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Saturday, September 25, 2004
3:41 PM

hello everyone... how are things going?? hope everyone's happy all these while.

looking at the photos on our blog, i couldn't help but feel very happy... haha... maybe happy is not the most apt word to use, maybe it's not sophisticated enough a word to explain how i feel, but sometimes, simplest words are the most effective. now why was i happy? i was never someone who would relish looking at photos and going ga-ga over them. yet somehow when i saw the botaks in still frames, ah du slouching on my bed, teoh looking serious with a childish grin, jian an making his funny face, i suddenly remember what makes us the botaks. it's the time we spent with each other, the good times and the bad... we've been through them... together.

today is the 25th september 2004, and i'm here to make a pact with all you botaks. this coming new year day, (if we can book out), we shall once again renew our oath of brotherhood, and this time, no girls allowed... haha...

as for now, everyone strive on in their respective army formations and achieve all your goals. look forward to the 1st of january 2005, and honour the sacred pact on that day... haha...

by the way hope huang jian is having a good time in taiwan... haha


Thursday, September 16, 2004
7:55 PM

hello fellow botaks
very soon i'll be leaving on a jet plane going taiwan for 3 wks trng...stupid la it's a 2.30am flight...n the last 2 days supposed to be off la den yestday they use it as some learning day thing den all go sentosa...den this morn i was the luggage party man so burn the morn la crap...well...here's a quote of the day for u guys
'when the going gets tough, the tough gets going'
saw mian at the khatib camp on mon but i was on the bus so din manage to talk to him la...anwyay u guys take care la have more soccer when i come back...issac u come back alr anot?
yah cont to update the blog la think i'll have some time to go online when im over there...till then it's goodbye

all my bags are packed im ready to go...
byebye guys byebyebyebybeybye

Sunday, September 12, 2004
4:58 AM

mian house Posted by Hello

4:57 AM

our own DAVID BECKHAM!! Posted by Hello

4:36 AM

soccer at hc...not v fruitful... Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004
11:43 PM

heya guys!!!

glad to be back from brunei man... the land of hidden treasures they call it... haha its a killer la their shopping centre, supposed to be in their city, but it seems that nobody goes there to shop at all la... R & R there is damn boring, except for our little getaway at night when the bruneian authorities actually opened this theme park exclusively for us army boys... haha... tried for the first time in my life the roller coaster that twisted and turned like mad... i was damn hum ji la... really damned scared until my platoon mates forced me on the ride... also tried the verticle drop thingy, where you sit on this chair and get elevated to 10 storeys high, then its 2 seconds of free fall man now thats truly an exhilarating ride... haha...

anyway it seems that our little forsaken blog has suddenly sprung back to life... i'm glad to see that happening man...its a good thing to see everyone contributing here!!! haha... a good place to get updated on how everyone's doing!! from wat i have gathered, teoh is in OCS!! YEAH man... congrats on that!! and nich... quite wasted for the airborne course, but don't worry man.. your time to don the red berret will come, then don't need to salute anymore infantry officers already!! haha... izac seems to be banging away well in aussie, so all the best there... du is having a good time also i gather.... LOBOing away as the PS, not bad sia... ( oh and by the way reading du's entry was like reading times magazine, honest opinion, why not become a writer man!!! ) choo is MIA as usual, haha... must be having some cloning process with the sheep... muahahaha ok corny of me... haven't heard much from dill... hope he's doing fine as well!!! as for andy, write more the blog man i really wanna hear from u!!! haha....

now for those of you ever going overseas to lancer in brunei, especially the old cock and teoh (if u stay in infantry)... brunei is a killer man... the famous (infamous) Mount Biang.... one of the more xiong things i've had to do in army yet... climbing this 400m mini mountain (hill.. wat ever u all call it) my humble advice and opinion, do not be fooled by the climb, it takes about 1 and a half hours to get up mount biang, but its the decending that will kill you. i guess i juz can't describe to you guys how it is like by merely typing it here, but what i can say is this. for those of you who think that the JCC badge is a piece of cake, think again... i saw those cadets from hotel wing there also, they were suffering. my sincere condolences to the old cock... ( as for teoh, BEG batch,i think you are going infantry also la..my condolence extends to you too...haha) but i think old cock's batch is the last JCC batch, the next batch going brunei to juz chiong only, no badge... that's wat i heard.... hahaha... dunno true or not....

oh by the way u all remember the tim khoo AC team we played with last time?? one of their players is in my platoon, and he wants rematch... so i think can have match soon... tell u all details soon la... as for now.. i must go do my homework... FUCKING alot of homework to do in arty larh i tell u... its alot of maths lor my head is all cramped with formulas already...... haha... will see you guys soon...


Wednesday, September 01, 2004
5:32 PM

i'm rotting at home now.been rotting at home for the past day and a half.

got att c for 2 days cos of viral conjunctivitis aka sore eyes.fuck shouldn't have gone to report sick..actually just wanted to get eye drops and go back for airborne course..but the humji MO said he couldn't take the risk of it spreading..so he confined me in the sickbay ydae and asked me to go back after dinner for 2 days..so gonna book in later.

but u know wat sucks?i'm out of airborne course cos the MO made me miss more than a day of training..and the rules state tt if anyone mises more than a day of training they go out of course.so i'm gonna have to watch my frens all jump and get their wings while i wait like an idiot for the next course to start in nov.means i dont get my beret with my company.means i gotta walk the 72 with the next coy.argh.means i gotta do all the wkend guard duty from now till the end of this airborne course.argh.

but God has a plan for me and everything happens for a reason no matter how painful it is.she told me this.i guess it's true..even though i cant see why all this shit is happening to me..it cant get any worse can it?



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