my love to you
If you come back to me
I'll guarantee
That I'll never let you go

Can we go back to the days our love was strong
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
The way they used to be
Oh God give me a reason
I'm down on bended knee
I'll never walk again until you come back to me
I'm down on bended knee

So many nights I dream of you
Holding my pillow tight
I know I don't need to be alone
When I open up my eyes
To face reality
Every moment without you
It seems like eternity
I'm begging you, begging you come back to me

Can we go back to the days our love was strong
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
The way they use to be
Oh God give me a reason
I'm down on bended knee
I'll never walk again until you come back to me
I'm down on bended knee

Gonna swallow my pride
Say I'm sorry
Stop pointing fingers the blame is on me
I want a new life
And I want it with you
If you feel the same
Don't ever let it go
You gotta believe in the spirit of love
It can heal all things
We won't hurt any more
No I don't believe our love's terminal
I'm down on my knees begging you please
Come home


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