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Monday, March 08, 2010
11:50 PM

Botaks Revived!

After months of inactivity, the Botaks were called into action once again last week to play Manchester United Supporters Club. As the MUSC players were too busy supporting Manchester United, the Botaks had to settle instead for Insignificant Mut Team, which boasted talents such as Anonymous Mut 1, Anonymous Mut 2, Anonymous Mut 3 and Anonymous Mut 4.

The highly anticipated encounter, which was dubbed the match of the season, ended 6-6, with goals from Mian-rinho, Jain, Teoh, Nasir and a brace by Freddy salvaging some pride for the rusty Botaks oufit. Signs of fatigue and aging were evident on the day, as several members of the Botaks were believed to have been involved in an all-you-can-eat japanese buffet and a guitar hero jamming session the night before.

Midfield veteran Jain looked particularly jaded in the first 45 minutes, with his movement being restricted to periodic belly vibrations. Even player-manager Mian-rinho himself seemed to be suffering from sashimi withdrawl symptoms, as he constantly took bites out of the opponent players to satisfy his desire for raw flesh.

Apart from the defensive woes witnessed during the Botaks' first outing since mid 2009, Mian-rinho's problems were further compounded by a lack of discipline exhibited by a few of his star players.

The Botak manger was visibly frustrated with Du, Teoh and Dillion's nonchalance despite being late and did not show any reservations in letting out a "What the fuck you doooooiiiinnnngggg" scream while his players were tying their shoelaces.

This was what a disappointed Mian-rinho had to say:" Well I am abhorred by the team's defensive errors today. School boy errors. The kind of stuff you see in a Sunday league. And the tardiness? What can I say about that? I mean I have not touched any balls for close to half a year now and I was dying to touch some balls today. These guy owe me and the team an explanation for depriving us of fully enjoying our ball touching."

Mian-rinho currently faces molestation charges against half of the opposing team.

In other Botak news, AWOL striker Choo is believed to have successfully disappeared from the face of the earth. In what seems to be an amazing feat of human isolation, Choo has managed to render himself untraceable to all forms of detection. It is believed that even his parents are having a hard time locating the colossal striker and have resorted to luring him out with candy. Situated outside his abode in Bedok is a huge reinforced steel cage with a large piece of candy hanging from the trap door. A picture of the deadly contraption is shown above.

This latest piece of news comes as a surprise to many as it would seem impossible for something so gigantic to go missing. Many of Choo's team mates have expressed their concern over his disappearance.

Botak's wing wizard Du, the most well paid player in the team, stated:" Choo still owes me $20 dollars. If he does not resurface soon, I am going to hunt him down and squeeze that $20 bucks out of him."

Super-sub Dillion was especially worried as well," This news comes as a shock to all of us. The team is really worried over his disappearnce. We currently have nobody to laugh at. Mian-rinho has tried very hard to replace Choo as the butt of all jokes but he just does not provide the amount of comic relief that Choo can offer."

All of us at Botak.Blogspot sincerely hope that Choo is currently safe. Our hearts go out to the Choo family and we hope that he can be located as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: All above mentioned characters were entirely fictional and total remorsefulness to anyone affected by the above story.

Friday, July 31, 2009
1:14 PM

Dear Friends!

The blog has been revivied!!!! After much troubleshhoting and employing ingenius password searching methods, I have managed to gain access to our blog's literary rights once again. To wtite on our blog please use blogger. The username and password are:
botakgang@hotmail.com and g****t*u. For those who cannot figure out what the password is please drop me an sms at 94360633. Unless you are Mian and wants to post emo stories. Good day!!!


Sunday, October 21, 2007
7:56 PM


nice memories!!!!!!

-IZAC 10

Friday, October 19, 2007
2:54 AM

Dear friends,
for those who have not been able to sign into the blog, its because you have forgotten u need to use the google account. The original username and password remains the same. When u get to the next page, sign in with a google account that you have. I f you do not have one, use mine; Username: shaneteoh@hotmail.com Password:shaunteoh7
Now this does not compromise the security of our blog cos outsiders wont noe the username and password we priginally had for our blog. Ok now please feel free to update the blog cos its been quite some time since anyone has posted any words of wisdom for the rest to appreciate. Thanks.


Friday, September 21, 2007
9:02 PM

Botak 5-0 Kenneth team: Botaks ran riot as Alex bids farewell, Liang under fire

Botaks continued to show few signs of missing Liang as Mian-ager's young Botaks swept aside Kenneth's team 5-0 to get their summer campaign off to the perfect start at the ITE east stadium.

Star defender Liang may have been missing due to other commitments during the summer but the rest of the squad have certainly pulled together, racing to the top of their form with four wins from five games.And it was another composed and collected display to see off the challenge of Kenneth's team, coached by Singapore national swimming coach Mr Albert who was more often than not, using his hands more than his feet. An own goal from Kenneth, deflecting in Alex's shot on 51 minutes, set the Botaks on their way, with Teoh doubling the hosts' lead after the thrid quarter and substitute HB adding a third in stoppage time. Botaks just needed to retain focus for the closing stages to ensure a perfect start to their summer campaign. Choo flashed a diving header just wide of the far post following a determined run and cross from Alex down the left. In stoppage time, Teoh swept home from close range after a neat exchange between Alex and Mel. Du's clinical finish made it 5 before the final whistle was blown. However, Botaks had already done more than enough to deserve another comfortable victory of what has been an impressive, and perhaps ominous, start to a campaign which was supposed to offer little chance of success without their unavailable Liang.

Match report brought to you by www.jinyu-trading.com

Monday, July 16, 2007
12:29 AM

Botaks 4-3 Singapore Poly team: Alex seals fightback

Alex's hat-trick proved decisive as Botaks came from behind to claim a 4-3 victory over Singapore Poly team in a friendly at Marsiling.

The Botak winger struck in the second half with two powerful strikes and a tap in created by the ever tenacious Du. It proved an eventful debut partnership for Nich and HB at centre defence, with nich in impressive form.

SP team stunned Mian-rinho's side by taking an unexpected lead after just four minutes when midfielder X pounced on a loose ball inside the area and beat Uncle Jason. Renji equalized but Botaks found themselves 3-1 down at the half.

But the Botaks were no push overs and returned in the second half determined to turn things around. However despite dominating possession, Botaks could not capitalise on several scoring opportunities against the SP team.

Jian's dive inside the area earned the botaks a controversial penalty kick in the opening 5minutes of the second half. However the ever impressive Mian-rinhno ballooned the ball and sent it to row Z.

Sim then smashed the crossbar twice and renji hit the post. Sim then hit one back when Du found space and slotted the ball to the feet of Sim with the goal at his mercy. Botaks waited until the 75th minute to fashion an equaliser. Defender Dillon found Sim and the midfielder managed to sneak a ferocious shot past goalkeeper Y to level the encounter before Sim smashed in a late winner.

Boss Mian-rinho was satisfied with his side's display as. I'm pleased,'' Mian-rinho said. 'It was a very good game by our team. There was good passing by our team, good defense, and a good overall game. 'It proved an eventful debut for Uncle Jason, Din, Marcus, Eugene and Cousin who were activated just an hour before the kickoff. '

Mian-rhino believes that he's found the perfect replacement for Congz who was recently sold to NUZ Floorball for an undisclosed fee. 'Uncle Jason is young, fast and agile, and saved a penalty which was shot with lightning speed'

'We played a good game,'' Uncle Jason said. 'It felt great to contribute to the team in this first game.'

SP team coach coach nicknamed the LongCurlyHair, who was spotted in Ray-Ban shades and wearing a greenish-brown NY cap, was glad to see his side compete with their illustrious opponents. 'Overall I was pleased with the way we played tonight,'' Longcurlyhair said. 'Botaks played better in the second half though and that was the difference.'

Match report proudly brought to you by www.jinyu-trading.com

Thursday, June 21, 2007
6:57 PM

6 gay dudes were found terrorising the beaches of Mersing with extremely gay poses while suspended in mid-air over the past week. Real terrorists conducting a terror camp nearby were so traumatised by the poses, they went on to blast themselves to smithereens with TNT, C4 and nuclear explosives. Members of the public have been warned to avoid eye contact with these guys as any form of unprotected visual contact with the poses have proved to be highly dangerous and possibly fatal.


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