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Monday, June 19, 2006
12:48 PM

BOTAK 5-3 MIAN COUSIN TEAM: Teoh unburdened by long lay off

In what should be the final game of the pre-uni days, the fans were treated to a real fest of goals, a perfect sending-off for the three amigoes on their way to Vietnam later today.

Teoh's marvelous hat-trick and Jian's double gave the home side a convincing victory.

Mianager praised the noisy home fans including his parents and his eight-yr old cousin who was spotted with a beer belly.

'Part of the victory should be credited to the fans. They were the 12th man on the pitch. We scored five goals and that's important but clearly we can't let so many goals in.'

Afterall it's been a great game. we've seen some great goals n great spirit in the game!

Till our next match..it's goodbye n bon voyage to our 3 amigoes. Be safe n always remember to wear helmet!

Cong, Nich, Nas, KS, Andy, Du, Mel, Mian, Hatta, Jian, Teoh, Isac, Choo, Dill

Capt Jian

Friday, June 16, 2006
11:54 PM

Hong Kong Bus Uncle with English and Mandarin Subtitles

hey man tis's a must watch...the uncle became instantly famous in HK

4:09 PM

hey dudes,

i'm back!! and havent heard from any of u guys for damn looonnggg.. how's everyone?? im now stuck with the irritating jian in his jin yu shop and he's forcing me to blog. but it's ok.. then can say hi..

anyway, wanna tell u guys that i miss u all.. grins.. and we must all gather to try absinthe n play the stupid games that we played in phuket.. hee :)

p.s: we took this pic cos jian wants to show off his phone.


Thursday, June 15, 2006
11:26 PM

Dear All,


BOTAKs vs BENNY'S Team (mian's cousin's friend)

It will be at Westwood Secondary, 10 minutes from Jurong Point MRT. (Just beside PIE Jalan Bahar)
3pm Kick Off, therefore i will be expecting everyone there latest 2:30pm. Late comers will be paying 1 dollar more, for sure. =) Revert your attendance to me NOW if you have not done so.

This will probably be the last game before our school starts, and also the last few times when the squad will be at full strength (less Keith), because Teoh, Du and Mian will be going on a month long vietnam trip. Liang will also be leaving soon for studies. (Right?) So let's treasure this game and record a good victory!


Monday, June 05, 2006
1:05 AM

BOTAK 2-1 SAFTI HQ TEAM: Teoh and Andy on target

Goals for Helmet Teoh and Andy Chong gave Botaks a battling 2-1 victory over SAFTI HQ team as they continue their dominance in recent matches.

Teoh scored from a goal mouth scramble early on and then Andy slotted the ball home in the second half but it was by no means a comfortable game for Botaks who had to work hard and survived a couple of nervous moments at the back.

Man of the Moment and Vice-Capt Dill came off the bench with a brilliant performance to secure a 2-1 victory after the game was deadlock at 1-1 until the final quarter of the game.

Andy, plagued by a foot injury since Dec last year, scored his first goal of the year in the 82nd minute after being put through by Dill and slotted it past the keeper as the supporters roared to yet another convincing display by the Botaks.

Cong, Nich, Liang, HB, Sim, Jian, Mel, Hatta, Mian, Du, Isac, Dill, Teoh, Choo, Andy,

12:17 AM

Some pics from today's game vs SAFTI team...

Botaks getting ready for the game...Vice-Capt Dill is looking serious...

Du taking a Pot-shot at goal during warm-up...

To spare the agony of our young n innocent fans...this Nich flashing post is CENSORED!!

Ooooh juz look at her expression...the kopitiam auntie is totally mesmerised by the Helmet Teoh!!!

J.S. Park spotted at Hougang!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006
12:16 AM

You know it's difficult to become a writer.

inspiration only strikes you at a moment, and if words can capture the thoughts of that tiny fraction of a second, it could fill up an entire book. At that single moment, only the author can fully understand and appreciate the impact, or implication of his thoughts. Surely, he will think that it will make a great read, but then there is the problem of actually writing it down in a form that is understandable to everyday people like us. Occasionally, a writer manages to overcome those obstacles and get the job done, but only to find that his hardwork may not even reach the local bookstores or magazine vendors.

Lord of the Rings nearly didn't come into existence, because publishers were unwilling to print a book that is 1000 plus pages long, and had obvious allegories with regards to the war that was going on at that time. What's more, it started off as a children's book, but with themes much too dark to fit into that category. Because of publishers, many great ideas and potential classics were cast aside, left to fade into oblivion. Not everyone is as lucky as JK Rowling.

the reason why i'm saying all these is because i experienced so many strange and funny thoughts at Jurong Point POSB, and many of those thoughts faded away when the day ended, which i thought was quite a waste. So i began to write down some of the interesting stuff on a piece of paper. Jian An says this is a trait of psychos, writing down their anger and frustrations, and then bottling it up, only to unleash hell when the anger resurfaced. That thought actually is quite frightening, that i'm actually a psychotic murderer in the making =), but hell with it la... this murderer has (i hope) an ok sense of humor. And since i'm my own publisher in a blog setting, this will be published. ok maybe i'll publish the funny stuff in POSB in my next entry, this entry is long enough as it is already... haha...

ideas came popping into my head while i was on one of my long runs a while ago. Took a little jog from Choa Chu Kang To bukit timah, then to lot one and finally came back in 1 hour 19 minutes. To the cross country runners, this is like a joke i know, but i felt good about the entire run. "the pain is almost cleansing", as Lance Armstrong would say. It was not really painful, but a kind of self reflecting run, to put things in perspective. I remember how we used to say why some people dedicate so much time punishing themselves, doing mindless running for super long distances FOR LEISURE. They must be mad!! Let me tell you that it is quite an experience to be by running by yourself. Not competitively, but just by yourself. You have all the time to reflect on your life, and there is not so much of a distraction as of the occasional chio bu passing you by. You feel in control, and you will discover much more about yourself than any OBS or School can ever teach you.

So i was talking about ideas right? in fact many bad ideas came into my head. "Stop, u are going too far already", "why don't you take this shortcut back home, since you are so tired", "u can't run so far without progressive training, stop now or you may faint and die". Trust me, i wanted to stop and just walk back home from bukit timah(near beauty world) countless of times. but i keep going, with Lance Armstrong in my head. (Sorry for quoting him so many times. I just read his book and i'm quite impressed) He said "i never quit". So i told myself that i'll not quit. I must admit that it takes discipline to run a pre-planned route ALONE. No one is going to breathe down your neck, check if you are not taking shortcuts or even cheer you on to complete the run. You are answerable only to yourself. So for this run, i managed to accomplish what i set out to do, and i am happy.

Reading my entry alone won't let you guys discover anything. Why not u guys just go try it out for yourself. Run a long route at your own comfortable pace, and realise for yourselves what i mean. Of course you can be a cynic and laugh at my suggestions, i'm ok with that. I'm beyond that already. But i just want you guys to find out that running isn't just to keep your body healthy, it keeps your mind, and to a certain extent, your soul healthy as well.


Thursday, June 01, 2006
3:09 PM

the weather forecast says tt we shud expect some showers with thunder in e aftn tis coming sunday...but nevertheless we muz be psyched up for the game against the safti team...rain or shine see u there at 2.30pm SHARP...hopefully send some more floaters for them haha

Late morning and early afternoon showers with thunder.
Min: 25 deg C Max: 32 deg C

Late morning and early afternoon showers with thunder.
Min: 25 deg C Max: 32 deg C

Afternoon showers with thunder.
Min: 25 deg C Max: 33 deg C


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